Latest Gul Ahmad luxury festive collection list

Latest Gul Ahmad luxury festive collection list

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

Gul Ahmed Luxury festive chiffon collection of 2020

Beauty is all-around, this is what Gul Ahmed believes. Gul Ahmad is always known for their soft colors along with the blooming flowers. Our brand new “Luxury festive collection” will be giving everyone a style and fashion goals. Our latest collection is a unique mix for day and night events. Now there are no boundaries for your outfits, thus wear them regardless of the occasion. All the designs from the festive collection are made up of pure cotton and linen mix to meet the goals requirements. That’s what we believe at and offer you amazing luxury collection for your next special event.

Some famous dress designs are listed below, enjoy the brand new line of clothing by Gul Ahmed:

Luxury festive Collection

Luxury festive collection: Light Pink Outfit

We believe that the way you dress reveals your originality and creativity, Likewise, Gul Ahmad Luxury Festive Collection 2020 brings a turn in the fashion industry. Nowadays light colors are becoming more in trend. Furthermore, you never get bored of wearing them again and again. Our new design “Light Pink” is one of them that is irresistible. The pink color of this dress is associated with the feminine touch.

This is a medium length shirt with collar neck design. The pink base color is merged with light skin small prints on the boarders of the shirt. Furthermore, the long beaded chain lace (Polyester lace) on the borders of the shirts is making it more attractive. The shirt is paired up with the dyed cotton bottom and printed dupatta.

Talking about the print of dupatta, there is a thread work all over the dupatta which is delicately merged with its prints. The bottom is a long trouser with printed borders too. This 3pc suit is available at a very reasonable price. You can get this dress from our online stores or you can explore at your nearest stores. The dress is amazing to wear at day time functions.

Luxury festive collection: Off White Dress

Research says the clothes we wear affects our personality, mood, and confidence. In Fact, what you wear matters every day in the fashion world. This season Gul Ahmed latest luxury festive collection will give you an ethnic look. The “Off White” design is an elegant 3pc suite which is a nice and classy pastel hue and light brown combo of colors. The best thing about the Gul Ahmed Luxury Collection is that you can carry them with no effort.

Style is, what you wear becomes a statement. Our design is a perfect style statement. The shirt is the medium length with embroidered neck, sleeves, and borders. Furthermore, embroidery is a mix of two shades of brown. Light skin prints are beautifully merged with the embroidery. Dupatta is giving this dress a 10/10 look, which is more like a shawl.

The fact about Gul Ahmed is they provide you with an extra meter of clothes than usual. In Pakistan, women are still wearing kurta and Shalwar. This kurta shalwar tradition is loved worldwide. Thus Gul Ahmed Luxury festive collection provides their customer super ease at it. Finally, this dress compliments Shalwar in Sindhi style in the same off white color. You can wear heels or a traditional Khusa with these outfits. Also, create this classy look for almost every event either it’s a wedding event on day or any dinner during night time.

Brown 3 Piece Suit

Gul Ahmed continuously challenges to try out things out of the box. Likewise, our new Luxury festive collection 2020, this would be a hit of the season. This time our designers tried to give casual cloths a formal look. According to our customer’s reviews, we believe that it was our success at this new idea.

As well as our most prominent and unique design “Brown “became the star of the show. This ideal brown piece is a mix of formal and casual in an equal amount of importance. There is a self-print on the shirt with the touch of flowery embroidery on the neck (in round shape), sleeves and all across from neck to the bottom of shirt including the borders. The thread used in embroidery is a soft shimmery material and skin in color. Thread is a bit shinny thus making the embroidery fancy and delicate.

The material used at the neck and borders of the shirt is golden round buttons and tassels. Dupatta is made up of tissue silk. Furthermore, you will find that dupatta is a mix of two colors golden: and a mesmerizing brown.

The brown part is printed, which reflects ancients crafted designs, complemented with the hypnotizing golden colors on large borders. Golden color is basically the thread work that is giving a heavy and stunning look. The bottom is also a dyed trouser which is plain.

This astonishing dress can be wearable at any wedding event or a seminar. Furthermore, you can carry this marvelous piece on dinners, etc.

luxury festive collection 2020: Off White

During the whole journey, Gul Ahmed tried to find a variety of trends to experience every mode of women fashion. Our upcoming luxury festive collection has finest quality attractive designs. This season's collection would be definitely breathtaking. Moreover, whole latest collection is a meaningfull blend of casual and formal.

Our design Off White is a radiance of spirit. Beautiful white shirt made up of pure cotton and linen mix. Further more, the shirt is ornamented with embroidery on the borders of shirt and sleeves. While looking at embroidery you will find coconut trees on the border of the shirt which in fact, looks amazing.

Gul Ahmed Luxury Festive collection always tries to make fashion statement from their ultimate attractive designs. The neck of this shirt is more decorated with white stones. The polyester(soft and imported net) dupatta is a mix of light brown and peach. Moreover, there is an embroidery on the borders. This 3pc dress is available at your nearest stores only. Its an honor when people like and appreciate our efforts. Likewise, qalamkar luxury festive collection 2020 is an example. They have launched their latest collection with the advancement of their idea.

Luxury Festive Collection: Light Beige

For better or worse, in Pakistan tradition is all we try to show our dressing. Gul Ahmed is a leading brand all over Asia. Now introducing their recent luxury festive collection. The motive of this collection is to deliver mostly light colors with the contrast of formal in a high-class way.

This design “Light Beige” is bit all rounder. The shirt is in Kurta style. Embroidery is on full shirt, mostly on the bottom and edges of sleeves. Sleeves are full and ended up with the golden crystals and white motifs. Furthermore, dupatta is dyed with deep prints of slik thread. This dress is giving us a major culture of Pakistan with the Churi Dar Pajama. In fact, Churi Dar Pajama is the high point of this fabulous piece. We recommend you to pair it uip with khussas.

The love of pastels: 2 piece Masoori Shirt

The gold dust is the color of the season. You will see many brides now prefer to wear golden dresses over the traditional red dresses. So, does the othe other women want to wear this light heat flaming pastel color. This shirt from our luxury festive collection is loaded with the embroidery from the finest thread. Also, the flowers are centred with the white pearls. Making it an excellent choice to wear on the festivels.

The bottom the shirt is fulled with small pearls. Giving the shirt a very fine finshing touch. Moreover, the sleeves have boat cuts to catch up with the current trends. At the end of the neck line there is a small pearl flower which is our favourite.

The fully embroided shirt is paired up with the plain trouser of the same color. You can wear it to the weddings as well as formal or family functions. We suggest to heat the things up with the high heels and some heavy earings.


What we believe in our everyday life is “Dress for Success”. This time Gul Ahmed desirable luxury festive collection 2020 would leave remarkable marks in the clothing line. The brand treats the fabric with love, just the way artists dedicate themselves to the canvas during the creation of showpiece. All the outfits are from the luxury collection with limited stock. You can carry every dress in almost every event with some extra confidence. The pastels and heavy outfits are there formal and casual mix. You can buy your dresses in a very reasonable amount. Furthermore, all the outfits from the luxury festive collection are 3pc. Hurry up and get your festive look from us and make your day. Gul Ahmed believes, An elegant women take cares of her appearance, the way she looks and she put some effort to groom her. With you can simply avail everything you are looking for elegant looks.



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