Ps3 price in Pakistan –Specs and Overview

Ps3 price in Pakistan –Specs and Overview

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi


Kids in Pakistan in the '90s loved playing games, especially outdoor games like 'Pakaran pakrai', hide and seek,'Baraf pani',' Hopscotch 'and' Pithu Karam '. The children of Pakistan really love these games and used to play around their homes and parks but now these games cannot be easily seen because for many years Pakistan has been targeted by suicide bombings, for this reason, the games or activities in Pakistan have decreased over time. With the passage of time parents prefer indoor games.

Nowadays, children in Pakistan with technological development, have become more involved in indoor games as compared to the outside. Kids now enjoy more indoor games than outdoor games. One of the most popular indoor games for kids in Pakistan is PlayStation 3, which has been shortened as ps3. It is played and enjoyed not only by children but adults as well. Ps3 price in Pakistan are different in online stores. You can compare the prices from different websites. Here at lailoo, I am going to describe the features and accessories of PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 is a gaming tool developed by its previous PlayStation. It is a home video console designed for toddlers and teens who love video games.
PlayStation 3 is made by Sony computers; its first release was November 11, 2006, in Japan and later in North America, Europe, and Australia.
PlayStation is the latest technology that fits all the details according to your modern needs. It not only entertains with gaming video but also offers movies and a music package.

PlayStation 3 gives you the best test quality while watching movies and playing video games. It competes with other popular gaming generation products on the market e.g., Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo's Wii.


Background- Ps3 price in Pakistan

PlayStation 3 (formally abbreviated as PS3) is an in-house video game established by Sony Computer Entertainment later when IBM upgraded its mic33 console microprocessors. It is a PlayStation2 beneficiary and is part of the PS subscription model, also known as the ps3 console. It was first released on November 11, 2006, in Japan, and after that, the chain is underway and it is being launched worldwide, including Pakistan. Its games have a huge worldwide footprint. The Ps3 price in Pakistan is higher but you can find it at lower prices in different cities of Pakistan.Features of PlayStation 3:

Blu-ray disc

The Blu-ray disc is the last digital format of the disc that offers high-quality HDTV 720p and 1080p video. PlayStation is the first to have a Blu-ray disc feature.
The great thing about Blu-ray discs is that it gives you a high-quality 3D experience while playing the game. You may feel like you're in the game.
It increases the joy when you attach your device and LCD/LED TV and watch a movie on that high-quality compatible screen. 

The great slim model - Ps3 price in Pakistan

It is the latest model of PlayStation 3. This PlayStation is very slim in design. It doesn't cover a vast space. It is simply adaptable in any small space in your home. Ps3 price in Pakistan is higher because of its slim design and features.
It has a very unusual design; it is a moveable device you can take from your home to any place you want. It comes in a little box with an excessive entertaining package.


It has a 256 MB XDR DRAM system memory, which will give you actual great performance with a 256 MB GDDR3 video.

Stereoscopic 3D

  • It has an excessive stereoscopic 3D, which gives excellent video game broadcast.
  • Photos and videos
  • You can discover your snaps and videos with amazing features. You can also save these pictures on the device.

Manage your photos 

  • Gallery photos
  • Play memories studios

Videos services

  • Video editor and uploader
  • Video on demand


For those who love music and want to listen to good quality audio than playstation3 is the perfect choice for them because it incorporates the best sound to listen with a built-in CD player and video-like media.


You can connect PlayStation through the internet while easily looking at the web from your sofa or from your comfort zone.
Accessories of PlayStation3

Wireless stereo headset

This is a worthy feature that you can easily move these headphones with no issue of twisted wires.

Dual shock 3 wireless controller

No problem with connecting through the wire. Just sit on your couch and play your games with a cool mind.

PlayStation move

It is a smooth designed stick very easy to practice, the full-body wave of the game controller in your finger.

System software

The system software can be updated from time to time over the following like.
The dynamic internet connection routinely updates system software.
By your personal computer
Certain CDs are available in the marketplace that can be updated.


The models include:
  •  original
  •  Slim
  • The  Super Slim

The most popular is the “Ps3 slim model” as it has cheap but good quality plastic that feels shiny and hard so technically slim model is best. Its models contain access controllers and accessories. Its controls are a dual shock similar to the PlayStation 2. It has no vibration power, but in time, Sony has announced two dual-control shocks that are capable of vibration. Its accessories include:

  • The DualShock 3controllers
  • The PlayStation Eye camera
  • The Play TV DVB-T tuner/digital video thumbnail


Games have great variety enjoyed by children and adults not only around the world but in Pakistan as well as its games are divided into Playstation3 streaming games some of which include an auditorium, Blue toad killer files, Angry birds trilogy, air conflict series, and lists progress. Then, there are other activities and car games. Other games include it’s now games, 3D backed up games and video games all of these gaming list categories are huge in number.

Maintained Apps for the PlayStation

  • Spotify
  • TuneIn
  • Vidzone
  • Youtube
  • Ign
  • Mubi

Assessment between PlayStation 2 & 3

  • Playstation3 is a successor for ps2 with progressive technology.
  • It has the latest graphics than the PlayStation 2, which has high-quality meaning video.
  • It has articles of a blu ray disc.
  • Its Wi-Fi compatible video console according to the modern while doesn't have this.


  • Support high-quality definition 1080p
  • Good sound tone
  • Latest featured technology
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Supported apps
  • Together with gaming and advanced DVD player item
  • A family entertainment product
  • Relish movies, videos and filmic outcome at home
  • Great graphics
  • Manufactured in Blu ray disc storage
  • Updated time to time


  • It is fairly expensive.
  • It is become precursor due to introduce of Ps4


PlayStation 3 is a family product because it entertains all ages, whether its children, toddlers, or mature parents, in the form of games and movies, videos and music also included.
PlayStation is a fantastic product; it is a one-time expense but totally worth it. It is available in online stores; order now at your home and buy this quality product. Here at, I have described the Ps3 features so you can easily buy it from online stores. The highest Ps3 price in Pakistan is Rs. 27,798 and the lowest available price is Rs. 16,000. 


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