Latest Luxury Eid collection 2020

Latest Luxury Eid collection 2020

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

New Luxury Eid collection 2020 is available at Lailoo


Eid is the biggest religious festival for all Muslims. All over the world, this festival is celebrated with joy and pleasure. Eid planning begins some days before the religious festival. Before this festival, every person wants to buy his or her dresses and jewelry to look good. 

Luxury Eid Collection 2020

Especially the teenager readies themselves with colors full of dresses at this festival. People spent a lot of money on Luxury Eid Collection 2020. Women prepare themself with colorful dresses, shoes, bangles, and mehndi on Eid day. During this festival, many brands and companies launch new latest fashion dresses, shoes, and other things.

Are you waiting for the luxury Eid Collection 2020 and you want to know several top brands that are working on it. Here I explain those brands and their offerings at the special festival of Eid. No need to worry about clothes stuff and quality! I will help you out briefly about the latest Collection 2020.

As you can see, Eid is a valuable event for the Muslims and most of the persons are waiting for this event. In the matter of not only dresses but also all other items are essential. I have seen that it is necessary to show the people about those brands, which are offering the latest Eid Collection 2020. Those brands are consistently providing stylish dresses with reasonable prices and fabulous clothes to wear so you can shop your favorite brand dresses by placing an order at lailoo.

Luxury Eid Collection 2020 from All Brands:

Essentially, the purpose is to show you those brands, which are working on luxury Eid dresses 2020, so that you can easily avail your favorite clothes among them. Generally, the women on the internet are trying to find something that really fits for them on this Eid. Not only the dresses of chiffon or printed lawn based but also formal and luxury dresses they try to find.

Khaadi Luxury Eid Collection 2020

No doubt, Khaadi is one of those brands that is improving its product line with a superb outfit. The Dresses are pret, printed lawn, chiffon, and some luxury stuff as well. The latest khaadi Eid Luxury Collection 2020 is amazing than any other existing brand. Khaadi is not only providing the clothes but also create fabulous female accessories as well.  For this Eid, Khaadi is the best brand that can offer you the latest collection according to your styling needs.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection 2020

I generally feel that if all brands are providing the latest luxury Eid collection 2020, Sana Safinaz is one of them. If you know the term Forecasting! Sana Safinaz continually plans for their upcoming outfits and dresses for the festival or any other informal event. Its key attention is to provide dresses to young age with superb embroidery work. Sana Safinaz Eid Collection is also available on the printed lawn as well. The clothes trend for the Eid is the Chiffon lawn and some pret dresses as well.

Maria B Eid Collection 2020

The next brand that came in our Eid Dresses 2020 ranking is Maria B. The brand is a mixture of colorful and simple dresses at the equal time. Maria B is serving Pakistan from years with a successful product line and superb Celebratory collection as well. The good thing that keeps it on the top rank is that their dresses are at a reasonable price, most of the dresses are came under 12000. Maria B Eid Collection 2020 is the same as consumer demand from them with awesome clothes that are available in a stitch-up and unstitched.

Nishat Linen Eid Collection 2020

 It is about top dressing brand than how can you regret the importance of Nishat Linen. I like the thing about Nishat is that its outlets are available in every corner of the country. Now in not only the country but also clothes are available internationally as well. Nishat Linen Eid Collection is a unique combination of embroidery and printed Lawn suits. The Dresses are reasonable to buy and available on the Nishat Linen Website for online buying. 

Alkaram Eid Collection 2020

Alkaram, this is the brand that is providing with several beautiful clothes and outfits that you want to wear at the Eid. The brand always focuses on consumer satisfaction and this is their first preference as well. Alkaram Eid Collection is also available at a reasonable price on their online store as well.  Now the brand is also providing Pret Dresses and unstitched dresses For Girls as well.

Gul Ahmed Eid Collection 2020

The Brand that begins with Men's clothing and quickly moves towards a well-designed woman dresses is non-other than Gul Ahmed. Now the brand counts as the leading brand that is providing a whole range of clothes for both genders. Most of the consumers like it and they are intently waiting for Gul Ahmed Eid Collection. The good news for them is that their luxury Eid Collection 2020 is available in online stores now. 

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Collection 2020

Bonanza Satrangi Eid Wear is available in their outlet including summer and spring printed lawn, stitched Unstitched, two pieces, three pieces dresses, and your favorite color combination. The Satrangi Summer and spring collection lawn dresses on this Eid are also available in the online store. 

Bonanza Satrangi outfit brand has been serving its consumers since 1976. It was the 1st brand that created awareness in the people about outdoor fashion. Due to consumer trust and high demand, more than 90 outlets of Bonanza are serving all over the country and online store. More than fifty-year experience took it at the top-level brand. Nowadays Bonanza covered up all categories of Males, Females, children clothing and other accessories. Due to the increase in customer demands, this brand is now divided into two portions. Bonanza conducts all Men’s dresses while Satrangi covers up all Women’s clothes including pre-formal, stitched, Unstitched, and other accessories. 


After a long search, I have displayed above a complete list of Pakistani brands that are serving their customers with the latest fashion designing in items of clothing and other accessories for Eid special day with in detail. Select a brand of your choice and Shop your desire luxury Eid collection 2020 from lailoo.


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