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Latest Advance Eid Mubarak Best Greeting Cards and Wishes

Latest Advance Eid Mubarak Best Greeting Cards and Wishes

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Advance Eid Mubarak Best Wishes and Fashion Trends on Eid


Muslims celebrate two main spiritual festivals each year i.e. Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha. Eid-ul-Fitr is praised at the beginning of Shawwal after fasting in Ramadan. Special Eid prayers after sunrise are offered in public areas on both of the events. After the prayers, the Muslims hug each other and praise the full day.

Eid ul-Adha is the most prominent event when millions of Muslims met at Arafat at the period of Hajj to bow before Allah. After prayers and embracing each other Muslims give a sacrifice of a camel, a goat, a lamb, or a cow to praise the sacrifice of the prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S). The meat is normally classified into three parts, one for the needy, one for the relatives, and one for the family.

At the celebration of Eid ul Adha, everyone is watching for the best deals of bakra mandi. And women around the world purchase new clothes to celebrate this occasion. Also, some people buy gifts for their loved ones to wish them Advance Eid Mubarak.

Here at lailoo, I am going to describe everything about the Eid ul Adha festival.

eid mubarak advanced


Muslims admire Eid-ul-Adha in remembrance of the Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) who was ready to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ishmael (A.S). It is accepted that God tested the prophet Ibrahim, a companion of God, and the father of the Prophets. He challenged the Prophet to prove his faith in God and asked him to sacrifice something he liked. The Prophet Ibrahim chose to offer his 13-year-old boy Ismail to thank God for his leadership. Yet, seeing this act, God interposed by sending his angel Jibra'il, who then put a sheep in the position of his son. From that day on, the people celebrated the festival by sacrificing an animal, which is further celebrated into three days.


Date and Time of Eid ul Adha:

In Islam, the sacrificing of an animal is legal from the morning of the 10th Dhu l-Hijjah till the end of the 13th of Dhu l-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims around the world offer Qurbani which proposes sacrificing/slaughtering an animal on special days. It is understood to be a symbolic repetition of Ibrahim's sacrificial lamb in place of his son, a fundamental view of Judaism, and Islam alike. Muslim preachers used the event to mark Islam as a sacrificial religion and used the opportunity to remind Muslims of its duty to serve humanity in its time, power, and wealth. Muslims around the world wish Advance Eid Mubarak to their friends and families in the excitement of Eid.

eid adha

Another special tradition of Eid ul Adha:

One important Eid al-Adha tradition is sacrificing animals, such as cows or lamb, and offering meat to people who cannot afford it. Not all Muslims make a sacrifice for the animal itself. Some Muslims buy special meat from supermarkets and donate it instead, also they donate money to organizations that give sacrifice meat to others.

As you all know the significance of Eid-ul-Adha. With just two days left to Eid-ul-Adha people send Advance Eid Mubarak messages to their loved ones. Before Eid, the streets are full of buyers looking for the best deals in the market for sacrificial animals. The words about prices, healthy animals, and various categories of animals to be sacrificed are in the air.

 Most of the traders come from rural areas, whose only livelihood is raising halal animals for sale in Eid-ul-Adha and the remaining stock will be sold to slaughterers during the year. When visiting a bakra mandi to buy animals, remember to show respect to the vendors. Their sole purpose is to sell their stock as soon as possible and return to their homes and celebrate the remainder of Eid with their families.

The high price of animals these days is nothing new. This price extracting is not destined by any law. Although negotiating to track the seller to lower the price is a healthy exercise, do not engage in long-term negotiations to avoid turning it into an abusive argument. Try walking around with the bakra mandi, you will find the seller quoting the best price. And some sellers even talk to you very nicely and wish you Advance Eid Mubarak.


Celebrations and Feast:

Eid-ul-Adha or Bakra Eid lasts about three days. And before this Eid, our friends send us to advance Eid Mubarak messages with beautiful Eid Mubarak in advance pictures. Muslims around the globe admire it by sacrificing an animal and feast it in celebration of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim towards God and God's compassion to him. Bakra Eid is celebrated with great enthusiasm among Muslims. People visit mosques and offer specific prayers for harmony and success. After the prayers, sacrifices begin and then distributed among the needy. People meet and greet their loved ones, exchange gifts, and eat together.



The festival cannot end without good food; after all the different foods are the context of any event. Bakra Eid has other special feasts that make it even more exciting. Some of the meals prepared for the event may include ‘Mutton Biryani’, ‘Bhuni Kaleji’, ‘Mutton Korma’, ‘Mutton Keema’, ‘Chapli Kebab’, ‘Ghosht Haleem’, and ‘Kheer’. Women wish their family members Advance Eid Mubarak and make delicious dishes even on Chand Raat.Advance-Eid-Mubarak1

Importance- Advance Eid Mubarak

The underlying significance of this festival is the spirit of altruism. This festival is celebrated in the recognition of the great activities and strong faith of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and Hazrat Ishmael (A.S).

Eid-ul-Adha is a period when Muslims beg for forgiveness from God and in return forgive any other losing any sort of ill feelings towards others. It also increases Muslim friendship, harmony, and empathic feelings towards people who are less fortuitous than ourselves. Muslims send Advance Eid Mubarak SMS with the heartiest merriment. 


What do Muslims do on Eid?

On Eid al-Adha, various Muslims do special work to pray and listen to the speech in the mosque and wish Advance Eid Mubarak to others. They too wear new outfits, visit family members and associates, and may even sacrifice an animal in an action recognized as Qurbani.


In some traditionally Islamic nations, families or groups of families may buy an animal recognized as udhiya, typically a goat or lamb, to sacrifice, but this is rare or legal in various parts of Canada, New Zealand, US, and the UK, or various other nations. People or groups of people in these countries may purchase a cadaver from a butcher or a slaughterhouse and divide between them or simply buy portions of meat for a joint meal in Eid-al-Adha. People also give some cash to let poorer members of their area and throughout the world to eat meat-based meals.

While around Eid al-Adha, many Muslims travel to Mecca and surrounding areas in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. Muslims can prepare and save for many years to allow them to participate in the event, which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam.


Countries with the Public Holiday on Eid

In some nations such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, etc. Eid al-Adha is a public vacation even people wish Advance Eid Mubarak to their colleagues before the vacations. It is not a public vacation commonly in countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, or the US. However, some Muslim associations may close or allow a limited level of service and there may be some local crowding around mosques in countries where Eid al-Adha is not a public festival.


Advance Eid Mubarak SMS

The main highlight of Eid ul Adha is the buying and sacrifice of animals. The recognition of this Eid turns round tasty meaty dishes, and BBQs. All Muslims favor sending Advance Eid Mubarak SMS, Advance bakra Eid Mubarak SMS, blessed Advance bakra Eid Mubarak Images to the beloved ones who are living in other cities or countries.


Each year on Eid Muslims throughout the globe wear new dresses, send Advance Eid Mubarak messages to each other, offer Eid prayers, have common foods, sweets, and host the most enriching and religious Eid ul Adha event. Muslims around the world celebrate Eid with their family, friends, and loved ones. Muslims celebrate Eid's full joy and happiness and spread the love for others or do all the good things they have asked for in their religion. As soon as Eid comes Muslims around the world are quick to wish their loved one, Eid Mubarak. Family, friends, and other associate Muslims are involved in sending Eid SMS to everyone. It's like a tradition or ceremony that people have been following for years now. Back then people used to exchange cards with their loved ones, and send emails to people who lived far away.

But now that the world has advanced and everything is in just hand. Eid greetings are not a difficulty that could have been done by sending a sweet Advance Eid Mubarak SMS. The internet includes a special list of Eid messages sent by users. You can check out advance Eid ul azha Mubarak 2020 SMS and select the one you would like to offer to your family, friends, and loved ones. With Eid Mubarak in advance quotes, you can tell your cousins, sisters, or siblings that you like to celebrate Eid with them. You can also send Eid Mubarak in advance images to your loved ones who are apart from you on this coming Eid.

You can find a most comprehensive collection of Advance Eid Mubarak messages, Eid Mubarak Wishes and SMS on the internet, express your feelings and love with all the advance Eid ul azha Mubarak SMS, Eid Mubarak SMS Quotes, Wishes, and Notes in Urdu, English and Roman Urdu to send SMS to your friend & family members anywhere in the world. You can find the greatest collection of Eid Mubarak advance wishes pictures on the internet.


Latest Advance Eid Mubarak Wishes

  1. On this Eid share eid wishes with your friends and dear ones. The following are some Advance Eid Mubarak messages that you can send to your loved ones.
  2. Eid is happiness. Eid is love. Eid is dedicated. Eid is beautiful. My advance Eid Mubarak wishes for you and your family.
  3. Do you understand the Purpose of EID? I think it means ‘Enjoyment in the world!!’ Therefore, in your life, all times bring EID for you….Wish you…Advance EID MUBARAK
  4. On Eid ul-Adha, I hope that Allah’s blessings brighten the path and lead to joy, peace, and prosperity. Happy Advance Eid Mubarak
  5. Let this specific event of Eid beautify your life with the colors of paradise. I wish you a pleasant Advance Eid Mubarak, for you and your family.
  6. May Allah deliver you comfort, joy, peace, and success on this glorious event: Wishing you and your family on this happy time of Eid! Advance Eid Mubarak.
  7. May this Eid be the start of another prosperous year in your career: Advance Eid Mubarak to you and your graceful family!


Top Pakistani Brands Eid collection - Advance Eid Mubarak


Eid is at the corner. As soon as Eid arrives all the brands local or international launch their latest Eid Collection. Every designer works in detail for their design, shades, texture, and tries to be as different as they can to take the attention of the audience. There was a time when brands only matter to girls or women and they appear to be more brand conscious. But now males are equally brand-conscious for their clothing. That is why presently every designer works on both man and women's clothing designs fairly. The following are some of the most demanding brands of clothes in Pakistan.

top pakistani brands

 Khaadi 2020 Eid Collection:


Khaadi Lawn Eid Collection is one of their largest expected collections of the year. Khaadi gives too much variety of designs to its audience. Khaadi has lots of various clothing textures but their signature arrangements are Chiffon Eid Collection and Lawn Eid Collection. As we all know this year Eid is in the summer season so people would prefer to wear lawn dresses. Khaadi always launches a wide-range of its Eid wear in which they use bold prints and lively colors. They also have a diversity of unstitched clothes for their users, emphasizing a rich color palette is their signature appearance. Many people who choose to wear heavy clothes, Khaadi also take care of them by launching Advance Eid Mubarak Banarsi fabric Collection for them.


Khaadi is one of those well-known clothing brands that all Pakistani women love to buy from. Since its beginning Khaadi has been pleased with the highest acclaim in Pakistan and has got a place among the best-selling products on the board in no time. It never fails to excite its customers with its unique collections that show off the intricate tones and eye-catching features and together with a blend of traditional and modern silhouettes.


This year spring collection and summer lawn have left all their customers and fashionistas in a state of shock. Their lawn collection is divided into two categories namely Tropical Escape and Classics. Khaadi has a collection of single shirts that you can give your loved one on Eid and wish them Advance Eid Mubarak. It is fair to say that Khaadi is considered among the top 5 lawn brands of Pakistan.


RJ’s pret Eid collection:


Choosing the right Eid dress is often puzzling for most of the people today. They cannot choose which dress looks perfect according to their personality. But don’t worry guys, RJ’s Pret Eid collection is very stunning. You can get your desired dress quickly that best suits your body shape and skin color. The brand offers great versatility and presents different Eid wear that has become the latest favorite of all the ladies in Pakistan.


Their popular collections include color fusion, Sublime, wild rose, hues of pastels, seashell lace, and many more. They offer several astounding colors that suit every personality and best to use for all the forthcoming season. With the growing trend of branded party wear attire in Pakistan, people of the US are also preferring Pakistani brands to make their events ideal.


The brand also provides Asian party wear dresses in the UK for the people located outside the country so they can easily get their favorite dresses with just one call. The collection of this brand is best to give others as a gift on Eid and wish them Advance Eid Mubarak.

Maria B Eid Collection - Advance Eid Mubarak


It started in 1999 with its one retail shop and a small stitching section where Maria’s single focus was to give ready to wear style that presented a stunning fusion of east and west. Now Maria B is leading Pakistan’s designer fashion brand among pret a porter, couture, formal and informal wear, lawn, patterned fabrics, linen, and varieties of cotton all within the affordable labels.


Maria B Prints 2020 Lawn Eid Collection came with a huge sprinkle this season, like her earlier collections, the new collection has been launched successfully. Maria B, the famous Pakistani designer, captured hearts and creativity with a variety of looks showing in her new collection 2020. The collection contains maroon, turquoise, and blues designed with culotte pants, pencil pants, and gharara pants with attractive prints and embellishment placements. You can also buy Maria B dresses to wish for another Advance Eid Mubarak.


When discussing Eid attire for girls, Maria B Designs are continually minimalist with a broad range of bold and soft tones. Maria B is one of the leading brands for Eid collection, their clothes are not in common and have their different selling features. The attire of this brand is providing its customers to feel luxury in their outfits. Maria B continuously offers varied designs in their Eid collection and this time they would be doing the related thing while launching Maria B Eid Collection 2020. The foremost thing about this designer is that they work for all age group clothing either its men, woman, or kids section. People are similarly excited to purchase their cheerful clothing collection


j. Eid Collection 2020:


If you are a follower of classy clothes then this brand is surely what you are watching for. J. offers clothes for every event. J. is keeping its class in the related way how they started or even better. Eid Collection of J. is something everyone wants to get or desires to wear.


Junaid Jamshed is giving stitched and unstitched both sections as its Advance Eid Mubarak 2020 Collection for its fans which would be accessible in many various designs and shades. As j. is constantly sensitive about culture and art that is why they must combine tradition in all their festive apparel sections. They have Chiffon, Lawn, and Banarsi Eid Collection as well.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection - Advance Eid Mubarak


Gul Ahmed is one of the top brands in Pakistan fashion industry. Gul Ahmed is well known for its high-quality fabric and up to date designs of clothes. Now they have 60 plus outlets all over Pakistan. They offer both men and women clothes.

Gul Ahmed introduces their Advance Eid Mubarak dresses collection this season with new trendy designs. The clothing range includes stitched, unstitched dresses with different printed and embroidery designs. Their lawn collection is very comfortable because of their high-quality fabrics. Their patterns are inspired by eastern and western styles.


As Eid ul Adha is coming, everyone is crazy about Advance Eid Mubarak shopping. Muslims are waiting throughout the year for this festival. At this festival, everyone wants to look beautiful yet different. Gul Ahmed is taking care of this concern for so long now. By launching its Eid Collection every year in which they have a vast variety of lawn, chiffon, and all the latest designs in them. For this reason, customers are waiting for the Gul Ahmed Eid collection. Gul Ahmed has launched its new Eid collection with elegant and comfortable designs for men and women. The collection includes stitched, unstitched for men and women.


Pakistani Eid clothes are constantly well-known because of its tones and exclusivity in designs, people all over the globe cherish our apparel culture. Gul Ahmed 3 piece suits are forever everyone’s preference.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed - Advance Eid Mubarak


The ideas by Gul Ahmed have a diversity of fashion lines which include, formal and semi-formal wear for men, ready to wear and unstitched collection for both men and women, a wide range of casual and formal wear for women.


As Gul Ahmed is rising day by day they have presented a variety of trends such as G pret, Chantilly chiffon, digital printed Kurtis, and also some other essentials for men and women.


They also introduced household items such as bedding, cushions and bath items, etc. because of the creativity and marketing ethics Gul Ahmed converts to the leading brand in Asia. They have expanded their 100 plus outlets all over Pakistan.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection:


Sana Safinaz is one of the Latest brands of clothes in Pakistan because it is carried and shaken by many prominent social and celebrity people at casual events. In the summer, their collection of the lawn has been particularly interesting because of the versatility of the carefully selected color and the beautiful digital features to complement the overall texture.


Sana Safinaz is going to launch its Advance Eid Mubarak dresses collection 2020; the brand has some new items in different segments of clothing. They have stitched and unstitched a variety of clothes for women and modern girls as well.


This brand is offering almost all the variety of outfits either its chiffon lawn, fancy, needlework, or banarsi collection.

This brand’s Eid Collection is always eye-catching. People demand different styles for the Eid wears, Sana Safinaz is always ready to give their fans what they desire and demand.

Al Karam Eid Collection - Advance Eid Mubarak


Alkaram Studio is one of the fastest-growing and reliable clothing brands in Pakistan. Alkaram sells the quality ready to wear and unstitched lawn suits for women and girls, they have collections for kids and men as well. Comprising the leading brand in fashion fabrics and house textiles, Alkaram provides the most fashionable, trending, and high-quality fabric that attaches colors in the life of their customers. That’s why we offer the new luxurious alkaram lawn collection.



Alkaram offers fashionable cuts, diverse designs, and a broad variety of shades. Along with keeping up with the latest fashion trends by including international and local styles, they also transform the market with their knack at different looks and outdoing competition.

Alkaram has launched a charming and colorful Advance Eid Mubarak attire collection for the coming Eid. The latest alkaram Eid 2020 collection is successfully adding up the charm to the beauty of the ladies.


Alkaram Advance Eid Mubarak dresses collection incorporates luxury premium collection with classic prints and decorated with beautifully embellished necklines. Applique along with embellished motifs in some of the outfits have graced the clothes to be carried on evening meetings, parties, and even on some marriage parties. Dupattas look equally beautiful with patterned booti style on all borders of dupattas.

Every year, Alkaram begins with new and inspiring summer collections for its buyers. Whether casual or semi-formal lawn suits, they have always impressed the women of Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Dubai, and internationally through their unique designs and quality fabrics. Its printed lawn suits are very popular in many countries as well. And these suits are best to give others as a gift and wish them Advance Eid Mubarak.

Women from different countries love to buy their lawn suits online and give their orders with complete confidence and reliability that they will get what exactly is shown to them in their online store. Alkaram never compromises its quality. Whether spring, winter, or summer collection, you will see Alkaram offering the clothes to women from the front.


Al Karam is continuously in the rivalry of Eid dresses collection and in this season they launch their Eid collection 2020. The designs of Al-Karam are constantly unique and stunning from other designers in every touch. They provide a complete range of stitched and unstitched dresses to their masses. Al-Karam never compromises the quality of their clothing. The weather on Eid would be demanding light-weighted clothing and the brand is all set to provide customer wants. Al-Karam Eid collection 2020 is going to make you feel luxurious when you wear it. If you are looking for your best Eid dresses this brand can satisfy you anyhow and all the dresses you want to buy are available on lailoo.com.

Nishat Eid Suits 2020 - Advance Eid Mubarak


If comfort and casual cool looks are what you are looking for during Advance Eid Mubarak shopping in Pakistan, then look no more as Nishat is your last destination.


The lawn is not only popular in Pakistan, but this genre is also popular in India, Bangladesh, and almost all of South Asia. Now the men of this era love fashion and want to wear beautiful and elegant clothes. Nishat Linen introduced its new summer collection for men in the name of NAQSH and now men are also excited for Advance Eid Mubarak shopping.


This collection features many traditional dresses for men and boys. This collection showcases the all-new fashion for men and boys containing exclusive cuts, pocket work, embroidery, back motifs, etc. The use of bright and youthful colors makes this collection elegant, eye-catching, and stunning. The beauty of the full NAQSH collection is decent for modern men and simple for guys with style.

Sapphire Eid Dresses 2020:


Sapphire is one of the classy producers of summer lawn collections. The brand is known for making some of the most astounding pieces that can be worn by not only locally but it has also been the first choice of ramp walks and showbiz stars.


Sapphire has always given 100% of its coverage when it comes to producing high-quality collections with good contrast and color schemes.


It is right to state that sapphire is the people brand! Perhaps one of the few brands that listen to consumer feedback and return. It implements what it learns and gives you exactly what you asked for at a price that is more or less likely to blow your brains out. This Eid, get the bespoke custom experience with Sapphire Lawn Advance Eid Mubarak collections 2020, it is truly your brand.

Top Pakistani Brands Eid Collection for Kids:


Minnie Minors Eid collection for kids:

Teenagers are continuously attracted by occasions and festivals; Eid is the most traditional event that is quite enjoyable for children. All parents wish that their kids must fully enjoy the event with complete gladness. They also want wonderful formal clothes for their teenagers to wear and do not compromise with quality and stylishness.kids-collection


Minnie minors’ Advance Eid Mubarak dresses are complete of top trend concepts with urban and eastern blends. The dresses are made in very comfortable fabric because Eid is going to be in summer and parents want something soft for their kids. In these clothes, your teenagers will feel cool and comfortable. They will save him/her relaxed and cool appearance to be stylish and trendy. Minnie minors are giving long shirts, short informal shirts, jumpsuits, and different sets of clothes such as Kurtis, tunics, frocks, a t-shirt with tights, palazzo, and pants for tiny girls.


The selection for young boys consists of kurta shalwar, dress shirt, t-shirt, jackets, types of denim, shorts, coats jeans, pants, trousers, etc. Just check out this collection, I hope you will be amazingly inspired and get satisfied with designs and fabrics. You can buy these stunning and comfortable outfits from any of the outlets nearest to your town and you may catch it online through top online stores in Pakistan.

Latest Alkaram Eid collection for kids - Advance Eid Mubarak


Currently, Alkaram introduces a very special Advance Eid Mubarak assortment of kids wear fancy and fashionable clothes for growing girls and boys. The baby boy collection includes kurta shalwar, jeans shirt, Punjabi suits, t-shirts, jackets, and three-piece. The baby girls’ collection consists of long shirts, short shirts, frocks, and maxi suits.

al-karam-kids -collection

The dresses are beautifully designed, stitched, and decorated with delicate embroideries, stonework, gotta, laces, and cutwork. Eid is a very special day among kids than adults, mostly parents are worried about choosing the appropriate outfits for their little stars.

This latest collection is now launched, you may catch it online through any online store provided and through the official website. You can also bring your favorite outfit through any of the outlets nearest to your city. These beautiful and amazing styles will make your kid's personality charmingly appealing and alluring. Because these dresses for baby girls and baby boys are impressively stitched and well embellished with sophisticated amounts of motifs and stonework.


Pearl buttons are added for a more chic look. You can buy these outfits for any kind of event, functions, festivals, gathering, parties, and many more. The beautiful bold and vivid coloring patterns are used, keeping in mind the festive colors like red, blue, yellow, black, white, and many more these dresses are designed perfectly for kids. Get these trendy dresses for your kid now and update their wardrobe with the most stylish and fashionable outfits.

Maria B kid’s Eid collection:


Currently, Maria B has launched the latest kid's Advance Eid Mubarak collection which is full of stunning designs for the upcoming Eid.


The outfits are designed with a fusion of the eastern and western look. You should pick these stunning outfits for your young girls for adding extra glamor and chic to her personality.


The outfits are available in colors like red, orange, green, blue, and yellow. These stylish and cheerful color outfits are perfect for school-going girls. They can wear them on the upcoming Eid or any other gatherings and occasions.

Checklist for Men on Eid - Advance Eid Mubarak


Eid is a holy occasion for Muslims and everyone is waiting for it. On the occasion of Eid Families and friends gather around to celebrate the festivities and spend time together. Mostly people like to invite their loved ones for dinner or lunches while others just make plans to meet at their favorite places.


On this occasion, in the morning people get ready for Eid namaz and festivities in new clothes and accessories to fully celebrate the occasion as it is the gift from God. For men, here is the list of 5 things to consider when going for Advance Eid Mubarak shopping.

Shalwar Kameez:


An appropriately ironed, breathable shalwar kameez is essential for the first day of Eid. Wearing clean shalwar kameez to Eid prayer is a Sunnah, so most men like to wear shalwar kameez on the first day of Eid because it is also easy to carry during Eid prayer. Colors like beige, brown, white, blue, and grey are mostly ideal by men on Eid because of their fresh yet minimalistic look.



If you like to go out with your family or friend and have a fun time on Eid day then get yourself a suit that will carry easily through the day. Go for Advance Eid Mubarak shopping now. For instance, most men choose to go for a comfy shirt with smart fitting jeans pants and fashionable shoes. A chic outfit on Eid will not only get you to look and feel confident but will also look astonishing in your snaps.


shoes colletion

Shoes are essential to complement any outfit. From popular Peshawari shoes to use with shalwar kameez, to classy shoes or trendy sneakers for other parties, having a comfy yet stylish pair of shoes that match your outfit can completely upgrade your look.


An attractive watch will make you look more decent. As well as in gatherings you will lose track of your time. To tackle this issue, constantly have a reliable watch matched with your dress that helps you in inaccurate timekeeping.


There are a variety of wristwatches in the market that you can choose according to your personality and outfit.



No matter what your age, you will get excited for Eidi at the time of Eid and also in Advance Eid Mubarak. While you take your Eidi in the form of cash, you should have a nice wallet to store the money in.


Now the men accessory store is overwhelmed with various designs, materials, sizes, and qualities of leather wallets that you can take your hands on and look fashionable on the day of Eid.

Checklist for Girls on Eid


It is well said that Eid belongs to the ladies of the house as the girls look forward to Eid all year long to wear beautiful dresses and show off their style, with as much dressing as they please. However, housewives have many responsibilities on Eid days, such as visiting guests, cooking many dishes, cleaning the whole house, and many other household chores. So, even though Eid is a happy and exciting time for women, it is also time for more activities, and work.


This is the reason why many women choose not to be ready for Eid because standing in the kitchen in this hot weather is not fun and has a lot of sweat. However, it is a loved act by Allah that his believers wear new and clean clothes on Eid as an expression of gratitude for his mercy, and for all the blessings we have been blessed with.


With many designers offering beautiful Eid outfits that are suitable in hot weather, yet seem very chic, it is the best option you can buy for Eid even though you have a lot of obligations on Eid Day. Here is the Advance Eid Mubarak Shopping checklist for girls with all the things every woman likes to buy during Eid Shopping.

The Flawless Eid Dress


Whether you buy a new Eid item or not, the full Eid outfit is a must buy. Every woman likes to be the best-dressed woman on Eid gathering, so it is important to buy a beautiful dress according to your fashion preferences.


Make sure you choose fabric and embroidery depending on your convenience that you will be comfortable wearing when it is hot weather.



If it is the khussa you want to buy, a cute kola puri, or pretty heels. A pair of shoes that are suitable for your dress is a woman's necessity. Also, choose the style of footwear depending on your fashion preference in the design you will be comfortable with.



Bangles are associated with Eids, just as the henna application is. Even those women who often dislike wearing bangles, love to flaunt it with their


Eid dresses. The bangles look very feminine and give a great look to your outfit.



Whether you are a lover of heavyweight earrings or delicate and elusive bracelets, Eid is your time to show off your style to be as beautiful as you want.


After clothing and footwear, jewelry is the next important item on Eid's shopping list, and they are great decor for any type of clothing.

Checklist for Kids on Eid


Eid is an Islamic festival we celebrate with so much passion and love. Everyone in the family gathers to celebrate this holy occasion and have lunch and dinner together. People love to wear beautiful dresses and jewelry. Kids are especially excited about Advance Eid Mubarak shopping. 


There are five things to keep in mind to complete your Advance Eid Mubarak shopping list for kids.



So the main thing is kids' dress, a good outfit for both girls and boys is a must-have. A short Shalwar Kameez or pant shirt for the boys and a frock or fashionable trouser with a short shirt for the girls would get them to look even more attractive on the day of Eid.


Dress them up in the outfits they like and they'll be comfortable in and make this Eid memorable for them.



Matching shoes with a dress that compliments the outfit perfectly can match all of the kids' Eid's clothes. Eid Day is a day when children run around and play with their cousins so having good and comfortable shoes will make their day fun and exciting.



For children, Eid is all about having enjoyment and getting Eidi from the elders. To keep that Eidi safe, having a wallet or purse is necessary.


There are a variety of stunning and attractive wallets available in the market that you can compare to your baby's clothes. When they are going to show their wallet between friends and family members, they will not look under any fashionistas.



Eid is not complete without beautiful bangles. Bangles are a must-have for all girls regardless of their age.


A bunch of shiny bangles can make your girl's day. Make sure you get breakage proof bangles for children to prevent any damage or serious injury.



Kids are worried about the watches and deserve a new watch on Eid. Get your girls and boys new watches in fashionable colors on Eid to make their day even more special. There are various digital and analog options available for children who do not have broken glass to keep you safe from any bruises and scars.


Dress up your kids and in the best-looking clothes on Eid and accessorize them with all the fun items available in the market to make their Eid even more exciting.

Simple Eid Hairstyle Ideas:


After all, it is the EID, a gifted day of celebration, and a special event for Muslims. Then comes the challenge of how to make your Summer Eid hairstyle at home by yourself, because no parlor will be going to help you on Eid day.


As you go for Advance Eid Mubarak shopping you will see how people are rushing parlor for the facial, plucking, haircutting, and so on. Therefore on the eid day usually parlors are closed. We will start with some simple hair styling ideas at home that you can make on Eid and will allow you to get into the technical one to make your desires easier.

High Ponies:


Most women and girls spend the first part of Eid in the kitchen with a messy look. Instead, they should go all the time easy, simple but have striking tones and high ponies to start the day. Just comb the hair over the head and tie all the hair with a matching pony.


Do not hesitate to wear long earrings and use a glossy lipstick before preparing the kitchen for a new Eid look with a high pony. From preparing the delicious Sawiaan and Chaat in the morning to the Biryani and Qorma for lunch or dinner, high ponies will be in keeping with the style and mood of the day. For parties in irritation, high ponies provide you a safe event tone at the entire event.



The hairstyle can do magic with wide styles of twisters. It just depends on your mood and time how many twisters will make your Eid day different. The twisters are light, simple yet elegant, and stylish for Eid hairstyles. The twisters offer a varied, neat, and casual look that your family or kids can't resist admiring you.


Backcomb your all hairs, split them into sections, four to five parts will be fine. Start twisting each section and fold them back. With long hair, anyone can go for soft buns on the back or with short hair little curls will enhance the Eid chantey.


If you are planning to twist on your hair on Eid just arrange a pack of black hairpins. A hairspray will save your day from losing up the hairs for all the day but it's not mandatory.

Braids - Advance Eid Mubarak


The concept of Eid Hairstyles in Pakistan and India cannot be made without mentioning various types of braids. Having long, silky, and dark brown hair meant a lot for women in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. So keeping the unruly and muddled long hair in the inlet while carrying the long, moist last summer, braids are the all-time trendy solution for Eid.


But Eid is for ladies, so why do we go for a simple back braid or shaft? Braid-making takes more time and patience than twisters but it will accompany you more time than twisters.

French Braids - Advance Eid Mubarak

French braids

Firstly backcomb all your hair. Then Clutch a few from the middle first. Then continue to take the parts from left and right and twist them the way you make a simple braid.


The French braid is suitable for the faces of the slim jawline. It gives your face a widened effect.

Buns (Juras) - Advance Eid Mubarak


Eid is not about being in the kitchen all the time. There are invitations for Eid parties and a family reunion that could be extended a week after Eid.


At regular Eid parties, dinner/lunch the buns should be the first preference not only to avoid the heat but to give a formal appearance to the hosts.

Side Buns - Advance Eid Mubarak


Side buns are the most popular hairstyle for weddings in the subcontinent but they also look elegant at Eid parties and get-togethers. Thanks to fashion trends that messy buns (Juras) are more famous than the school principals strongly crease buns (Jura). Set up your front hair and attach the remaining hair to the sides along your neck.


It is best to tie the hair with a small pony first to avoid any loosening and then fold the hair to twist like a bun. Use the number of small and bun pins to set your bun for the whole day. After expounding the buns with colorful hair beads it will make you excellent among the ladies of your family and they won't stop asking you the name of the parlor that helps you get ready. With the elucidated buns, you do not need any extra jewelry but can come out with a little makeup.

Back Combing - Advance Eid Mubarakbun-hair-style

Backcombing puffs are still a favorite hairstyle for the party/wedding party at the Parlors. It looked almost incredible to get straighter backcombing at homes but now the tables are turned, ladies. By using thin, soft supports or donuts; anyone can puff their hair from the front to give it a look at the parlor.


Just take a large portion of hair from the front or side and place the donuts on the bottom, now cover the donuts gently with the hair at hands, pin-up them, and set some jewelry on hair for the Eid/party tone.

Mehndi Designs for Eid in Pakistan


Made from the petals of a plant called henna, Mehndi has become a tradition not only in Pakistan but in many cultures of the world. The popularity of Mehndi designs is not new to Pakistan. No ceremony and celebration are complete without the beautiful and decorative designs of Mehndi. No matter if it is a wedding or Eid, Mehndi has become the main part of cheering festivals and ceremonies. Though, Mehndi has got fame not only in the sub-continent but also in western nations. However, the mehndi designs somehow vary by the region they usually use.


There are various mehndi designs available which are usually selected depending on the event and the occasion. While many stunning mehndi designs are often seen in weddings and on Eid, the most popular are Indian, Pakistani, and Arabic mehndi designs. While the Arabic mehndi design is recognized for some details and huge motifs, its shade is very dark. On the other side, Pakistani mehndi patterns are recognized for their detailed style in the palms.

Though fashion is changing day by day, the fashion of mehndi designs has always come in. It doesn't matter what time or what woman's age; every woman wants to decorate their hands with beautiful and lovely mehndi designs to celebrate the true spirit of their special events. When talking about the latest mehndi designs and styles in Pakistan, detailed designs are in demand these days.

Due to their detailed design style, Pakistan mehndi designs are the most sophisticated. And because of the complexity of designs, it takes a lot of time for their application, especially when it comes to bridal mehndi designs. 

To use these mehndi designs, one must be an expert to apply all the details neatly and correctly. Although these mehndi designs require sophisticated details and beautiful fillings, they look beautiful and unique. Whether the application is on hands or feet, Pakistan's mehndi designs are very fashionable to make your special day memorable for you.

In Pakistani mehndi design is most suitable to fill palms of the hands and wrist areas with intricate and fine details, the designs for feet typically comprise crippled feet mehndi designs. Such mehndi designs mean an application on the edges of the feet and a small filling on the pores of the feet. Although mehndi designs on the legs are popular in Indian states, they are rare and not appreciated in Pakistan.

Apart from the obsession with the fast-changing style trends, no one can dispute the significance of Mehndi in Pakistan, and on Eid, every girl is searching for Advance Eid Mubarak mehndi designs. With the old beauty and stylishness of Pakistan Mehndi patterns, you can also create your Eid-ul-Adha memorable and pleasant.

The Trend of Mehndi Stalls on Eid

Eid preparation and celebration would not have been considered complete without mehndi and bangles. Mehndi has become a fashion statement. Bangles and mehndi attract women, regardless of their age. Because of this mehndi craze among women, the trend of organizing mehndi stalls is steadily increasing.

The trend has been gaining popularity for the past few years as women set their henna stalls ahead of Eid until Chand Raat and provided traditional and attractive mehndi designs to capture the attention of many women. The mehndi stalls stay open till midnight during the week and plan to stay open till 4 am at Chand Raat. These little stalls provide a respectable earning opportunity to a large number of mehndi expert women. Mehndi-style trends in homes and markets have witnessed an increase over the past few years as before this trend women used to gain through mehndi only in beauty salons.


Mehndi Specialists brings several attractive mehndi designs to facilitate their customers with the latest fashion. Girls are provided with an assortment of different mehndi designs to wear through these henna stores. Women who always want to look attractive and knowledgeable about their sophisticated look at these stalls set in homes, markets, and beauty shops.

Most stallholders and henna experts have different mehndi designs too. You can choose the one that fits best in your hand. These little stalls not only offer mehndi opportunities but also bring cheerful moments and provide a chance for girls to meet. It has become a way to share happiness and pleasure. There is great hustle and bustle in these stalls.

Since countdown begins for Eid-ul-Adha, a large number of stalls are being placed in various markets and most women tend to focus on these stalls and wish one another Advance Eid Mubarak. These stalls are not only used for mehndi but they also sell many other items including bangles, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and hairstyles. On Eid-ul-Adha, ladies are eager to buy colorful bangles and other little items.

The little girls on Chand Raat visit these stalls and sometimes even bring their Eid outfits with them for buying matching accessories. In these stalls, girls wish each other Advance Eid Mubarak. Little girls are mad about their Eid preparations. Over the last few years, the new styles can be seen in all fashion accessories. There was a time when glass bangles were common but now the designs are available with different materials like stone or plastic and also unique in shape.


The big advantage of these little mehndi stalls is that they give us the chance for applying mehndi at very low cost as compared to the beauty salon which is plentiful and imposes a very high cost. These stalls are relatively inexpensive and offer all the accessories at reasonable prices. Mehndi prices depend on the design you choose to apply.

Final Thoughts:

The astonishing festivity of Eid ul-Adha, also remembered as the Sacrifice Feast or the Festival of the Sacrifice is almost here! Millions of Muslims from all over the world will come together to admire the obedience of the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) when he was offered to the will of Allah and he presented his son Ismail (A.S.) to sacrifice. It was Allah mercy who replaced the Prophet Ismail (A.S.) with the lamb. SubhanAllah.eid-best-collection

Muslims who live abroad from Pakistan or are not able to connect with the family Advance Eid Mubarak on mobile phones.


Eid is an occasion of joy and peace, which we celebrate with our families. People from abroad wish us Advance Eid Mubarak before the festival because they are not able to meet with their loved ones so they try to connect with their families. As Eid is coming and everyone is trying to buy unique and stunning dresses and other matching accessories so here at lailoo you can find each and everything for you and also for your loved ones. This article will be going to help you understand the significance of Eid ul Adha and you will know how the Muslims from the world celebrate this festival.


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