Brands that offer luxury silk collection

Brands that offer luxury silk collection

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Top brands for silk collection 2020

There is no such fabric that is as much loved as silk. Silk has been the most popular fiber among all for thousands of years. Silk is also one of the most expensive fabrics which contain some timeless characteristics. There are lots of brands that can help you provide a beautiful and luxurious silk collection for all the special occasions. has enlisted some popular brands that offer innovative designs in silk clothing. It might be such a minor addition to our wardrobe, but we can choose to wear it for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations.


Have a look at some popular brands that offer fresh silk designs:

RJ’s Pret silk collection:

RJ's pret is a rapidly growing clothing brand in Pakistan that is getting popularity and recognition across the boundaries as well. The brand offers one of the most high-quality, fine, and shiny silk fabrics which is hardly seen anywhere in Pakistan. Their silk shirts, tunics, pants, and 3-pc suits are highly popular for weddings, anniversaries, and other party occasions. Their ready to wear clothing is embellished with lappa, sequins, embroidery, beads, and buttons which makes the brand perfect for all the important festivities. Silk clothes are also perfectly finished and heavily decorated. Moreover, their silk dresses are in vibrant colors that are ideal for today's fashion market. Their beautiful silk material looks quite flattering on the body and perfect for every age woman.

Sapphire silk collection for 2020:

Sapphire is one of the most popular brands that offer luxurious clothing in 2020. You can find ready to wear silk pants, silk tunics, and 2 & 3 pc collections. Their clothing includes embroidered stitched and unstitched clothing that is comfortable to wear and easy to carry in winter. Sapphire offers the best variety for all types of occasions that mainly include weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties. Their clothing is not heavy which is difficult to wear in the hot season. But its fabric is breathable, lightweight, and thin. 

Maria B clothing:

As we know that silk is not only strong but also available in high-quality and long-lasting material.  Its material is five times tougher than a general material of cotton and lawn. Especially when its Maria b silk collection replica, then you will find the material extra durable and tougher than other ordinary materials. Maria b also offers loose-fitting silk clothing and other accessories such as silk scarves, silk pants, and other items that can be easily worn in summer too. Their silk contains stitched and unstitched clothing feasible for weddings and anniversaries. Maria B also offers some unique and diverse color range including beige, coffee, purple, teal, maroon, and mustard.

Sana safinaz silk clothing:

Sana safinaz is a top-notch clothing brand that is popular for luxurious and high-quality clothing. Their festive collection includes silk tunics, silk pants, silk scarves, silk dupattas, and complete 3 pc clothing. Sana safinaz brand includes some modern digital prints that are available with contemporary and updated designs and perfect for night outs, casual wear, evening soiree, and other occasions. Their clothing is also lightweight and thin which is even comfortable for the summer season. Their modern cuts and unique color range makes the brand most popular and desirable among all the ladies in Pakistan.

Junaid Jamshed collection:

Junaid Jamshed is also one of the most favorite brands in Pakistan that are equally adored across the boundaries as well. Their 3-pc dresses include both stitched and unstitched clothing decorated with embroidery, laces, sequins, buttons, and other embellishments. J. silk collection 2020 is not only popular for weddings and parties but their lightweight and thin material is equally appreciated in summer. Moreover, their prices are also affordable for every common person. Their ready to wear collection has unique cuts and styles which are not seen anywhere in Pakistan. Their fresh colors are also a favorite of everyone. You can find different styles including silk sharara, silk gharara, silk gowns, and much more.

Limelight new collection:

If you want to avoid sweating in summer by wearing silk clothing, it's better to choose a limelight’s collection for 2020. The brand offers silk sarees, silk scarves, maxi dresses, silk tops, silk Kurtis & Kurtas, and 3 pc silk clothes. Their silk fabric is soft, thin, and breathable which works as a great insulator. Their silk fabric is not only strong but also much elastic with great resilience. Other than being highly reliable and durable, their silk is also great for the environment and your skin, the material is simply comfortable and luxurious to look at. There is simply no other material in this world that can be compared to the luxurious appeal of silk. Moreover, their silk fabrics have beautiful shine which lasts for years. Their high-quality silk is specially made to create a different & distinct look.

Khaadi clothing- stitched and unstitched 

Khaadi needs no recognition, as the brand speaks for itself. They are one of the most popular names in the clothing industry which pride itself on all the collections. They offer ready to wear, unstitched, and stitched clothing at quite affordable rates. Their silk fabric is so easy to care for which is much more durable than others and can even last for years. They truly offer a great timeless collection that has a lot of uses- from bottoms to Kurtis, cozy bedding, nightwear, as well as formal silk clothing for every occasion.


If you are looking for some stylish, flawless, striking, and unique silk collection, you have a lot of choices out there. The above-mentioned brands are offering great and luxurious silk clothing for every occasion. Moreover, their beautiful collection would be an awesome addition to your wardrobe that is comfortable to wear in every season. If you are confused about choosing the right silk clothing, you can also visit the official website of and ask professionals to recommend you something according to your personality and latest trends.



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