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Latest Best mehndi designs for Eid 2021 – Easy and new Style

Latest Best mehndi designs for Eid 2021 – Easy and new Style

Authored By Umer Abas

Unique and Latest mehndi designs for Eid to try in 2021

Fashion is not only constrained to colorful garments, striking footwear and charismatic jewelry; but in this world of continuous evolution, mehndi designs are equally adorable and phenomenal that have changed from decades, from nice & simple mehndi application to complex floral designs; there are a lot of beautiful ideas that decorate your hands gorgeously and give life to your event.  Especially when it's the occasion of Eid, girls tend to find unique mehndi designs for Eid from all around the world so they can make their hands and feet beautiful and stunning. Their design ideas include various cultures such as Arabic, Afghani, western designs, Moroccan, Indo-Arabic, and much more. 

mehndi designs for Eid


But today's mehndi designs have changed a lot than earlier years. You will find lots of amazing innovations that look mesmerizing and breathtaking. The craze of mehndi is common among girls. And when the occasion is as special as Eid, their excitement gets doubled and try out various styles for a cherishing look. We believe that Mehndi is not about decorating your hands only, but this is also one of the excellent ways to celebrate the occasion. The tradition of applying beautiful mehndi is efficiently embodied in our Asian culture and appreciated by every female, regardless of their age.

easy mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

However, applying a stylish mehndi design always needs a lot of creativity, knowledge, and expertise. Because in this modern digital age, there is simply no shortage of tips and styles to apply unique mehndi. Like you have an option to consider any reliable online platform like Lailoo.com where you can find detailed guidelines and mehndi designs ideas & suggestions for Eid.

Celebrate the blessed occasion with new mehndi designs for Eid: 

So days before the special occasion of Eid, girls' shortlist some of the favorite mehndi designs so they can look different and gorgeous than others. Because every year, even every month, mehndi artists always introduce some attractive mehndi designs for Eid so they can provide their audience with something unique and refreshing for Eid. Some designs are evergreen, like every girl loves to try those designs on Eid as their popularity never falls in any case. We have seen some girls are highly expert in mehndi. They create their own designs in different patterns which also get famous when they share the images with their friends and family. They can easily apply those intricate designs themselves without making a single mistake. 

new mehndi designs 2021 for Eid


Most of the families in Pakistan arrange small get-togethers on Chand Raat so they can apply mehndi and decorate their hands & feet for the blessed occasion of Eid. So whatever the situation is, ladies tend to find and apply new mehndi designs 2021 for Eid, to celebrate the occasion with pure joys and excitement. 

Stunning mehndi designs for Eid:

Here we have gathered some stunning mehndi designs for Eid, have a closer look, and shortlist your favorite ones beforehand.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Elaborate mehndi designs for Eid:

All the elaborate mehndi designs are a bit complicated. They need a higher degree of attention and great hard work, but they simply turn out to be gorgeous and exceptionally stunning when they get completed. These designs are especially suitable for newlywed brides. They can double the happiness of this occasion by applying such difficult but intricate designs. These latest mehndi designs 2021 for Eid are also called bridal mehndi designs. But it doesn't mean these are specific for newlyweds. They look equally adorable on unmarried girls who are fond of applying beautiful mehndi. 

latest mehndi designs 2021 for Eid


Unique mehndi design ideas:

There are also some best mehndi designs 2021 for Eid, which lie under the category of unique. Now, these designs are extra complicated which can be crafted by experts only. These designs are a blend of art and modernism. These designs also require a great deal of time for applying, but the end results will make your hands look more beautiful than ever. Some of these unique designs consist of side hand mehndi, gol tikka designs, and finger designs.  These designs attract all the young girls on Eid.

new designs of mehndi for Eid

 Simple mehndi designs for Eid:

There are a lot of young and middle-aged women who like to apply simple eid mehndi designs in 2021 for Eid. These designs look equally attractive as well as need just half of your effort. If you are the kind of person who doesn't like fancy designs, and simplicity attracts you more, then these designs are best to try on Eid.

simple eid mehndi designs in 2021 for Eid

 White mehndi designs- the latest trend

White mehndi is considered one of the newest and most innovative trends that all mehndi lovers prefer worldwide. These are the beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid as white mehndi always look appealing when you compliment it with different colored stones and glitters. Such designs look cherishing and quite different than traditional ones. They also look exceptionally gorgeous than simple ones.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid


Beautiful mehndi designs for kids:

When it comes to finding Eid mehndi designs 2021 for kids, you will find lots of variety. Because little girls also love to apply pretty mehndi on Eid. The fact is, the girls enjoy their mehndi more when it's applied according to their age and mentality. Kids' apply mehndi designs include dots, stars, butterflies, birds, different shapes, and patterns. 

Eid mehndi designs 2021 for kids


There are multiple amazing ways of decorating their hands with astonishing colors of mehndi. These mehndi designs for Eid will surely help mothers, and they don't need to find any other design for their little girl's hands.

Creative mehndi designs:

Many mehndi designs for Eid are crafted so creatively which immediately grabs the attention of any onlooker.  These designs are loved and adored by all the mehndi lovers out there. Such designs are created to show that the applier can make any design using his creative sense and let the imagination flow when creating new patterns.

new designs of mehndi for Eid

The best mehndi designs for Feet;

When you apply mehndi designs for Eid in an intricate manner, they look quite exceptional on your feet. Especially when you complement it with the stunning pair of heels, it will simply accentuate the attraction of your overall personality. Many girls love to apply mehndi on their feet, but in a simpler manner, especially when Eid. Have a look at these amazing designs that can add an extra flavor to your beautiful looks.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid


Red mehndi styles- for a traditional look

Red mehndi is considered one of the best traditional types of mehndi, which absolutely looks gorgeous. Mehndi applied in red color is quite similar to the common type of mehndi, but they usually have a unique kind of look. Check out some stunning red mehndi designs for Eid for an extra elegant look. You can apply this mehndi on your nails as well, as you won't be required to apply nail polish after that.

mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Heart-shaped mehndi design ideas:

There are a lot of amazing ways to incorporate some best heart shape mehndi designs for Eid on your hands. Especially if you are a new bride celebrating Eid's first time with your husband, this style will definitely warm your partner's heart. Such amazing designs usually range from modern to contemporary. These designs would be adored by all the girls who like heart-shaped patterns for a charming look.

best mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Glitter mehndi designs for the stylish look:

If you want your design extra fascinating, then adding glitter to your mehndi would make it sparkle and colorful. You can simply match the colors of glitter with your dress as well as nail colors which would make it even more stylish and attractive. These mehndi designs for Eid look gorgeous when matched with your dress and makeup.

eid mehndi designs for hands 2021

 Elegant and floral designs:

Elegant and floral mehndi patterns always grab onlookers' attention as these are stylishly created according to the latest mehndi trends. These new designs of mehndi for Eid create extra impact and make your hands look ten times attractive. You can make these designs in both a simpler and intricate manner for a cherishing look.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Fingers mehndi design ideas

Young girls always adore Mehndi fingers designs for Eid, these designs do not fill your hand with flowers and other patterns, but just decorate your fingers with stylish designs. These styles include shaded blooms, delusional motifs, floral curls, lacework patterns, traditional, driftwoods, and many more.

Young girls always adore Mehndi fingers designs for Eid

Super trendy mehndi designs:

Everyone wants to follow new and trendy mehndi designs for Eid and wedding occasions. Mehndi artists introduce different new mehndi designs every year to create a mesmerizing look of your personality. These designs include several new patterns that are hard to find anywhere. You will find these designs on multiple reliable online platforms. 

mehndi designs 2021 new style for Eid

Eid is incomplete without mehndi:

There is absolutely no Eid without mehndi. Every girl believes that Eid festivities are totally incomplete without applying beautiful designs of mehndi. With the increase in several new varieties of dresses and jewelry, mehndi designs are also getting special popularity. That's the reason, not only girls but all the kids feel excited to apply mehndi. You can find many mehndi designs for kids on Eid that are specifically targeted according to their age and mental capacity. They love different cute patterns and the dark shade of mehndi. Even some kids apply the mehndi again when the color fades. So the beauty of Eid is not complete without this amazing trend which can create the astonishing look of your hands.

latest mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Types of mehndi designs for Eid:

Being a Pakistani, we all understand that several types of mehndi designs for Eid are loved on every occasion, especially Eid. Here we have highlighted some common types which are popular in Pakistan.

  • Arabic mehndi designs for Eid
  • Afghani mehndi
  • Indo-Arabic design
  • Western mehndi
  • Pakistani mehndi
  • Indian mehndi
  • Indo- western styles
  • Moroccan styles
  • African mehndi designs

Importance of applying cultural mehndi designs for Eids

Applying mehndi is considered not only traditional but also much conspicuous and elegant on Eid occasions. You will find a great variety in eid mehndi designs for hands 2021, which includes both simple and intricate ones. The culture basically sets origin from the subcontinent, where the females love to apply mehndi on different occasions. Now the popularity of mehndi is not only confined to Asian countries, but it has prevailed all around the world. So this trend has now become cultural in Pakistan which has been followed for decades. Every girl loves to apply mehndi on their hands and feet whether it's the occasion of Eid or wedding. They prefer to decorate their hands with stylish yet cultural designs which usually involve filling the hands completely.

new mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Arabic mehndi designs:

Arabic mehndi designs 2021 for Eid are extremely popular and known for their unique styles patterned with multiple bold lines, fillings, and empty spaces. The style is believed to have originated from Gulf locations, as the name says. These styles are completely different from Pakistani and Indian mehndi as well as they have the highest level of elegance, royalty, and decency. Unlike the overwhelming application and coverage of other Pakistani and Indian mehndi styles, Arabic mehndi is simply about bold and minimal artistic work. All the empty spaces you see in Arabic mehndi designs have great significance, and they help you make the adjacent designs stand out from others. Arabic mehndi design is considered among the top levels of popular designs all around the world.

Arabic mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Afghani mehndi designs:

Afghani designs are specifically best for all the girls who are crazy about applying mehndi on different occasions. These are famous among the whole world, and the reason for their huge popularity is their similarity with Indian designs. Afghani mehndi styles are usually black in color and give excellent color after removing. These mehndi designs for Eid are extremely complicated and usually applied with sharp and long cones.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Indo-arabic mehndi designs for Eid

Indo-Arabic mehndi designs for Eid are basically an excellent amalgamation of Arabic and Indian mehndi styles. It's created in a way like the elegance of Indian mehndi design is separated by thick bold lines as well as multiple empty spaces. It's the most amazing example of instant art that creates the auspicious look of your hands. These mehndi design styles basically comprise all the beautiful patterns seen in Indian styles such as florals, paisleys, and chequered. This remains in the confines of efficiently created bold lines that are separated from each line in a manner that clearly gives a sophisticated look.

Arabic mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Pakistani mehndi designs:

Pakistani mehndi designs for Eid also hold a great similarity to the Indian mehndi patterns. These styles depict Pakistani culture, values, and traditions. At the same time, there are other designs, including paisleys as well as floral artwork that looks the same. Some popular Pakistani mehndi patterns are domes, flowers, leaves, mandalas, and even the mosque doors. 

These styles have much bolder outlines, and they consist of minimal artwork. These are also easy mehndi designs 2021 for Eid which is not so difficult to create even for beginners. After some hard work, they can efficiently make the pattern of their own choice. 

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Indian mehndi designs

Mehndi designs for Eid are the most popular and common in India. The country introduces various styles every year and helps people decorate their hands and feet beautifully with elegant designs. Indian mehndi consists of all the Indian things. From simple designs on the front and back of your hands to complete coverage of both sides, this mehndi design always had something fabulous to provide for every age group as well as different occasions. Their bridal mehndi designs are also much popular that decorate hands-on different wedding events, including dholki, mehndi, palkis, mandap, and several other awesome artworks necessary for making a marriage ceremony beautiful and memorable. Their non-bridal mehndi trends also have a lot of offers for common people. Hidden names, heart-shaped designs, floral patterns, chequered, dots, and other styles are also much common on Eid occasions.

easy mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Western mehndi design ideas:

As in western countries, mehndi styles are not much common, but they heavily use henna tattoos for an inspirational look. The world has also been adopting this trend, especially girls who love to make different mehndi designs for Eid, including their names on hands and arms. These styles of mehndi have nothing to do with culture or tradition. This is just a way to look stylish and cool. This is a 'temporary-tattoo' feel which cannot be achieved through simple mehndi design. These styles usually consist of multiple geometrical figures, shapes, swirls, and modern designs by applying this trend. Many times, these big gaps between all the designs look like the handwoven ornaments pattern.

best mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Indo-western mehndi patterns:

This amazing style is similar to the Indo-Arabic style, so this mehndi pattern has covered both styles. It's basically a fusion of traditional Indian mehndi designs for Eid as well as western patterns. One of the most dominant features of this design is their art of mehndi adds precise messages apart from different shapes.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Moroccan styles of mehndi:

Moroccan mehndi styles are considered much famous and adorable among both genders. Moroccan mehndi is specifically called unisex mehndi styles, and most importantly, they are applied by males that are interested in making henna-tattoos. These types of mehndi designs mainly comprise different innovative geometric shapes, tribal patterns, curves, circular shapes, and diamond shapes. These styles have their own decency and charm, which can be proficiently spotted as modern, unique, and different from other regular designs. These are also one of the best mehndi designs 2021 for Eid as they hold special significance due to their unique look. 

new designs of mehndi for Eid

African mehndi designs:

Yes, there are also African mehndi designs that are quite special and complicated than other designs. Very few people know that mehndi is basically a part of the Western African culture for hundreds of years. This style mainly comprises tribal patterns. It also bears a great level of similarity with Arabic designs as they are also much bold and have gaps. So if you are looking for mehndi designs 2021 new style for Eid, then try out African patterns that give a new look to your appearance. For more elegance, you can fill the mehndi with glitter and then match with your eid outfit.

eid mehndi designs for hands 2021

Significance of applying mehndi:

As we have mentioned earlier that no occasion is completed without mehndi whether it's wedding, engagement, or Eid. But the styles of mehndi for Eid vary from region to region and culture to culture. Every country has its own special distinction; for example, Pakistani and Indian designs are complicated and intricate. And Arabic culture has bold lines and gaps with geometrical patterns. Many females love to apply mehndi on hands, feet, and arms. Some females also apply it on hair for a brown, reddish and golden look. But applying on your hands has special significance as it makes your hands and overall appearance much more attractive and awesome. So if you are looking for mehndi designs for Eid in 2021, then make sure you are checking all the categories and types of mehndi so you can easily decide which pattern would suit your hands.

new mehndi designs 2021 for Eid


The art of using mehndi- what to do after applying?

The art of mehndi is extremely fascinating, which continuously changes the overall look of your personality. However, this requires expertise and more practice. Once you apply the mehndi, and it dries after a few minutes, then use some fixative solution over your hand, which mainly comprises lime juice as well as sugar.  A person can use this solution by dabbing it with a soft cloth, cotton ball, or tissue or can even spray for maintaining a neat & clean look. Make sure you are adding more solution once it gets completely dry. After that, keep it like that for 3-4 hours and wait for more brown or reddish shade. Then after completing that time, rub baby oil or other liquid for easy removal. There are still lots of ways that can help you create a more amazing look of the mehndi. So if you want to apply mehndi designs for Eid, make sure you are following all the tips and tricks beforehand.

new designs of mehndi for Eid

Tips for applying mehndi for beginners

Now you must be looking for some tips that can help beginners in applying beautiful mehndi. Follow these tricks and ideas before considering any design:

  • Wash your hands properly:

    Washing your hands properly is the first and basic step you need to follow. When you wash your hands, it will remove extra oil and dirt from your hands, and you can apply any design on clean hands
  • Take a start with the tip of cone:

    Check out your mehndi cone's working condition, you can do this by checking the tip. If the hole on that tip is small and gives thin designs, it's better to slightly cut the hole to make thick designs for shading and bold lines.
  • Positioning the mehndi:

    There are different ways to position your mehndi before application. But the best way is to hold it from a little distance from its edge. It should be similar to holding a pen or pencil while writing. Also, do not give extra pressure to the cone because it could simply lead to the removal of your mehndi. First, start creating designs on your hands' portion. After that, slowly move to the palms, and finally, work on the fingertips.
  • Follow designing techniques:

    Different mehndi designing techniques should be followed properly. It's better to start with big shapes, design flowers, and other patterns. After that, create their borders and fill the inner portion of the design with shading. You can also choose dual colors of mehndi, like red for outer lines and black for shading.
  • Drying & scraping:

    After applying mehndi, make sure the mehndi is dried for an exceptional look. Once it gets dry, apply lemon juice or sugar for a darker color. After applying these solutions, let it dry for 3-4 hours, and then scrape with a tissue or soft cotton cloth.
simple Eid mehndi designs for hands 2021

Thappa designs:

Thappa or gol tikka designs are evergreens which have now been transmuting into different new styles. These designs can be applied over both the front and back sides of the hand. You can enhance these designs' beauty by creating different patterns, including peacock styles, leaf patterns, circular mehndi, curvy styles, and much more. The elegance of these designs is, they are not only specific for some occasions. You can apply them on any casual day, apart from Eid or Weddings. These are the simple Eid mehndi designs for hands 2021, which could be easily applied by a non-expert person. Nowadays, these designs have gotten so common that even brides prefer to make gol tikka styles on hands and feet. 

easy mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

They look extremely elegant and wonderful, especially when you fill the inner portion with glitters or colorful mehndi. These are suitable for every age, even favorite of today's kids and young girls. If you are feeling difficulty in making such designs, you can simply take the help of YouTube, Facebook, or Google.

Are there any side effects of mehndi?

Many people believe that mehndi has different side effects that can simply cause damage to your skin. But the fact is, mehndi is not as harmful as picturized. Yes, there are some common benefits, which can trigger allergic reactions on sensitive skin. Other than that, there are no side effects of mehndi. Avoid applying mehndi on your hairs because it can make your hair frizzy and damaged. Also, never apply old mehndi on your hands, as it can cause skin irritation or itching. Try using fresh mehndi and put a small pin into the hole after application. So if you want to find some good mehndi designs for Eid, then do it without the fear of any side effects and enjoy the beautiful colors after removing it for 2-3 hours.

mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Common mistakes to avoid when applying mehndi for Eid 

Mehndi is the most important requirement of any festival, whether it's Eid or wedding. But many girls are unaware of some simple mistakes that can spoil their mehndi and the beautiful festival of Eid. There are various new mehndi designs for Eid which were displayed by artists and mehndi enthusiasts. But they also have shared some tips that are important to follow:

  • Choose a good mehndi artist:

    There are a lot of reliable mehndi artists available in the market that have perfect knowledge and expertise in the field. But before choosing any artist, it's important to ensure several things, like the chemicals they are using in the mehndi, their years of practice and everything that could help you in creating good mehndi design
  • Choosing a design:

    Selecting a good design is another important factor that can make or break the look of your hands and feet. Explore different trendy designs and make sure the artist or applier has absorbed the design carefully. 
  • Pick the outfit carefully:

    This is one of the rarest things considered by every girl. When you are making mehndi designs for Eid, wear a shirt with long runny sleeves that can simply spoil your whole design. Also, do not wear heavily embroidered shirts with sleeves, avoid wearing sarees or long dupattas that are hard to tackle. Choose something convenient and comfortable with half sleeves so that you can sit 2-3 hours easily.
  • Apply mehndi on Chaand Raat:

    Many girls apply mehndi on Eid day, but this is not a good practice, as Eid is already a busy event and you may find no time to apply mehndi with full attention. So it's better to apply it on Chaand Raat so you can manage everything easily on the next day. 
  • Never forget aftercare:

    You need to keep your mehndi intact for more than 5 hours to get the darkest possible color. Do not put your hands under the water within 1 hour. It will give the fade color, which might get removed soon. Also, apply 1-2 drops of mustard oil or lemon juice. It will give a beautiful brown shade. Moreover, sleep with covered hands and palms so the design couldn't imprint on your arms and face.
Young girls always adore Mehndi fingers designs for Eid

Master the art of mehndi:

Mastering different new mehndi designs are definitely the most difficult task for girls who want to learn to apply mehndi. But first of all, you need to get familiar with the basics of applying mehndi. If you are a mehndi enthusiast, you should keep on learning new tricks and ideas so you can acquire the real method of mehndi. Many girls also enrol themselves in the well-structured mehndi design course. These courses help them cover each bit of detail from the beginning point to expert application styles. You can learn from basic to most intricate patterns just in a couple of days, depending upon your learning ability and enthusiasm. The courses not only help you create different designs, but they also guide you about the aftercare, easy application and removal, and the methods to get a darker shade. After experiencing these skills, you can easily make mehndi designs for Eid and help your friends get a perfect pattern.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Natural benefits of mehndi

There are a lot of natural benefits of mehndi which are quite underrated and never discussed by many people. However, the fact is, mehndi has a lot of healing properties that are not known by common people. 

Here we have highlighted some important benefits:

  • Treats different skin conditions, viruses, fungal and bacterial reactions.
  • You can also get relief from headaches
  • Some henna leaves promote healthy hair growth
  • It also draws out fever due to its cool nature
  • Henna leaves cure dysentery as well
  • This is also a great detoxifier
Young girls always adore Mehndi fingers designs for Eid

How to make your mehndi dark on chaand raat?

Many people want to make their mehndi dark for more than a week. Hence, they apply several tricks for darker mehndi, but their tricks fail when the colors start fading after 3 days only. According to fashionistas, some tested and reviewed tips about mehndi designs for Eid are mentioned below.

  • Leave mehndi for a longer time, at least 2-3 hours
  • Dab lime juice and a mixture of sugar on your mehndi for 2 minutes 
  • Wrap your mehndi design 
  • Run hands over the fumes for the darker brown shade
  • Apply soft balms when you scrap all the crust
simple eid mehndi designs in 2021 for Eid

Must know do's and don'ts for applying mehndi

Here are some important things to keep in mind to have a stress-free mehndi application experience. Follow these do's and don'ts before you try mehndi designs for Eid.


  • Apply mehndi a day before Eid
  • Keep tissues, soft cloth, water bottle and straws with you so you can have a trouble-free experience
  • Use two soft pillows to put your hands-on
  • Always get your manicure and pedicure done before applying mehndi
  • Make sure the patterns you are choosing suits your hands
  • Wear something comfortable, possible half sleeves shirt


  • Don't wash the hands too frequently with soap, as it would result in faded color
  • Do not shave the hands after applying mehndi, as it could scrape the outside skin layer
  • Do not wash the hands before 2-3 hours after applying mehndi
  • Do not use the lime juice and infrequent sugar quantity 
  • Never use the blow dryer to dry your mehndi
easy mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Instant mehndi on streets

If you are not many experts in applying good mehndi designs for Eid, then it's recommended to go for instant mehndi which is available on every local street. These are expert people and can apply the best designs within a couple of minutes. They use instant mehndi, which gives wonderful color in a matter of seconds. Make sure their mehndi is free from dangerous chemicals as it can harm your skin.

simple eid mehndi designs in 2021 for Eid

Safe ways to remove mehndi after Eid

Mehndi designs usually last for two weeks if they appear darker. After that, their color starts fading and looks bad. If you want to remove it quickly without appearing it bad or fader, then follow these safe ways to remove mehndi after Eid.

  • Soak your hands in saltwater
  • Scrub your skin with exfoliating body wash
  • Apply the mixture of olive oil and salt
  • Wash hands with good antibacterial soap
  • Apply lemon juice & baking soda
  • Apply makeup remover 2 times a day
  • Use whitening toothpaste
Young girls always adore Mehndi fingers designs for Eid

How to make your mehndi long lasting for 3 days of Eid?

Choosing mehndi designs for Eid is an exciting thing, but to take good care of the design and to keep it for a longer time is a tough task. Here are some important tips that can keep your mehndi last longer:

  • Apply sugar and lemon
  • Avoid using too much water
  • Moisturize your hands 
  • Take steam
  • Repeat your mehndi design after 2 days.
easy mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Who should not apply mehndi?

Well, mehndi is a harmless thing that doesn't cause any harm unless you have some specific skin condition.

  • Too small kids, as their skin is sensitive and mehndi contains different chemicals
  • Adults with over-sensitive skin
  • Girls with any skin disease
  • Girls who experience itching or other allergic reactions


mehndi designs 2021 new style for Eid

Is mehndi safe for kids?

Yes, mehndi is absolutely safe for kids unless they are too young or have any specific skin condition. But if they feel any allergic reaction, it's better to remove it with cold water as soon as possible. 

Eid mehndi designs 2021 for kids

From where to buy reliable mehndi?

It's best to buy mehndi from reliable outlets. Some parlours and designers also provide mehndi which is safe to apply.  Also, find reliable online platforms that offer mehndi cones at cost-effective rates.

best mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Colors of mehndi:

There are various colors of mehndi which decorate your hands beautifully. The colors include black, white, red, brown, and sometimes gold.

beautiful mehndi designs 2021 for Eid

Mehndi care instructions:

  • Let your mehndi dry for 2-3 hours
  • Protect mehndi from warm water
  • Do not use antibacterial soaps
  • Warm hands with steam or fire
  • Wrap your hands to protect mehndi
  • Use a butter knife to scrape
  • Do not put hands underwater for removal
simple eid mehndi designs in 2021 for Eid

Bottom line:

Mehndi is one of the most significant elements that are an important need of every occasion. That's the reason when you are choosing mehndi designs for Eid. It's recommended to consider all the points mentioned below so you can be aware of the sensitive elements that can prove helpful for successful mehndi application. If you need some more guidance or tips related to mehndi, you can visit Lailoo.com for every kind of assistance.


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