7 Tips to Spot High-quality Clothing that will last for years

7 Tips to Spot High-quality Clothing that will last for years

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

High-quality clothing is not only a personal hallmark of today’s fashion trends but also considered to be the backbone of your casual, semi-casual and frugal wardrobe.

Previously, it was much easier to spot good clothes and separate high-quality clothes from low-quality. But now in this age of designer wear, where people love to choose branded clothes over local ones, it has got much difficult and tricky to find best and unique styled clothes. Moreover, there are lots of cheap marketing tricks out there who misguide users to spend more on a low quality piece of clothing. That’s the reason, lailoo is here to help you spot some high-quality clothes that will last for years and will give you a classy look.

double check fabric

Check for the trusted brand:

Buying from a brand always gives you real satisfaction no matter how much it costs. But sometimes, there are brands that do not wish to provide high-quality services and instead play cheap marketing tactics to trick users and increase their brand recognition. That’s why it’s important to not choose their services and find a highly reliable and reputable brand that has already established its presence in the market. There are also third-party platforms that offer their help to choose the right clothing. For example, lailoo is a platform that provides helps to find the right clothing and deliver original branded clothes of popular designers such as Maria B, Alkaram, Limelight, RJ’s pret, and many others.

Double-check the fabric:

You may get a piece that is right according to your choice and style, but you have the least idea who has stitched the piece and what materials have been used. It happens with a lot of people and when they find that the quality is low or unsuitable for their personality, they end up being desperate. It’s important to learn how you should recognize a quality piece of clothing before buying it.

Start by focusing on the seams. Is the cloth sewn properly or lacking some quality work? To check this out, hold the fabric from both sides and then pull it gently. If that thread that holds the seams together has started pulling slightly, then it means it has now sewed properly.

Also, focus on other details; see if the patches are attached properly, buttons are sewed, embroidery is neat and the fabric is of high-quality. After being satisfied, you need to consider buying from the brand and continue shopping for other stuff.

Because all these tiny and subtle details eventually point to some high-quality clothing over the cheapest one.

Check for the good thread in embroidery suits:

According to most of the designers and experts, the wimpy is never be safer to use and it gets further wimpier with time. So, it’s best to take a minute and carefully examine the quality of your thread that has been used to put that piece together. Check whether the thread appears to be efficient and strong to hold the piece? Could the brand have used something stronger and reliable? Is the embroidery is fine? And are the stitches already reinforced where they must be?

Checking these tiny details can help you find the best piece of clothing in even more reliable rates.

Examine the buttons and patches:

Buttons are considered as the jewelry of your clothes. If your clothes are without buttons, they would give a low-quality appearance. So, before buying, it’s recommended to buy all the buttonholes and see for some loose threads, sloppy or inaccurate stitching as well as some other defects that make your piece invaluable. To check buttons, you can also gently tug them and find if they have defected. In that case, put the piece back on the rack and never consider to buy it.

After that, turn your attention to patches. There are many clothing brands that don’t attach the patches in a neat and defined manner. They should appear attractive and appealing. Check if they are sewn well and neat.

Check for the trusted Brand

Use of little fabric:

There are many cheap brands out there who tend to use little fabric to create a piece of garment. But the fact is, this cheap tactic creates a bad impression and they lose their credibility. This often results in short sleeves, less room for trousers and uncomfortable stitching on shoulders. Such clothes never fit well, and you have to buy some more pieces to make adjustments.

It’s also recommended to try the clothes in the store so you can make sure that they are perfect and will look good on you.

Well-designed clothes have facings:

According to expert designers, well-designed clothes have different interfacings and facings. These are basically the internal support features in clothing and they are mainly sewn inside in the clothes just to reinforce the portions that are vulnerable to lots of wear & tear. They help your clothes maintain their original shape and also add the element of longevity.

Facing is also known as a sort of mini lining which usually hides the raw edges of the clothing material. For example, the grosgrain ribbon attached to the backside of your button band on long cardigans. This ribbon keeps the cardigan button band save from dangling the weight of these heavy buttons, and keep their holes stretched out with time.

Check the linings:

Linings are usually used to hide some inefficient tailoring, so if you find a lining at the piece of cloth, it doesn't mean that your clothing is well-designed. Moreover, not every clothing has a lining over it. Because these linings often add an extra layer of fabric that adds warmth to the piece of clothing. So they also look best for extreme cold season, such as long skirts, jackets, and cardigans. But don’t go well with linen or summer suits. However, in case of some heavy items such as wool pants, a proper lining would help maintain the shape of your clothing.

Bottom line:

Quality clothing is a real investment. If you take good care of them, it will worth your efforts and they will eventually hold up for many years to come. But make sure, shopping for high-quality clothes would come with these points so that you can make a sound investment instead of wasting your hard-earned money.

If you still have some doubts, you can visit for more ideas and suggestions before considering any other platform for buying high-quality clothing.


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