Guidelines for online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery

Guidelines for online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Tips for online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery 


Online shopping is increasingly pacing up in Pakistan. Many retailers from electronics to apparel to home appliances are revolving to the internet to start selling their products online. With the increased use of smartphones and growing internet saturation, the behavior of online shopping customers are changing quickly. Although existing internet users in Pakistan stand at around 25% that is still quite less as compared to developed countries. Though, as State Bank estimates 2 times of growth in online shopping in the previous few months, the trend is predicted to rise even more in the future.

There was a time when phones were simply used for calling or sending text messages. But, in the current era, mobiles are not limited and have turned into smartphones. These smartphones are proficient in doing every task of our daily life that we want them to do. Such as, taking snaps, dealing with our bank accounts, providing e-commerce solutions, retrieving the internet with intense speed, sending emails, and a lot more.


Have you decided for online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery? Mobiles and Tablets are like our new friends; we spend almost half a day with our smartphones in capturing moments, listening to music, viewing videos, being attached to our friends and family.

Some leading online shopping websites have allowed individual retailers to sell their products to online shopping customers in Pakistan. There are so many new online shopping stores in Pakistan emerging every second month. Online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery is not an easy task nowadays so here at lailoo I am going to provide guidelines for buying smartphones in Pakistan.

Guidelines for online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery

Pakistan is not left out in the race of buying the newest mobiles. Here are a few tips to consider before buying phones in Pakistan.

Selecting Best Brand for Mobile Phone:

There are many leading brands, launching remarkable phones regarding good hardware and overall mobile designs. You can check all the mobile phone brands and compare the prices available in online stores.

Operating Software for Mobile Phone

Most common OS for mobile phones are:

  1. IOS
  2. Android

Both OS have variable functions and performance scale from each other. If you are observing for simple and easy functionality then you can select IOS. While in Android, you can benefit from many customization choices.

Processor and Ram for smartphones:

The processor and Ram support your mobile performing responsibilities fast and efficiently. In this 2020 year, your phone should have at least 2 GB Ram and Quad-Core Processor to run tasks easily.

Camera for Mobile Phone:

A good camera also improves the functionality of the smartphone. Instead of concentrating on the camera’s megapixels, you should ruminate its aperture size.

Why do you need to buy a Tablet?

Here a question arises, when you have smartphones to do your daily tasks, then why will you need to buy a tablet?

Tablets have practically the same functionality and features of smartphones but the bigger display sizes and ultra-performance makes it different from mobiles. You can use tablets for avoiding usages of laptops like you can check mails, watch movies while traveling, or reading E-Books, and much more.      

Display for Tablets:

Tablets are obtainable in many sizes including 7-13 inches display size. Selecting display size for tablets is completely up to you, the size length would be suitable for you to carry everywhere effortlessly.

Battery life for Tablets:

Battery life is the most major issue for people nowadays, the battery timing of tablets differentiates it from smartphones and laptops. While buying a tablet ensures which tablet has enough battery life to support your activities. 

Things to consider before Buying an Old Used Smartphone 

If you are deciding to buy a second-hand online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery, it can be beneficial for you. Second-hand smartphones can give you a good chance to save your money. If you are looking forward to buying a second-hand smartphone from a trusted source, there is no reason to think that the phone will certainly be defective. However, it's always good to be careful and check your phone before getting it. Here I am going to tell you some useful things you can use to test a second-hand smartphone before getting it.

Things you should have while purchasing a second-hand smartphone:

  • MicroSD card 
  • Portable Charger with Cable
  • Laptop
  • SIM Card with Apt adaptors and 3G
  • Headphone

Physical Damage:

First thing first. You should check the scratch on the screen and most importantly on the camera lens (Both front and back). A slight scratch on the camera lens can seriously damage image quality, especially in low light conditions.

If the camera lens is clean and clear, check the side frame and see if any large points are damaged and will deadly effect internal parts. Look again at the feedback from the hardware buttons and rub it to check if they are pressing or tight. Play the song and check if the loudspeaker is clean or not.

Check out ports and Slots

USB Port - USB port is one of the most essential ports on your smartphone. Just don’t test it with your charger. If there is internal damage, you will not be able to transfer data as your PC cannot detect your device. Therefore attach your phone to a computer using a trusted USB cable and verify if it catches your phone.

SD Card space - Insert an SD card into your device and check that your phone has received it without any problems.

Audio Jack - Try and Test the audio jack by connecting to a good quality set. Rotate the pin and test the audio quality.

SIM Cards - Check both SIM card slots if the phone has 3G/2G connectivity on both Slots. Check that your mobile operator supports this machine and provides APN settings when it is a lesser-known brand product.

Battery- online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery

If the battery is discharged, remove it and check that you find it damaged or swollen. If so, you may conclude that you should buy something sooner or later. In the case of original battery smartphones, you can charge the phone for 15 to 20 minutes. There should be no excessive heating when the battery is fully charged

Final thoughts:

Here I have highlighted some guidelines for online mobile shopping in Pakistan payment on delivery and some tips to buy an old used smartphone. I hope you will have a great online shopping experience with these tips and this article will help you in buying a smartphone you need. For more related information always visit


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