Best selling products of funky fish Pakistan

Best selling products of funky fish Pakistan

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

Funky fish Pakistan –Imported items and products

Funky fish Pakistan provides you with all the basic necessary products and the cool accessories for your daily life. The brand started its business from the UK and now is available in Pakistan. The core value of our brand is to provide every accessory under one roof. We believe that joy and fun are more important than anything. Funky fish is equally productive for every age group. Now in Pakistan, our brand “” sell all innovative products of Funky Fish.

funky fish Pakistan

Listed below are some of our cool and charming products:

Funky fish Pakistan: Pom Pom Earrings:

We try to follow every relevant trend by creating products innovative and different. Funky Fish Pakistan has design launched their latest product for teen girls “Pom Pom Earrings” with the special packaging. You can wear the earrings of different styles for the whole week, according to your mood or the occasion.

There are seven pairs of earrings, in fact, now you can wear a different pair on every new day. Three pairs of them are made up of velvet, all in different colors. Two of them are round diamond-like, one is in big black stone and the last one is a special Thursday piece. Wear the velvets for your classes and black stone is a good choice for Friday nights.

These cute earrings are very personalized for young and teen girls, in fact nowadays girls like these kinds of light and very trendy earrings for daily base uses.

Funky fish Pakistan: Women's Pink Fur Slide Slippers:

Nothing is left to expect when beauty comes with comfort. 7 out of 10 Housewives are mostly looking for footwear to be very comfortable for their use in the house. Our product “Women's Pink Fur Slide Slippers” is specially engineered for women only.

The material used is high quality and super comfortable. Our designers kept in mind the comfort and relaxation that women want for their all-day-long activities. The slippers are available at our online site of and if you want to buy it from stores you can always visit Funky fish Centaurus.

Likewise, you can gift these slippers to your mothers. In fact, they deserve this little act of appreciation for all of their unpaid tasks.

Shining Comfortable Home Decor Cushion:

Lailoo has chosen products from Funky Fish Pakistan that is not only productive but also trendy at the same time. This “Shining Comfortable Home Decor Cushion” is a cushion that could be utilized as a decoration piece at your drawing room or at your lounge.

One thing which we have analyzed from research and customer reviews about this cushion is the factor of satisfaction. This cushion can work as a stress relief product. There is a time of unbearable tensions, everyone is going through to any problem or misery. Furthermore, we are not trying to say that this cushion will magically vanish your problem but it will overcome your stress.

The sparkling and glittering shiny crystals give you the amusement but also it is good to keep it in your drawing room to make it nicer.

Metallic Shiny Clutch Bag:

Funky Fish Pakistan introduces this “Metallic Shiny Clutch Bag” form their exclusive collection. Young girls always want something that is comfortable and stylish, though this bag comes with all the good points. It comes in a handy size and is easy to carry almost everywhere. You can carry the shiny clutch with a long strip or without. A perfect weekend vibe handbag. You can carry it in the night parties or any weekend friends gathering.

Funky fish Centaurus: Pink Crystal Beauty Mineral Roller:

People who are seeking for good vibes and a healthy lifestyle must try our new product “Pink Crystal Beauty Mineral Roller” of Funky Fish Pakistan available at your most appreciated and loved site

This roller comes handy on the travel situation. While traveling has an ultimate effect on your mood but it is your skin that affects a lot. Nowadays, every individual not only beauty conscious women but also men, are looking for easy skincare routine products. Moreover, it is your face that is the first thing you notice on someone without a conscience.

We have launched this mineral roller engineered with fully functional capabilities of removing all the dirt, bacteria and viruses from your skin. Significantly, then nourish your skin with all the necessary minerals essential for your skin. We also have make sure to provide all the basic minerals suited to all skin types.

BFF Necklace with Pendant:

On this friendship day, Funky Fish Pakistan presents a special gift for our female customers only. We know your sis code and the rules of best friends. That is the reason we have come with the set of two pendants for you and your bestie. This necklace with pendant has a significant impact and meaning with respect to the true value of Friendship.

The set is different and has a unique style, which you can wear on T-shirts, sweaters, etc. Perfect for parties and friends get-togethers. It’s a nice and cool accessory for you and can be gifted to your female friends too.

Also, graduation days are approaching. It is a perfect gift to express your bond with your BFF and make it stronger. An ideal gift for life.

You can easily purchase this set of the necklace from our online stores of at any time. So don’t waste any further time. Make your friendship remarkable with this sweat and kind act.

Conclusion: launched a new series of products from Funky Fish Pakistan. As a brand, we ensure our standard and reputation by how we deal with our customers. Funky fish have gained love from customers from UK to Pakistan. We have chosen the best-selling products from them for you. Get all the ideal and most trendy accessories to spice up your look under one roof. With happy customers, we feel proud. Also, each of the products is reviewed by experts.


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