Peshawari chappal price in Pakistan

Peshawari chappal price in Pakistan

Authored By Jawaad Arif

History of Peshawari chappal 


People in South Asia & Subcontinent such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Other Parts of India are familiar with Peshawari Chappal. These Chappals are part of the South Asian Tradition, Weddings, Eid, Diwali, and Christmas and the festivities are not complete without the inclusion of this Chappal in the attire. 

Due to the low prices, modified size, designs, and durability people use to wear these Chappals in their daily life. In the province of Punjab, it is known as 'Kheri'. Here at lailoo, I am going to describe everything about this traditional footwear.


History of Peshawari Chappal:

Some historians say that it was first designed in modern design at the end of the 19th century. Firstly, it was used by the Khans, later it became a part of the clothing of the Pushtoons. It was as popular in Afghanistan as well in Pakistan.

It was famous for styling with the Kameez shalwar until 1990 when the famous cricketer and politician, Imran Khan, was seen on Television with this famous footwear and the Jeans/Denim combination a few years ago. Later, it became part of the regular Pakistani outfit with a viral effect. Now over 100 factories are dedicated to making a total of 10-1000 Chappals per day.

Peshawari Chappal, a globally famous traditional footwear of Pakistan takes its title from the city of Peshawar, the regional capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the chapel is the word for slipper or sandals.

The general public in Peshawar calls it “Tsaple or Saplay”. This footwear is used by men both informally or formally with Shalwar Kameez in place of sandals or slippers.

It is a sealed foot shoe containing two wide bands where both bands are combined with the sole by crossing each other. The backside also has a strip with a clip to tie rendering to the foot size and level of ease.

Chappal is traditionally made from pure leather that is usually made from truck wheels which refers to a huge amount of variations from the tire of the car to a 4 x 4 off-Road jeep tire. Foot pieces are available in many traditional designs and colors with variations such as gold and silver threads, giving it a beautiful look.

This chappal has become very popular in different parts of the country - even wearing it with jeans has become a fashion trend, especially among urban teenagers. With the increase in access to e-commerce websites, it is now being updated with new designs in many cities in Pakistan and abroad.

The normal cost of a good chappal is around Rs. 2,500 (the US $ 16). But it can go up thousands of rupees depending on the demand for material and the quality of the tire alone.

The upper part of the Chappals is made of soft leather that is stitched on rubber tires sole only. If the Materials are cheap, they are willingly available, but hard to wear. Complex designs are added to the skin surface before the piece is fitted with molds that extend depending on size.

The ever-growing charm of Peshawari footwear:

Although the growing number of imported chappals are available on the market throughout Pakistan, Peshawar's centuries-old chappal continues to retain its distinctive beauty.

And with the availability of online shopping where people's favorite items are simply clicked away, this footwear pop-up sales have doubled over the years.

Not only is Pakistan where the unique Peshawari footwear design is popular but foreign designers like Paul Smith - who came with Robert Sandals, and French designer Christian Louboutin have also taken inspiration from this traditional footwear.

By adding a few changes to its original design that has been well-kept for decades, a new version named 'Imran Khan Chappal' was also added in KP which is now in high demand. The chappal is also popular because, apart from its high quality and exclusive design, the pair can be purchased for as low as Rs 5,000 (the US $35). 

The makers believe that small changes to the design have not only attracted local people but chappal has also made waves in international markets.

Making of Peshawari Chappal:

These Chappals are handmade sandals commonly worn by Pushtoons around the world. Usually famous with the name of "Kheri" in Punjab, this chappal makes a small business that provides income for many retailers who spend their days in the making, sewing, and properly fitting the footwear. It is made in clean cowhide. Other elastic objects are additionally used. I think most of these chappals are pretty similar, though, with different designs. No less than 100 years old. These chappals were initially prepared in the city of Peshawar. The process of making this footwear includes the calf cutting, in which case the sole handle is made of a tire. The sewing is complete with a needle or machine. In the end, chappal fit took place.

Famous Designs of Chappal:

Some of the Famous Designs of Kheri, Saplai, or Peshawari Chappal are as follows.

Charsadda Chappal:

Charsadda Chappal is one of the most well-known and inexpensive varieties from Peshawari footwear, Made from Tire sole and high chrome Leather. It was familiar in the well-known city of Charsadda, Pukhtoonkhua.

Kaptaan Chappal:

Kaptaan Chappal is best known due to the cricketer turned politician Mr. Imran Khan. It is a bushy Sole Charsadda Grace Chappal with Fractious Grazes in front. This Chappal is well-known for its many colors which are especially accepted.

Khyber Chappal:

Khyber Chappal is the most commonly worn style in tribal zones. It is made in a long font with a hole at the toe.

Afridi Chappal:

Afridi Chappal is similar to Khyber Chappal but is often worn by Afridis from FATA, in Pakistan, it is also famous because of cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Norozi Chappal:

Nurozi Chappal is a style widely used by Pushtoons, Punjabi, and Baloch. This Chappal is made from only thick tire sole with high chrome leather. And it is stitched three times by hand. It has two types of cutting Norozi and circular Norozi.

Lahori Chappal:

It is similar to a norozi chappal one with a thin tire sole and is joined only once with folds out.

Classic Chappal:

The Classic Peshawari footwear is a popular design because of its famous Saplai.

Final thoughts:

Not only in Pakistan Peshawari Chappal is popular footwear all over the world. It is worn by people from all over the nation without discrimination. Here at lailoo, you can read all the information about this famous footwear.



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