My online shop PK- advantages and disadvantages

My online shop PK- advantages and disadvantages

Authored By Jawaad Arif

My online shop PK- Pros and cons

The internet has now become a great source of shopping for fashion enthusiasts as they can buy different innovative products from online shopping platforms. Even many people explore how to open my online shop PK and offer different collections to the users. The online shopping market has become much more competitive as compared to the past few years. People are relying on these shopping platforms so they can save themselves from the hassles of going out and finding the desired item in the market for hours. is also one of the leading online shopping platform in Pakistan that makes your hunt a bit easy, and also guide shoppers about the best products to buy. Still, many people are confused about whether online shopping is a good choice or not. To clear your confusion, we have highlighted some advantages and disadvantages of online shopping so you can decide wisely which option is better.


Advantages of online shopping and my online shop PK:

There are lots of benefits to online shopping. So if are reluctant to shop online, consider these advantages and make your decision:

  • Online shopping stores are never closed. You will find them available 24 hours, but on the other side, markets have specific times of operation.
  • You can even shop from the comfort of your home while resting in your bed and having a hot steaming cup of coffee. You don't need to go outside, drive your car, or stuck in the long hours' traffic jams.
  • As you can shop from home, you can easily save huge money on fuel. You just need your laptop or phone with a working internet connection
  • Online shopping in Pakistan is a much reliable option for everyone, as you don't need to find a place to park your cars because you can easily do it while laying on your couch.
  • Online shoppers do not need to deal with some sharp and aggressive shopkeepers. They just connect through their number and ask about the desired item. Even some people do not contact, hence they put their desired product in the shopping cart and check-out easily within a minute.
  • Online shopping in Lahore is comparatively easy than Islamabad because there is a great variety of items and products in Lahore which are rarely seen in Rawalpindi or Islamabad. That's the reason, there is a diverse variety seen in online shopping stores established in Lahore.
  • Of course, you don't need to deal with annoying crowds or stand for long hours to buy your favorite product. You can do it easily with a single click of a mouse.
  • You can check-out and finish shopping within minutes instead of standing in lines and waiting for your turn.
  • You can give reviews and feedbacks about the products you have purchased. For example, you are looking for branded laptops in Pakistan and you have got the desired one from an online store. Now you can review the product by visiting their social media platforms. You can give your feedback regarding its speed, performance, and other capabilities.
  • When it comes to buying refurbished products and items, you will find a lot of variety in online shopping stores. They present high-quality items in cost-effective rates which give amazing results beyond your expectations.
  • Did you notice something while talking to an online agent? He talks politely, gives you individual attention, responds well and even provides you a detailed list of features. And now when you compare it with your local store, you would find a visible difference. The reason is, online store experts give special training to their customer support officers. They make them aware about the communication styles and train them to use convincing tones.
  • Online shopping stores provide free shipping or charge only a few rupees for delivery.


Disadvantages of online shopping and my online shop PK:

As compared to advantages, we have found a few disadvantages associated with online shopping:

  • Online shoppers cannot have the ability to inspect the product physically or try it out before purchasing.
  • Online shoppers do not have the power to negotiate with the experts and have to buy the item at an actual price. But when you visit physical stores, you can negotiate the price by at least 20%.
  • Online shoppers do not know if the website is legitimate or whether it’s safe to shop from this site or not.
  • Online shoppers cannot discuss clearly if the item is defective and cannot communicate exactly.
  • Sometimes ordered products arrive late, and customers feel frustrated due to waiting for days and weeks. It’s not suitable for buying gifts for your dear ones.

Which site is best for online shopping in Pakistan?

If you are an online shopping enthusiast, you must be looking for the answer, how many shopping sites are there in Pakistan, so you can decide easily which the best shop for your needs is. My online shop PK and other reliable shopping sites can help you save money and effort. It’s important to learn the policies of these online shops so you can have a better shopping experience in the future as well. Sometimes online shopping stores charge restocking prices or other hidden fees, so it’s essential to keep an eye over the charges before adding anything to your shopping cart.

Because if you suffer from these situations, your restocking fee would be increased much longer. Since people are scared of online shopping because they don’t trust the quality of the product, and they think it would take longer to ship the product back to the shopping site than it would return to a local store. This might be a great deciding element for them and they better consider shopping from the local store.

Hence, this problem can be solved easily when you search for the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan. Because these sites are already tested and reviewed by millions of people, so there is no possibility of any defect in their product or other problem. is also one of the leading online shopping platforms that provide different branded clothes and other items according to current trends. You can visit the official website for more details.


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