Trendy jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan

Trendy jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Shop stylish jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan

The trend of wearing stylish and fashionable clothes will never go down, in fact, it will be increasing tremendously with the growth and development of the fashion industry in Pakistan. The category of fashionable clothes includes both eastern and western wear, but the trend that is going viral these days is- jeans tops. First, the tops were only available in a few of the popular shops, but now these are widely available out there especially designers are offering uniquely stitched and stylish tops in every color and design. The jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan are available in all sizes, short, medium, and long. Their fabric is also different from normal clothing. 

Most of the tops are made from polyester, silk, and cotton; and popular in every season. So whether you want the top for skinny jeans, leggings or trousers, you can get them in diverse style range. has compiled a list of few of the amazing tops designs for ladies, have a look and select your favorite for this summer.


Loose top design- the best jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan

If you are looking for a fashionable outfit for summer, the floral loose top design is one of the most fashionable these days that can give you an extra stylish look in this hottest season. This is also a favorite Pakistani tops dress design that is normally worn with skinny jeans. Loose cotton tops mostly have flowers at their shirt that give you a most attractive look.  These tops are available in every color as if the white embossed pink floral design is quite trendy these days. This loose top design is usually selected by ladies with heavy body structure and looks good with Capri on jeans. These are the most comfortable tops that help you save from sweating in summer.


Batwing design- most fashionable jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan

One of the most popular and fashionable tops designs in Pakistan is the batwing style. The trend is going viral and adored by every college and university going girl. Its sleeves pattern is a bit different from other top design that justifies the name of this top. This is basically loose from the top, and sleeves are attached with a lower portion of the top. It has a tight grip at the hips and the waist has a well-defined crease. That's what makes it special and the most favorite choice of ladies. Its stylish chiffon sleeves and the comfortable back pattern look quite attractive on slim and smart girls. It looks good on both jeans and leggings. You can also apply this design for short frocks and peplums, as it would be one of the most unique shirt designs for girls in Pakistan and look awesome on every occasion.

Cotton polyester frock top design:

If you are looking for most stylish shirts for women, buy this beautiful cotton-polyester frock top design that looks decent yet modern on both skinny and healthy girls. The thing that makes this design special is its traditional style with a great blend of a western look. You can get this top for the combined look and perfectly suitable for jeans, palazzo, leggings, and trousers. The fabric of this top is soft cotton and polyester that look and feel comfortable for the summer season. This design is available in every color and offered by the top designers of Pakistan as well.

Loose straight tops for ladies:

This beautiful medium length top design is getting quite trendy among all the ladies as it can be worn by every age woman.  This top is basically quite loose in fitting and it is usually considered by all the heavy body women so they can make themself appear slimmer and smarter. Most of the western clothing brands in Pakistan are providing this top in different unique designs. They add buttons, laces, and pearls to make it stylish for formal occasions. Its stuff is comfortable and fluffy which has a narrow length at the center area than the other sides. This looks good on jeans or shorts.

Short dotted frock tops:

Dotted frock type design is also much common in ladies. This design is also quite popular among university and college girls. These tops are usually made of cotton stuff and have dots on the overall shirt. It features small sleeves that have a trendy cut on its shoulder that creates a gorgeous look. To give more glamour, the top is available with a belt that gives grip on the waist. Girls can carry it with Capri or wear with jeans or leggings. This design is usually carried by teens of the colleges and also looks appropriate for occasions and events. If you want to give it a classier look, try jewelry and accessories and stylize yourself differently than others.

Long fitting tops for ladies:

If you want some graceful long shirt design for girls, try this beautiful long fitting top that is perfect for all the special occasions. These tops are ethnic designs that are suitable for weddings and parties. Long tops designs are getting popular among ladies, as these are suitable for every age women. You can wear long tops above leggings or tight trousers. The features fluffy design that is made of chiffon fabric and has different unique floral patterns. Some of the tops are completely plain without any design. These are also good for casual wear. These tops have a stylish collar neck pattern as well as gorgeous long sleeves that add further decency to the overall design. 

The jeans tops for ladies in Pakistan are available in several styles and varieties. You will find new styles and designs each day with growing fashion trends. So whether the top is simple or stitched by a designer, it gives glamour to your personality and appears stylish among your family and friends. If you want some more amazing ideas for tops, frocks, and jeans, visit the official website of and consult with professionals who can help you shop from all the brands of Pakistan in cost-effective rates.


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