Why is Idroid phone better than other smartphones?

Why is Idroid phone better than other smartphones?

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Idroid vs Android smartphones. Which is a better choice?

IDroid mobile phones were mainly founded in 2014. And just after two years, they largely took over the overall US phone market due to versatile and futuristic capabilities as well as its robust performance. Today, is here to make a brief comparison between the new idroid phone which has recently joined the Pakistani phone market, and the advanced smartphone brands in Pakistan. They have launched their first phone “iDroid Balr X7” with their partners To help you understand the specifications of each brand, here we need to highlight every brand one by one.


Idroid phone- Balr X7

Idroid Balr X7 is an affordable phone with incredible versatile features. The phone is quite lightweight (187g) and can easily fit your hand. The phone has a flat front side, and the front camera is equipped with the flashlight. The phone also has a back cover made of plastic, and it looks timeless with efficiently designed side curved edges. 

The phone is also equipped with a 5MP front camera and has an 8 MP rear camera. The front cam has a single LED light and the rear cam has dual LED. Some other essential features of the rear cam are its Anti-Shake specialty, it also has voice and Gesture Capture system, as well as AutoScene Detection. Its rear & front cam have HDR built-in functionality, though you will also find a noticeable delay between clicking your shutter and then the photo capturing in HDR Mode. If you are planning to use a continuous camera shot, then this phone is good to allow between 20-40 pictures in one shot.

Idroid reviews:

According to idroid phone reviews, it offers a good battery experience. This phone has 2800mAh, which is definitely one of the great positive features. Its battery will simply last for 1 day if you have been using it extensively and playing games, and this is quite good in terms of price. Many people reviewed that they have used 3G throughout the day, posted content on social media, and still had battery left for calls and messages for 2 hours.


Samsung is a name that needs no recognition. You already know a lot of things and features about the brand, as millions of people have been using the phone for years. The brand has a massive loyal audience as they offer some incredible and outstanding features. This is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan. However, many people still complain about different elements. As we know that all Samsung phones have multiple similar features and the same old design which forces them to change their phone and brand every year. Moreover, many people say that the phone is not easy to carry, you can’t adjust it in your pocket due to its huge size. Now according to many people, the price doesn’t justify the quality and features, as there is nothing unique for common people.


LG is also one of the quality phone brands in Pakistan that offer incredible products for daily life use. The brand is mainly associated with highly-functional electronics. The brand has introduced LG phones along with various amazing features. People feel much excited to use LG phones as its internet speed is quite efficient than others. Well, the brand has hundreds of positive points, besides some negatives features too. And these features prevent users from buying the new LG phones. For example, the LG G4 model is an amazing phone, it is equipped with the smart android lollipop and performs so fast, but the thing that annoys many people are, and it gets powered off while working, and you can’t turn it on until you plug the charger. Now it means, you need to carry your charger everywhere you do because you cannot trust the phone.

Sony Xperia:

If you have been a Sony Xperia user, you must have felt anxious and curious at the time of its launch. The brand was entered in the mobile market 3 years ago, and everyone wants to try it due to its amazing functionality and wonderful design. The phone case was similar to the LG; the brand was also with electronic devices a few years ago. The brand has retained the trust of every customer as their devices were efficient and have been in the market for years. Although, it offers a good opportunity for every person to use it for games, social media, and other activities. However, due to the evolution of other popular brands and their innovative features, Sony Xperia lost its importance and people started using other brands for better results.

Why the new Idroid USA mobiles are better than others?

Now the point is why iDroid mobiles are better than the above-mentioned ones? The reason is, these phones have good size and pocket friendly. All the phones have launched in the native country, their look is so attractive, captivating and wonderful. So one cannot resist buying the phone due to its unique design. All the phones have the best x factor feature which makes their audience fall in love with the brand. 

Their phones are well-balanced in terms of costs and quality. Another attractive attribute is, their prices are extremely reasonable, even affordable for students. All the features are unique and amazing. The brand has not received any complaints so far, which makes it an ideal choice for every user. The Idroid phone price is 9,499/.


Choosing a phone that offers quality results is a quite daunting task because you have to consider multiple features and specifications that can offer reliable experience. That's the reason, people make comparisons between brands and choose the one that provides ultra-amazing results with maximum battery time. Hence, Idroid phones are best in all regards. From sleek design to best battery timings, the phone offers 100% reliable experience. If you want to check reviews or need detailed guidance, you can simply visit as the online platform is best in providing reliable information and suggestions based on real-life experience.


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