Buy Latest Sana Safinaz Silk Collection 2020 Dresses at Lailoo

Buy Latest Sana Safinaz Silk Collection 2020 Dresses at Lailoo

Authored By Umer Abas



Sana Safinaz is one of the most talented brands of Pakistan in the women ready to wear attire industry. It was established by Sana and Safinaz in 1987. Thus, it was very challenging to be a style designer at that time because of our ethnic boundaries but your desire and hard work continuously pay off. 

Started with a few thousand rupees as a seed investment. Today it is a success story in the Pakistan style industry. They started with haute dressmaking but with time as they have observed that a rising middle class in Pakistan is changing the style trends and wants of attires, therefore they moved from haute dressmaking to pret business.

Another cause behind this approach was to increase sales by targeting the middle class with cheap prices ready to wear attires. If you want to buy Sana safinaz silk collection and the latest muzlin collection you can visit at lailoo. We offer all branded dresses and other accessories. 


SS Ready to Wear Collection: 

Presently they are dealing in ready to wear, jeans, unstitched attire, and accessories. If we talk about ready to wear they have 6 different categories like Simple, Embroidered, Embellished class, Signature, High-class, Silk Tunic, and, Black-Gold. The simple category starts with beautiful printed tops with a very low range like Rs. 1890. Then embellished class with less embroidery of different colour threads. Moving towards embroidered, signature, and the high-class category they have some exclusive embroidered designs with quality material for every season starting from Rs 3590 to 16,190. 


The silk tunic category is for silk shirts lovers with stunning colour combinations but a bit luxurious starting from Rs. 3490 to 13990. If we talk about the last category of ready to wear Black and gold it’s fairly expensive because of its casual look having a lot of heavy work of different sands and pearls starting from Rs. 17,990 to 36,990. 

Trendy Unstitched Collection: 

In the unstitched category, they have extravagance, lawn, and winter, silk, and muzlin collections. Essentially, some women have pret sizes issues or looking for new and mesmerizing colours.

Another cause behind launching numerous unstitched collections is that brands like SS need to interact with its loyal clients on a daily basis by launching a unique volume of unstitched collections on a monthly basis they can simply attract consumers to visit their store again and grab fresh designs. 

Because it's ladies nature that they desire to look stylish and different from others every time. Therefore, occasionally sales like Father's Day, Eid festive, Independence Day sale, etc thus by doing events like this they can easily get consumers' attention and increase their profits. 


Let’s Review the Silk Collection: 

If we talk about the unstitched collection lawn and luxury lawn more embroidered and printed to give a feeling to consumers that it’s an extravagance, not a pattern, they are minting cash from this category. Ladies become zestful when SS launch their latest lawn collection. 

We have seen extensive queues outside the stores to take the limited stock. The price variety of luxury lawn is pretty expensive this summer 2020. Starting from Rs 6250 to 7490 in Volume 2 and 3. They have completed cutwork on the lawn this summer 2020. All designs are fit for this summer and lightweight to handle the humidity of the rainy season. Since on the lawn, ladies love to have more embroidery and less pattern. 


SS Muzlin Collection 2020: 

Though if we talk about the Sana Safinaz Muzlin collection 2020 it is more fashionable, more pattern centric and embroidery. Mainly, designed to target the upper-middle class and get more profits from this segment.

The price range of Muzlin starting from Rs. 2990 to 3990. Colour combinations and patterns are therefore good this summer even though a lot of articles are out of stock within weeks. 

They have launched Vol 1 of Muzlin the previous week. If we talk about jeans or bottoms this summer therefore they are quite exclusive. Even though brands like Junaid Jamshed, Gul Ahmed, LimeLight, Khaadi are offering trousers at a normal price like Rs. 950 to 2190. 

But on the other hand, the summer trousers prices are starting from Rs. 1290 to 3590. In the end, as a Sana Safinaz pk worker, I need to say that the brand is surviving or getting fame because of its quality material, beautiful colours, exclusive designs, and good public relations. 

Even though they are increasing rates on a regular basis that is one of the causes behind losing consumers and brands like Junaid Jamshed, Khaadi, LimeLight, etc are grabbing the customers attention. 


Sana Safinaz Silk Collection: 

Each Lady wants a little shine and brightness in her life and this season they need to say goodbye to old boring clothes and say hi to popping Sana Safinaz "Silk Collection”! 

A Collection dribbling with allure exchanging between outstanding tints of gold, grey, sky blue, and shiny elaborate black SS designs --a multi-faceted Outlook of amazing designs to make any Girl feel like a "pretty and elegant" growing girl. 

The Collection has overwhelmed the style-business through the decades because of the youthful tastefulness and smoothness of their designs. 

Venerated for their charming, fashionable, and streamlined attractive cutting edge stitching. The newest Sana Safinaz Silk Collection 2020 combines different patterns with energetic hues and metallic outlines to rouse attractiveness and intense components for meetups or ceremonies in our everyday life. 


Collections with fabulous botanical and winged creature representation definite over the whole clothing matched with the extremely well-known colours of this season are now available in stores and online. We like their scrupulousness mainly in the innovative straight cut shirt with a dull gold-plated bronze base guaranteed with perplexing grey. If you need to buy these stylish and beautiful Sana safinaz silk collection 2020 you can visit at lailoo. We offer all the designer dresses and other daily usage accessories. 








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