Fresh and faux oversized flower crown

Fresh and faux oversized flower crown

Authored By Jawaad Arif


Girls are crazy about flower crowns.  They liked them as a little girl, as a mom.  They also like them at weddings, proms, festivals, showers, and photos.  There are many types of boho crowns, lush crowns, dainty daisy crowns, and princess floral crowns.  Girls cannot think of a floral crown they don’t like.  However, I like fresh and also faux flower crowns.

There are two types of flower crown; fresh and faux, it’s up to you which you like to choose. Fresh crowns are perfumed and exciting but they do not last.  Faux floral crowns tend to be stronger and can be used again and again.

I can help you with the decision of buying the flower crown.  Because I struggle with this decision making.  I have spent a lot of time deciding between fresh and faux flower crowns.  I sat down and started writing into two columns the advantages and disadvantages of fresh and faux crowns.  Every time, it truly helps me sort my dilemmas out. I highly recommend this practice to all the people who are wasting time while deciding on each and everything.

This article will help you to choose your crown.  Will it be fresh or faux?  Small-sized or oversized flower crown? Here at lailoo I am going to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the fresh flower crowns and then the faux floral crowns so you can simply match them up with your needs.  


Fresh Oversized Flower Crown Advantages

In foodstuff, it is said that “fresh is best.”  Is it also true for flower crowns as well?  In some ways, YES!  Here are the pros:

By definition, they are real and made with fresh flowers. This is a hard benefit to clarify but I consider we have an intrinsic want to answer “yes” when asked if a touch of “real.”  I’m talking about eyelashes, leather accessories, etc. The list goes on, but the idea is that real is honest and better.  

Fresh flower crowns are sweet-scented. The little murmur of a flowery scent is just the freezing on the cupcake.  And by a little, I mean a subtle scent.  This benefit becomes a real drawback if you are sensitive to any part of your crown.  But accepting any allergies to your flowers, a little scent is a lovely thing.

Fresh flowers are vibrant: Mother Nature has blessed us lavishly with hue and feel.

Nearly limitless variety: of course any type of flower is available in the market for a price that makes sense and two varieties of flowers from you to choose from, fresh and faux.

Free to affordable: You may be blessed enough to pluck the constituents for your fresh oversized flower crown right out of your garden or from your neighbor’s. In this situation, fresh flowers are free of cost.  

Fresh Flower Crown Disadvantages:

Here are the cons:

They will discolor and die. Cut flowers run-down of their water, nutrient source and have a short life period.

That beautiful fragrance we talked about above can cause trouble if you are allergic! Be kind to yourself and your date here.  If you imagine having your head on somebody’s shoulder, let’s be confident they won’t be sneezing in your hair.  That smell may also attract bees.  If you will be outdoors for the day, at a wedding, festival, or party you may want to consider this threat.

Expensive if you choose premium blooms. I know Above I hyped the affordability of nearby sourced fresh oversized flower crown.  You may be observing for flowers that are out of season or not innate to your area.  In this circumstance, you will need to have them shipped.  

Planning is required since a fresh flower crown will only last some days; you can’t have it until a day or so before you propose to use it.  If you are creating a crown by yourself, you will first need to plan to gather materials and to collect your crown the day earlier.  If you are taking a florist to make your fresh flower crown, you will require t to meet with and/or order your crown early.

Faux Flower Crown Advantages:

You can make or buy your faux floral crown.  

Here are the pros:

Faux floral crowns tend to be sturdier. Fake flower petals and greenery will not fade or wilt.  Plastic stems are stronger than fresh stems.

Durability: Artificial floral crowns last forever so you can use them again and again. Or share them with a friend. Or save them as a keepsake.

Affordability: If you search online for artificial flower crowns, you can effortlessly find plenty of inexpensive crowns. Price differs depending upon the superiority of the materials used. If you pick to make your faux flower crown, you can find inexpensive fake floral stems and assign them by expending only floral lines and tape.

Shopping for faux flower crowns is easy. No skill is needed to choose a complete crown.  You do not need to style a completed flower crown.  Just search through the online market or browse through a store and pick the one you like.

There is no seasonal problem with artificial flowers. You can buy any flower crown you like, in any color, at any time.

Faux Oversized Flower Crown Disadvantages:

Some faux floral stems look cheap. It is particularly hard to judge the quality of the flower crown materials when shopping for a faux floral crown online.


If you are going to use flower crowns only one-time and searching for a stunning, vibrant, fragrant flower crown, then go for a fresh flower crown. If you have the time to collect some fresh flowers and the time to assemble a flower crown, go for it and create your fresh flower crown.

If you want the ability to wear your crown anytime or again and again, choose a faux floral crown. As every girl loves to wear small or oversized flower crown this article will help them a lot for choosing the flower crown according to their need. Visit lailoo for more related information.


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