Best iPhone 6 plus cases for 2020

Best iPhone 6 plus cases for 2020

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Cool iPhone 6 plus cases in Pakistan 

The bigger the phone, the harder it will fall. And especially when you are carrying an iPhone 6 plus which has a bigger display than 5.5 inches and a rounded body that is extremely slippery and difficult to handle, then using iPhone 6 plus cases becomes a definite need for every user. Many prefer to use protective cases for iPhone 6 because the devices come with a promise of “ion-strengthened” glass. With such sensitivity, why should we take a chance of hearing the cracking sound of displays? You should consider choosing the cool iPhone cases for maximum safety and protection. There are a variety of cases that are flooding in the offline and online market to offer the desired protection. is also an incredible online shopping platform that invites you to choose some cool and stylish designs for your iPhone 6 plus. Have a look at these designs and grab them immediately before they go out of stock.


Nodus Access Case II- the best iPhone 6 plus cases

A versatile handcrafted waterproof protective case for iPhone. This protective case comes in different colors and is made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Micro suction technology is used to keep the iPhone firmly at its place while the interior side also contains a pocket to stash a credit card or driving license. The soft microfiber lining makes it one of the versatile cases in the list of items available on the market, shop now for iPhone 6 plus case online, and save your investment today. 

Verus Layered Dandy- one of the reliable iPhone 6 plus cases

Another elegant addition in the Layered Dandy series. This protective case is made from synthetic leather and each case is perfectly designed to keep the iPhone strictly immovable. The interior of the case consists of slots for cards plus a cash pocket to save money. This light-weight protective case is easy to hold and a magnetic fastener provides your iPhone extra protection it deserves. The Dandy series aim is to provide cool iPhone 6s plus cases to save your smart device from any damage. 

Obliq Premium Skyline Advance 

A drop-resistant stylish case to deliver total protection to your smart device while a kickstand allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or videos easily. The non-bulky case is a pocket-friendly protective case that is available in different colors to reflect your personality. The exterior of the case features a metallic finish with flexible TPU to deliver a rugged and stylish look. When it comes to giving protection with style then unique iPhone 6 Plus cases are the perfect choice for every iPhone obsessive. 


An ultimate choice for those who want easy access to all ports and buttons. The TPU frame is designed to deliver an easy grip with an anti-slip bumper to protect the smart device from being damaged. With the perfect combination of tempered glass back with TPU, your device will get extra protection with style. The tempered glass back covers not only protect the device from any unpleasant incident but also keeps it safe from fingerprints and dust. Being extra slim and light-weight it’s hardly noticeable. If you are looking for quality cases at compromised rates then iPhone 6s plus cases cheap are not hard to find on Amazon and Lailoo. 

Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO

Need extra energy and protection for your smartphone? Then begin your quest with Daraz, the best protective iPhone 6 plus case is worth buying. The dual action of the Mophie juice pack not only protects your investment but also provides power to your smartphone. The high-power battery is designed to give you 14.5 hours of talk time. The interior of the case comes with rubber pads to provide protection against accidental falls or drops. The ergonomic design of the case offers easy to slip in and out of the pocket. The 4 LED lights present at the back of the cover shows the status of the battery while the case also allows the user to access every feature of the smartphone with ease.

 Incipio – Dual Pro 

The dual pro standout features are countless. This case perfectly holds the iPhone while Plextonium with dLAST core provides protection against bumps and hard falls. The exterior of the protective case is scratch-resistant and delivers a comfort grip. Another amazing feature of this case is the presence of an antimicrobial agent which helps to kill odor-causing bacteria. The outer surface also comes with the in-mold texture to prevent it from slipping from the hands. The elegant case offers easy access to all controls and buttons of the iPhone. 

Griffin Survivor Summit Case 

One of the toughest cases available in the market to protect your iPhone from bump and drops. This protective case is a mixture of polycarbonate, TPE, and silicone which ensure the protection against water, dirt, and sand. The built-in screen protector gives extra protection to your mini-screen device. The rounded and slim design of the case makes it easy to slip in and out of the pocket while the rotating belt clip allows you to carry it easily. 

ITG Patchworks Level Case

Don’t confuse it with other protective cases, this case has passed the U.S military drop test. The rough texture finish at the sides of the case does not allow it to slip from hands. The interior of the case features air pockets to save mobile from shocks. The perfect open holes in the case offer easy switching in headphones and cables. This protective case is available in different colors to meet your color needs. 


If you want to give a stylish outfit to your iPhone along with the safest protection then the protective iPhone 6 plus cases discussed above are the best for your needs. All the protective cases discussed earlier not only come in various colors but also have embedded features to save your iPhone from bumps and shocks. You can also choose more than one protective case for your iPhone so that it matches with your outfit on the go. And if you are failing to find the ones for your needs, you can consult with professionals and let them handle your needs in a more efficient way.


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