Different designs of Best friend phone cases

Different designs of Best friend phone cases

Authored By Jawaad Arif


The younger generation is looking for new designs of phone cases for their loved ones. Best friend phone cases are the new trend nowadays. Customized phone cases can be the best gift for your BFF. Here at lailoo, I am going to describe everything about phone cases and their designs. 

Why buy best friend phone cases?

It doesn't matter how many friends you have, 1, 2, or 3 it’s your choice, the main reason is that I have a point of comparing the three-dimensional phone cases with the same friendship design.

Among the most invented and well-known designs, the best friend’s phone case design includes partners in crime design, these come with half the vocabulary placed on both phones. We encourage you to buy this gift for your best friend, your friend will thank you because the phone is already a part of people's lives, every day they rely heavily and we protect it as it is an important part of our lives.

Don't you think it's important to extend the phone life? Especially if it's the expensive iPhone or Samsung. Then protect them with the covers who can hold your phone safely every time you dump it.

Nowadays cell phones have become part of people’s daily life to the point that they have already become addicted to cell phone use, it is for this reason online stores are selling Best friend phone cases in different designs for different phone models.

The material used for the cell phone covers is usually made of transparent translucent silicone. Moreover, phone cases are decorated with friendship figures, animal characters and symbols represent friendship. These are very long-lasting and will preserve your phone from falls and marks providing you to increase the life of your phone.


The biggest variety of best friend phone cases for android and apple are available in online stores, do not waste time going to the different stores and shops since these stores ever have the similar dull models and they are not even the idea of friendship. How simple it is to buy them online and that they reach you at the door of your home the next day. So don’t wait and visit online stores for phone cases.

Types of smartphone cases

Some phone cases are more efficient, while others are more attractive. Some are protective, while others are representing like a second “skin” of the smartphone.

There are plenty of options, but here are some of the most common types of smartphone cases.

Smart and gel cases - best friend phone cases:

Smart cases are on the lighter side and give you combine eye-catching design with some extra hold to a phone, often within a manageable, rubbery silicone gel element. These are some of the most affordable phone cases you can buy with customizing designs, particularly if you desire to print them on demand. These cases are also available in online stores.

Bumper cases - Best friend phone cases

Unlike smart mobile covers, these cases normally cover the edge of your phone and are often presented as tougher, shock-resistant rubber to preserve your phone from dings and marks.

Bumper covers can be minimalistic, and just cover the sides of a phone, or they can get an extra piece for preserving the back from scratches too.

Folio or wallet cases

Folio phone cases have a layer that wraps over the face of your mobile to save the screen from dirt and scratches and provide the phone look of a small notebook.

Some also have wallet-like points, such as the capacity to store cash or credit cards, while others can be converted into a platform to prop up your phone.

You’ll typically see these in a durable material and they will likely cost more than the smart cases but also seem to more consumers that are effective.

Molded Cases

Many people look at having a phone caseless as an attractive choice and more as a way to protect the thousands of rupees they spent on their mobile phones should they ever drop it.

Molded cases are bigger and attach more weight to a mobile phone, but afford customers more assurance that is comprehensive. It’s essential when you are purchasing online, always remember this when you write your product information for molded mobile phone cases, as anything from drop tests to features about water resistance which can help give clients peace of mind.

Battery cases

Battery life appears to be a difficulty regardless of what phone you have nowadays. While they’re more costly than other phone cases, battery covers are also very efficient and offer a lot of utility for those times when we wish we had just a bit more time.

Since these covers not only protect your phone but also give you some extra charge, battery cases are a good guide for models of phones where battery life is a regular complaint.

Choosing which devices to focus on

It’s not just a thing of determining what sort of phone case you require, but what kinds of phones you are holding, and the phone covers are only depending on your phone type and model. If you don’t have any smartphone, first you should buy your phone then decide which cover you want for your smartphone.

Final thoughts:

Unique and stylish phone cases are very trendy in this era. Everyone is searching for phone cases to protect their expensive smartphones as well as to beautify their cell phones. Therefore, there are many online stores in Pakistan that are offering phone cases with different and unique styles. It is better to buy from an online shop going anywhere. So here at lailoo I have described everything about best friend phone cases that are very trending nowadays.



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