ECS bridal shoe collection of 2020

ECS bridal shoe collection of 2020

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

Top 10 designs from ECS bridal shoe collection

ECS is the name of the trust which was launched in 1954, from the local streets of Anarkali Bazar, Lahore. They started from a single store to the point where it became the key choice. ECS delivers a comfortable and long-lasting range of shoes. The ECS Bridal Shoe is a progressed shoe-line with increased market demand. According to them, when value is added to any business then it becomes the source of blessings that leads to profitable paths by any means. The bridal collection is not only loved nationally but also internationally. Wedding season is coming. Every girl is looking for matching and stylish bridal shoes. Here is our list for best collection of ECS bridal shoes.

ECS bridal shoe

Golden Peep Toes:

ECS accepts out of the box ideas. Their latest collection ECS Bridal Shoe is a special edition for bridal wears of this season. This utter attraction design “Golden Peep Shoe” is a perfect mix and match of style and tradition. This beauty is perfect for almost every event either it’s a wedding, a fusion party or an outdoor event. These beautiful heels are available in Golden color. The golden glitter a perfect way to make your day magical. Available in every size. ECS is the name of comfort and ease to its customers. Moreover, you can easily customize them too according to your foot size too.

Golden Block Heels:

We believe that it is our responsibility to deliver exactly what our customers want from us. ECS Bridal Shoe collection of this season is in the stores for our brides-to-be. We know it’s your big day and we are trying to make it special too. The latest design of formal and casual mix “Golden Block Heels” is perfect for your wedding events. These shoes are made up of high-quality leather with the glittery and shiny heals. These are comfortable and wearable for long day events like dinners or lunches after marriage etc. The best thing about these pair of shoes is that you can carry them the comfortably yet with style. Make your days remember-able by wearing this trendy heels.

Shimmery-Golden Heels:

Our customer’s stratification is our first priority. The latest ECS Bridal Shoe collection is a special one. “Shimmery-Golden Heels” is an easy and modest way to make a style statement. These shoes are the trendiest way of expressing your fashion sense. These shoes are available in a very nice and shimmery golden color. The beautiful golden Lotus flowers with white diamond-like beads are giving us the astonishing look. Best part about these shoes that even after the heels they are comfortable and durable on peak.

Golden Sandal:

ECS introduces their fresh collection ECS Bridal Shoe, a wide range of shoes (bridal special) that will make sure the maximum comfort but with style. Our design “Golden Sandal” is a bridal sandal for women that will give them an attractive look on the first sight. The lavish and fine material used will take care of your feet with comfort. This piece is available in Golden color. On the top charming beads of gold and silver are used, the square diamonds are making this sandal a masterpiece. In addition, Beautiful rhinestones, pearls, and uniquely designed diamonds are pleasing to the eye.

These sandals can go with your any outfit. Women mostly have an immense collection of Bridal shoe collection in their wardrobe, so do we provide.

Maroon Block Heels:

Bridal shoes for women are the key reflection of women on their wedding day. Our latest collection ECS Bridal Shoes, comes up with unique and bold colors. This design “Maroon Block Heels” is a classic and bold maroon that will never be out of style, In fact, it will give a radiant and astonishing look. This color is resistible, one can’t hold themselves to not to add this to their bridal wardrobe. You can always carry this style for all kind of events. The stonework with gold plated wires is giving this sandal a million-dollar look.

Black Mid-Length Heels:

ECS believes in transforming dreams into reality. ECS Bridal Shoes, our latest and astonishing collection for women. This Black heel is one to go for all designs. The multi-colored stones on the black base are becoming more prominent. Black is the color that can be worn with all colors, in fact, Black is the king of colors. Black color makes ensures to leave prominent footprints, simply black is the standard statement.

These pair of shoes are available in skin color too.

Siler High Heels:

Stones and shimmers are always every bride's choice but some girls like to go with simplicity. A little strap and high heel is the most sophisticated way to go with those heavy dresses. This silver high heels with the simple strap are our favorite in the ECS bridal shoe list. Plus, you can wear them elegantly in post-marriage parties and functions.

The rhinestones on the heels are the reason we choose them for our list. The whole greyish material is covered with silver shining diamonds. Covering from back to the buckle. The sequence of rhinestones on the strap aids up the grace of these silver high heels.


ECS always gathers the courage to not only believe in the new ideas but also try them out. In fact, our latest ECS Bridal Shoes collection would be most comfortable in durable investment. The good thing about this fresh collection is their color schemes, all of them are uniquely special. They say if you want to judge someone's personality then judge them by their choice of shoes. Research also suggests that when you meet someone most people look at your shoes after the initial handshake. The wedding is the most important part of a girl's life. The bride invests in anything from heavy work dresses to stylish shoes. Everything should be on point. ECS totally realizes that and every year they come up with unique yet trendy bridal shoes.


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