Sana Safinaz Size Chart - Guide For Dresses Size Charts & Measurements

Sana Safinaz Size Chart - Guide For Dresses Size Charts & Measurements

Authored By Umer Abas

The Sana Safinaz Size Chart - How to Accurately Measure Your Waist  


Extra Small, medium, and extra-large: These sizes can vary extensively when it comes to actual fit, and that can be an important challenge if you sell outfits. 

The reason is that you sell attire with more standard and even different sizes (6, 8, 12, or 38 waists, etc.), none of them are standardized. Any customer will speak to you that a size 8 outfit in one store could fit very differently from a size 8 outfit found at a competing shop. This is mostly a problem for those vendors who sell absolutely online, as their consumers don’t have the chance to try on products in a physical store. 

But vendors can boost consumer confidence, rise sales, and decrease returns by making an inclusive size chart — because there's nothing more unsatisfying for a customer than just hoping something will be suitable.  

If you want to find the perfect size firstly, you have to measure your height, waist, and hips. Sana Safinaz Size Chart offers different sizes for women attire. 

Though there are different outfit sizes from small to extra-large as you know your size, you shouldn't have a problem figuring out which sizes work perfectly for you. 

Here at Lailoo, I am going to describe the SS size chart and different tips to measure your perfect size.

Sana-Safinaz -Size

Look at a Sana Safinaz Size Chart. 

Keep in observance that SS size charts consist of different sizes. Though, you can use this Sana safinaz size chart as a basic guide. 

  • Continuously select the larger size if your measurements come between two sizes, particularly if you're ordering online. 
  • Avoid the outfit size producers, as they tend to offer you the incorrect sizes. Outfit size producers claim to be talented to tell you your outfit size in each store (meanwhile numerous stores size their ladies' attire differently). 
  • If you are looking at Pakistani sizes, you'll want to check out this Sana safinaz size chart, which converts Pakistani sizes into European sizes. 

Sana Safinaz Size Chart: How to Measuring Your Dress Size: 

  1. Measure Your Bust. 

You'll want to measure the fullest part of your bust to get the right measurement. Check that the measuring tape goes under your arms accurately. 

Keep the measuring tape comfy but not too fitted. If you do it too snug then you'll get the incorrect measurements and your outfit won't fit accurately. 

  1. Measure Your Waist. 

Twist to one side and find your waist's regular crease. At the pleat, measure around your waist, making sure that the measuring tape is fairly movable. 

 You can similarly find your normal waist by measuring two inches up from your belly button. It's generally the lowest part of your waistline. Always measure your accurate waist size.

  1. Measure Your Hips. 

Stand with your feet together. Measure around thoroughly from your hips and back. This is naturally midway among your crotch and your belly brooch. Again you will need to keep the evaluating tape somewhat movable, therefore that your outfit size doesn't end up being too small. 

  1. Transform numbers into letters for sizing. 

Many stores don't use the typical 8, 10, and 12 numbers. Instead, they use letters like S, M, and L, etc. Fortuitously these letter sizes tend to resemble specific numerical sizes and you can figure your size easily. 

  • In Pakistani Size: Size two is XS, Size four is S, Size six is M, Size ten is L, and size twelve is XL, that’s what most of the Pakistani stores follow, though sizes might still vary depending on the store. 

Determining Size at Specific Stores

  1. Continuously check the sizing guide when shopping online. 

Firstly, if not all, online outfit websites have a chart that describes their sizing measurements. Occasionally clothes will run larger or smaller than your usual size, therefore you will need your measurements accessible to check against the website's sizing guide. 

  • It’s the best idea to shop at similar websites because you're more expected to already identify what size works perfectly for you. 
  1. Check the sizing chart. 

Once you know your measurements you will want to check out the changed sizing at different online stores. Numerous stores and numerous brands function on their own sizing when it comes to outfits. A lot of times you can check the label to treasure where your measurements decrease. 

  1. Pick the correct outfit for a straight body. 

If you have a straight body certain outfits will best suit your body than others. Close-fitting sheaths and standard shift outfits work well for this body type. 

  • You can also make a more dramatic outcome by having an off-the-shoulder outfit. The neckline of an outfit draws more thoughtfulness to the collarbones and arms. 


Here at lailoo, I have explained the overall measurement chart for women. All measurements are offered in centimetres and are measures of your own figure, not the attire. Sana Safinaz Size Chart is only a guide to find the size you want. Trying them on, in actual life at a local trader, is continuously the finest way to find a perfect fit. It similarly comes down to individual preferences of how loose or slim you need your dress.  Always choose the right size according to the body before shopping from online stores.

This Sana Safinaz Size Chart helps you choose the accurate size of your outfits based on your own figure measurements. Note that the measures in the charts are of your own figure, NOT of the attire itself.  

As an online store, we have all the branded dresses in one place so it is very easy for our customers to find their favourite branded dresses. However, our fast home delivery services make us more reliable and trustable in front of our customers.



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