Buy Online NYX Pakistan | NYX Cosmetic Products in Pakistan

Buy Online NYX Pakistan | NYX Cosmetic Products in Pakistan

Authored By Umer Abas

Buy Original NYX Pakistan | NYX Cosmetic Online Store in Pakistan


NYX Is famous since it was founded in 1998. NYX is comparatively innovative in beauty manufacturing. However, cemented its place through its great quality items and consumer care. If you are searching for the best quality makeup at a reasonable price, I recommend NYX makeup. Their Original articles offer inspiration to your look. Here at Lailoo, we are offering you wide variety of the NYX Pakistan makeup different products with details.
NYX more creamy round lipstick and NYX dull lipstick have a comfy formula and provide unique colours too, so they have numerous die-hard admirers. Meanwhile, the brand is often launching products based on the newest tendencies. The NYX miracle stick is comfortable to outline and highlight your skin. Their thin lip pencils are frequently associated with MAC’s lip pencils owed to their creamy procedure and varied variety of colours that suit all skin tenor.

Different Types of Nyx Lipsticks:

Different kinds of lipsticks that Nyx provides:

1. NYX Pakistan Solid lipsticks:

Conferring to quality, Nyx solid lipsticks are more shared into the following kinds

The Mattes:

Weight your colourful lips, with Nyx expert makeup matte lipstick. It is an outrageously smooth lipstick that glides correctly on and breaks in place with a smooth matte surface. It offers hours of matte plane coverage and does not dry out. It continuously looks smooth and dreamy. Available in a variety of new colours, these lip balms are just right for your summer wardrobe.

The Satin Lipsticks:

This kind of satin lipstick fills the lips with vibrant colours and makes up to 4 hours of hydration in a single swipe. Each type is topped with fruits and shea butter. You can select from a range of satin lipstick colours from bold berries to pop red and sundry nudes. This is a fruitarian item with a satin texture.

The Sheer Lipsticks:

Fill your lips with liquid hydration and a beautiful gloss. This kind of Nyx Expert Makeup lipstick is a low-quality, glossy lipstick with red and hyaluronic acid for a charming and glossy look. Provides full 8 hours of hydration. It derives in a variety of vibrant colours and is a veggie item.

The Shimmer Finish Lipsticks:

This kind of lipstick is the best lipstick of all time. The mineral-based mineral formula gives a lovely, soft, full lip hue that contrasts with the wear and tear. It is a creamy lipstick and derives with a range of delicate cheeks of vibrant colours ranging from orange to red lyric and strawberry milk to attractive red and figs. It has shades for every day of the week.NYX Pakistan

2. NYX Pakistan Liquid Lipsticks:

Nyx Liquid lipsticks are more distributed into the following kinds based on texture

Glitter Finish Liquid lipstick:

In metallic tones, this liquid lipstick shifts to metallic and transforms into a stunning glossy finish. Swipe to a smooth shade and allow to set. After that, just touch your lips together to brighten the twinkly twist. The glossy effect may inspire you to look for a glowing lipstick every day. It is also a vegan item.

Metallic Liquid Lipsticks:

Wrap your lips with a highly effective metallic colour with Nyx Professional makeup metallic liquid lipsticks. Added to avocado skincare and Vitamin E oil, these fabulous liquid lipsticks bring instant size and amazing rewards. It is light, creamy, and fragrant. These lip liners make it easy to shake brightly without fear. This is similarly a vegan item.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks:

Decorate your lips with a yellow, vibrant lipstick with Nyx Professional Makeup liquid matte lipstick. This kind of lipstick is long-lasting, highly coloured, and produces a velvet touch. Comprised of the avocado oil and Vitamin C to smooth it and set a lovely matte finish that doesn’t feel dry. Available in velvet-soft colours from cinnamon pink with a red chocolate mark, striking to the typical nude beige. Water-repellent lipstick that makes a beautiful lipstick look with every solitary swipe.

Does NYX ship to Pakistan?

Yes, the NYX ship to Pakistan. Different online stores offer NYX makeup products online in Pakistan and all over the world. Lailoo is one of the top online stores in Pakistan. We offer all branded products at your doorstep.

Is NYX a Canadian brand?

Yes NYX is a Canadian brand. NYX makeup opened its first Canadian store in 2014 at Square One in Mississauga. Another store opened at 365 Queen Street in Toronto. In 2016, NYX opened stores at the York Shopping Centre in Toronto. NYX now closed numerous of its Canadian stores enduringly before the declaration, and as of nowadays, the company operates 12 stores in the Larger Toronto Area, Ottawa, and London.

What is Nyx famous for?

NYX Cosmetics is a seriously underrated beauty brand. The brand is famous for its varied collection of makeup and expensive formulas that challenge those of higher-priced lines, NYX provides astonishing quality at outrageously low-priced.


Here at Lailoo, you will get a wide variety of NYX Pakistan makeup. There are so numerous eccentric NYX items that dictate social media through well-known attractiveness influencers and trustworthy consumers. There was a period when the only liquid lipstick I wanted was the NYX soft dull lip cream. The expensive formula and fabulous range of colours complete it as the best famous liquid lipstick nowadays. Their new fresh additions, NYX liquid suede best lipstick, and NYX lip lingerie were great hits as well. Their butter gloss is listed amongst beauty preferences all the time. 


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