Pakistani Velvet Shawl Designs | Winter Shawls Collection

Pakistani Velvet Shawl Designs | Winter Shawls Collection

Authored By Umer Abas

Buy Online Designer Velvet Shawl in Pakistan for Women


Designer Velvet Shawl is significantly wanted in Pakistan. These gorgeous designer velvet shawls are an excessive accessory to throw on any simple Pakistani outfit or even on your marriage wear as a guest or as a bride. This is a necessary winter wedding itme to appear dreamily styled up and to stay warm and comfy at a similar time. 
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Ladies around Pakistan are purchasing designer velvet shawls in changed colors like red, blue, green, and white. There is a range of unique designs by top designers of shawls in Pakistan. Mohsin Naveed Raanjha blue embellished cape worn by Sana khan got truly popular, and it developed a fashion in the nick of time. Later on, numerous designers like Bareeze and Kashees presented velvet shawls that became a lot more attractive in past years.

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Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Velvet Shawls:

Mohsin Naveed is the first-ever designer in Pakistan who presented embellished velvet shawls. These pretty intensely embroidered shawls are specially made for the wedding and formal events. Every age of women likes to wear this embroidered designer shawl because they want to look stylish at any formal events.
Although Mohsin Raanjha started with embellished shawls in 2018, the tendency sustained and he derived up with extra differences of shawls which persons still respect in 2021. The cost of Mohsin Naveed velvet shawl starts from PKR three lacs.

Kashees Latest Designs Velvet Shawl:

Kashees presented bridal shawls on Morning show Pakistan in Oct 2019. He showcased his bridal shawls assortment on attractive models wearing Kashees bridal outfits. Wonderful shawls shades were designated to go with Kashees bridal gharara which was appreciated by everybody in Pakistan. If you want to look stylish and pretty, you can wear these kashees shawls. These shawls make you look beautiful and decent at wedding functions.
He did go marginally overboard with the thread work on shawls, but he achieved to produce an outstanding final piece. The cost of Kashees shawl starts from PKR two lac.

Bareeze Velvet Shawl:

Bareeze Shawls also became very famous in Pakistan due to the extra wearable and less thick styles. Women admired the grace that was sustained in styles of Bareeze shawls. These shawls do not have considerably tinsel work but are rather a fibre-based embroidery.
The attention was mostly on the different designs and the overall look of the shawls. These brand shawls are reasonable compared to other top designers. The cost of Bareeze embellished shawls starts from PKR 47k and collection up to PKR 78k. If you want to buy these Bareeze shawls you can visit our online store.

Latest Designs Printed Shawls:

Velvet Printed Shawls are extra appreciated than embellished velvet shawls. Because of these shawls' lower weight and extra wearable styles, ladies choose to wear them even with formal attires. There are numerous assortments of shawls with a block pattern. Some are casual, although some are sincerely done. You can wear these printed shawls at casual and formal events.

Latest Block Printed Shawls Designs:

There are numerous colors and styles accessible in these attractive block printed shawls. You might find heavy block printed edges as well as very elusive and squeaky block printed fringes on these Pakistani shawls. Like Bareeze shawls or other designer’s shawls, these shawls are not costly. The cost of these shawls with block pattern starts from Rs 55,000 and collection up to Rs.7500.

  • Nishat Linen Shawls Wonderful Designs:

Nishat Linen Shawls received massive praise in Pakistan. These gorgeous shawls are made on very elusive velvet and look utterly fabulous due to the finest collection of embroidery on it.
These beautiful shawls were sold well in Pakistan as well as in the USA and other portions of the world. They not only had formal shawls but had bridal shawls as well. The shades of these shawls were exclusive. Numerous persons liked the stunning beige shade used in these shawls. Furthermore, the blues and reds in these shawls were reasonably exclusive.
We have understood sky blue shawls and red shawls from other brands. However, Nishat linen picked a gorgeous midnight green and maroon base for the capes.

  • Latest Designs Nishat Linen Velvet Shawls:

There may be a range of other brands of velvet shawls in the marketplace, but we love these gorgeous and graceful Nishat linen shawls. We have collected insufficient Nishat linen styles with the cost for you to collect some fashioning motivation if you are thinking to wear a cape to a significant occasion or your wedding ceremony.

  • Nishat linen Shawls Designs for Bridal:

These stunning shawls have numerous styles, and each single is different from the other. The shades are similarly very gorgeously matched; therefore, you can take approximately fashioning tips as well. The cost of Nishat linen shawls starts from PKR 17,000.

  • Nishat Linen Beige Shawl for Women:

A simple beige shawl to wear on any color outfit. It can appear attractive and wonderful with a darker outfit but, this attractive beige has factually won my heart. You can wear this shawl at casual and formal events.
Nishat Linen Latest Bridal Shawls:
Nishat linen has similarly presented this stunning red shawl with an embellished base and a dexterously embroidered edge that looks astonishing on this antique customary bridal outfit.


Here at Lailoo, you can purchase velvet shawl by well-known Pakistani designers. Pakistani renowned designer making velvet shawls for the winter season in Pakistan. Numerous people selected designer shawls because they want to look stylish and beautiful at any formal event. 




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