Buy Bonanza satrangi beauty products for Eid

Buy Bonanza satrangi beauty products for Eid

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Top 6 Bonanza Satrangi beauty products

Bonanza Satrangi has always been a popular name in the fashion industry that prides itself on its versatile clothing range. The brand has recognized itself for decades and has been providing high-quality fabric and fresh & unique prints with brilliant style ideas. You can find a huge range of clothing that includes children, men, and women to luxury and unstitched collection. Bonanza Satrangi is a brand that has mesmerized every family due to their affordable price range. Not only clothes but also you can find cozy and comfortable winter stuff including sweaters, cardigans, jackets, shawls, and much more in woolen fabric.

After achieving great milestones in the clothing industry, the brand expanded further and now launched its own Bonanza Satrangi beauty products that include makeup, perfumes, body wash, and much more. Their beauty product collection is called ‘Bonanza Satrangi Top Face’.

The collection was launched a few months ago and it has already won hearts not only in Pakistan but also across the boundary. People who don’t prefer costly products and stick to their budgets love this latest beauty collection as it completely balances the quality, standard, and price. Their budget-friendly makeup products are also the favorite of every young girl as they included some extraordinary and astonishing items that are rarely introduced by other brands in Pakistan. compiled a list of their amazing beauty products so you can easily choose one of them to update your vanity and dressing table.


Matte finishing powder- Bonanza Satrangi beauty product

If you want to enhance the effects of foundation and concealer, try this matte finishing product available at Bonanza Satrangi makeup sale. These products uniquely offer subtle luminous effects to your skin tone and balance the effects of overall makeup. This high-quality matte finishing powder clears your skin from the dust and dirt and completely gives you an oil-free skin all day long. The product is already tested and reviewed by thousands of ladies in Pakistan and none of them ever complain about any side-effects. This finishing powder is perfect for all skins and offers long-term effects especially in summer when your skin wants sweat-proof products.

Matte Lip paint- Bonanza Satrangi beauty product

If you want to get some perfect pouty lips this summer, try this Bonanza Satrangi lipstick that can help you make a real bold statement on all your special occasions.  Bonanza satrangi lipsticks and lip paints are available in different bold and neutral shades that can simply set you apart from your friends and colleagues. Their colors and textures are unique which are adored by ladies in Pakistan. This seems to be the must-have product for summer when your lips get out of shape due to the effects of the hottest season. Dab a bit of any Bonanza foundation before applying this lip paint, and then see the magical effects shown by this amazing product. Moreover, this is one of the best-selling items of Bonanza Satrangi so far.

Bonanza Satrangi brow gel:

If you want to give a perfect volume to your eye-brows, give a try to this matter Bonanza satrangi brow gel that creates natural-looking volume to your eye-brows. Its brush provides a simple, effective and mess-prove application that is quite easy to apply for young girls. So if you have thin or skimpy brows, this is a perfect item to try that gives magical and fuller-looking brows right after applying. Bonanza Satrangi beauty online stores provide everything you are looking for, especially this brow gel has got tremendous popularity adhering and volumizing nature.

Bonanza Satrangi liquid highlighter:

Getting radiant and super-shiny skin is not difficult, especially when you have an option to choose Bonanza Satrangi liquid highlighter that gives you a stunning, lit, and shimmery glow. This is definitely a must-have product in your makeup bag if you want a fresh and dewy glow. You can simply apply this liquid highlighter to some high points of your skin and then blend it with a soft sponge or synthetic brush. It sets your skin for the best facial contour and provides long-lasting, smooth, perfect, and noticeable glow. 

Bonanza satrangi makeup foundation:

If you are looking for a sweat-proof and summer-oriented foundation for your sensitive skin, it's time to choose Bonanza satrangi makeup foundation that can instantly give a stunning look due to its water-proof qualities. It keeps your makeup intact for long hours, especially in the humid weather. So if you are considering Bonanza satrangi makeup online shopping for summer, do add this product in your list as it’s a great lightweight foundation that gives gorgeous look with the right amount of coverage. So just say goodbye to all the foundations that give melting look to your face and try this mesmerizing item for a more summer-friendly look.

Bonanza satrangi age reset concealer:

Bonanza satrangi presents one of the most amazing age reset concealer that helps you combat wrinkles and also reduces dark circles and skin puffiness. This creamy skin-formula is made of special ingredients that prevent aging symptoms and look younger than your real age. This product helps disguise all kinds of skin imperfections and discoloration issues that make your skin old and dull. Its anti-aging formulas provide quick hydration that keeps your eye-area fresh and glowing, as well as reduce fine-lines that create signs of fatigue and old look.


I hope this list of above-mentioned products will help you choose the best items for Eid and summer look. The enormous range of Bonanza Satrangi beauty products helps your skin look gorgeous, healthy, and fresh. The products are suitable for every age woman regardless of skin types. According to most of the reviews, their products sit nicely on the skin, give gentler & long-term effects. Even some of the products fix your skin damaged issues and give extra-nourishing effects. If you want to experience the results yourself, just select one of the products from their huge range and let helps you choose the right item for your beauty and skin-care. 


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