Best Sellers of Rang Rasiya new collection

Best Sellers of Rang Rasiya new collection

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

Rang Rasiya new collection for winter 2020

Rang Rasiya is the supreme brand in the country mastering in pret and formals. Rang Rasiya new collection offers its customers their new designs in khaddar, karandi, linen in prints and embroidery. The brand launches their latest design after every short interval to keep a variety of outfits.

Rang Rasiya new collection

Our brand has something for everyone for instance, pret, and formals, and semi-formals. You can buy your favorite outfits from our official site of at any time.

All women want is fancy clothes, good food, and flowers. You can wear casual dresses throughout the whole year. But what if those casual dresses come with unique styles.

In this article, we have selected the best sellers of the renowned brand. We ourselves wore them and make sure of the quality and style. Let’s have a look:

Rang Rasiya New Collection: Tunic White TC 1513:

Rang Rasiya found a way to create luxury designer wear. In the Rang Rasiya New Collection, our latest design “Tunic White TC 1513” will make ladies crazy upon this outfit. This a digitally printed linen shirt. The shirt is printed, and the color is maroon with big flowers in black and dark maroon.

The neck is further decorated with organza net in black color. The arrangement of the organza net is giving this shirt an ultimate cut. At the bottom, a beaded lace is used (which is also black), furthermore, sleeves are full with black tassels on the edges.

Overall this shirt is a mix of formal and casual, but we will recommend you to wear it casually.

You can buy this shirt at a very reasonable price from our official website of

Rang Rasiya New Collection: Tunic Digital Black TC 1509:

We are presenting you with another design from the digital collection of Rang Rasiya New Collection. The design “Tunic Digital Black” is a beautiful black long shirt with floral and digital prints in dark skin and blue. The bottom of the shirt is further enhanced with green embroidered pati and black tassels.

Furthermore, the sleeves are full of black organza and tassels on the edges. The organza used on the sleeves is making this shirt pretty much classy and creative.

The shirt is made up of linen fabric. The neckline of this creative masterpiece is enhanced with a black embroidered organza. Thus the overall shirt is perfect for your evening functions. Girls love these kind of trendy styles with a touch of eastern look.

Moreover, we believe if our customers want something unique, it’s our responsibility to keep that in mind and try to deliver such products.

This outfit is available at our online stores or you can buy it from any of your nearest stores.

Rang Rasiya winter collection 2020: Rang Rasiya Tunic Winter Collection'19 TC 1510:

Our brand used creativity with modern looks for young girls. The latest Rang Rasiya new collection is a special winter collection of this year. The design “Rang Rasiya Tunic Winter Collection'19 TC 1510” is a unique white color dress, with digital prints and embroidery (Embroidery is on the full shirt except for sleeves).

On the neck there is a use of Quershiya lace vertically, which is in color dark peach, the sleeves are full size with a few umbrella cuts, moreover, on the border of sleeves, three different colors of organza layers are used with embroidered edges.

This white shirt is further classified by using tassels on the bottom, thus making it more elegant. You surely have noticed the color of this shirt, off white with a decent amount of embroidery which is perfect for every age of women.

You can buy this unique shirt online or from the nearest store.

Rang Rasiya Tunic Winter Collection'19 TC 1504:

This beautiful print is one of our precious Rang Rasiya new collection. The print is from the special edition of tunic. A multi-color shirt with a touch of fancy look makes it classier.

The shirt is made up of mix linen and silk. The soft and mesmerizing fabric of this shirt gives this design extra points.

The sleeves are full of organza on the borders. There are four layers of organza on the bottom and are sleeves thus making it more tempting to buy. A perfect semi-formal dress to wear on parties or friends, family gatherings.

So don’t wait to place your order now, moreover, the design is one of our limited edition.


Rang Rasiya is one of the leading brands of Pakistan. Our latest Rang Rasiya new collection has been launched. Our brand delivers clothes like pret wear, formal wear, casual wear, embroidered, chiffon, silk end many more.

Fancy and formal wear are a need for the season but women should stay classy even in the home. Your street style spokes a lot about you and our brand keeps that in mind. This year we launched our latest collection with an amalgam of fancy and casual outfits. In a nutshell, Printed and embroidered suits but with stones, laces, and tassels.

We have chosen the best-sellers for you to help you buy top trendy outfits of this year.

All the items are available at our official site of Make an order now for trendy plus eastern looks to maintain the standards of society.

Why us?

Still, wondering why buy outfits from us? Here are the answers:

  • We deliver quality products, just according to our beloved customer's requirements.

  • We believe customers are always right.

  • We launch a collection in short intervals.

  • We create an eastern and modern look with fusion.

  • Digital prints are our speciality and usually comes with embroidery.

  • Designs are always fresh.

  • We deliver quality products at affordable prices.


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