All you need to know about two sided fidget spinner

All you need to know about two sided fidget spinner

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Two-sided fidget spinner- overview and features

A fidget spinner is basically a mind refreshing top that contains a ball bearing in the middle of a multi-lobed flat structure body. This is commonly made of plastic and sometimes metal, and designed carefully for spinning along the axis by putting little effort. Fidget spinners were first trending in 2017. There were similar devices that had been invented in 1993 too, but they did not get the same popularity as this spinner. The fidget spinners have eight common shapes, but four types are more common and appreciated by many people. Among those types, a two-sided fidget spinner is probably the best type that is getting tremendous popularity. has compiled a guide that can help you learn the common features and basics of fidget spinners


two-sided fidget spinner:

A two-sided fidget spinner has a peanut-shaped look at its external area. It is usually the most lightweight, playful, and compact thing. You can easily fit this in your pocket. Though this double-sided spinner doesn't weigh like other types, the design of this compact spinner can easily balance the perfect spinning type as well as have soft motion ranges. Its body is made of aluminum. You will feel that spin is more consistent as well as has several rpm that makes it the smallest and unique fidget spinners out there. 

By considering the overall flexibility and durability of the spinner, it would help people who are looking for something to concentrate or ponder upon while in stress or want to reduce their depression. This is also called a stress-relieving game. The product is immensely popular than other types because this is also known as the first product that has been launched before other designs were established.

How to use the two-sided fidget spinner?

The use of fidget spinners is often misunderstood by many people. They usually buy it for their kids as a toy and ignore the real meaning and usage behind this product. This is how you can use it for more exciting feeling:

  • Hold this two-sided spinner in one hand.
  • Now use your other hand for spinning it quickly by making different continuous strikes that can keep it spinning for an indefinite period.
  • When you practice more often, the spinner can easily be spun with one hand by only using your four fingers to stop and then again start spinning.

Quality features of double-sided spinner:

  • One of the most interesting toys for spinner lovers and fidgeters.
  • Highly durable, powerful and flexible that ensures maximum strength and efficient rotation
  • Best to remove stress and anxiety, kill boredom, reduce the effects of autism, helpful in quitting smoking, and much more.
  • As you have noticed in all the bearings as well as in spinning fidget toys, this usually takes a lot of time in spinning and then breaking in to gain some long spinner times, so the more you will spin the fidget, the longer it will spin.
  • You can easily carry this at the office and it will simply help you increase your concentration while spinning.

The metal structure of this fidget spinner enables it to maintain the perfect consistent shape and then stable itself into the groove by considering a vast variety of colors that include pink, black, brown, red, and blue with great sparkly design. The most amazing part is that it is extremely flexible and durable as well as being tested carefully by experts. Its soothing spins can make your life less stressful and more comfortable. It also facilitates you in entertainment and you can relax during tough & busy hours. Though it is much smaller in size, still it can easily match the competitor of other fidget spinners. This double-sided fidget spinner is best in pricing and allows the perfect opportunity to have fun with this small amazing device.


Technical specifications of the multi-functional spinner 

  • This is considered one of the most favorite products of the audience that is used both for playful reasons and for stress-reducing agents. It's spinning qualities release stress and gives soothing effects to your nerves.
  • It can spin continuously from 7-8 minutes, and sometimes even more. Its compact design and unique makeover allow smooth REVOQ to spin for maximum time so you can easily release stress.
  • It is made of a lot of quality materials, so when you hold this spinner in your hand, you would immediately feel the highest quality of material as well as the weight of the spinner.
  • The spinner has replaceable bearings, so no matter what happens to the bearings, it’s always possible to pop it out easily, and then replace it with the new bearings.
  • The product is available with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Therefore, if you are looking for some unique playful item, this spinner is all you need to kill boredom.

What’s better, fours-sided, three-sided, or two-sided spinner?

A 4 sided spinner fidget is more preferable these days because it is big in length and much attractive. You will get an actual feeling while spinning this product. Their spin time is also more than others. Its spin time is 4-10 mins.

3 sided spinners are also adored by many people; they are also bigger and have a unique texture. They can spin gracefully in the fingers. These three-sided spinners come with cool quality and design. 

If you are interested in breaking the random spin time records with your friends, then a two-sided fidget spinner is all you need. This is a smaller, easy to carry and has much attractive design and texture. These small spinners spin like crazy and more stable while spinning. 


A two-sided fidget spinner is one of the best playful products that work best as a stress-relieving agent. Its compact design and smart properties make it the favorite choice for both kids and adults. If you are also looking for this amazing product, consult with professionals, they can guide you better in making the right decision.


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