Lailoo purchase and sell segment - Blessed Friday in Pakistan

Lailoo purchase and sell segment - Blessed Friday in Pakistan

Authored By Umer Abas

Lailoo purchase - Advantage of Blessed Friday in your company

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Buying and selling are in the air. November is here and so does the purchasing. But what exactly this 11 11 sale is? Today at the lailoo purchase and sell segment we will describe to you what exactly is black or blessed Friday. In our country, we call white Friday or blessed Friday. 

For some time now, Blessed Friday has been mounted in Pakistan stomping in all kinds of shops. We can say that it has become a kind of tradition that is repeated year after year. Everyone talks about that day, everyone knows about it. Sales skyrocket for only one reason: lower prices. It is rare to find a great company that does not take advantage of the occasion of a special day like this. If you are reluctant to participate in these types of events, after reading the advantages that Blessed Friday has for your company in this post, you will change your mind. 

What is Blessed Friday? 

White Friday, "Blessed Friday", is the day that inaugurates the beginning of Christmas shopping in the United States. For this, small and large companies take advantage of the occasion to add discounts or rebates on all their products or services. 

Lailoo purchase

White Friday is celebrated right after thanks giving all over the world. 

The concept Blessed Friday originated in Philadelphia (United States) in 1961 to describe the long queues that suffered on American roads the day after Thanksgiving. However, it was not until 1975 when the concept spread to the rest of the American states. 

Over time, a group of retailers took advantage of Blessed Friday to increase the profits of their businesses. Paradoxically that day, sales went from red numbers to black numbers (increased profits). 

Blessed Friday in Pakistan 

Blessed Friday in Pakistan is an event that has been implanted in our consumer culture like Halloween or other American holidays. We lailoo Pakistan frequently offer a lot of discount packages on it. 

Even though Blessed Friday has been celebrated in the United States for a long time, it was not until 2012 that it could be celebrated in Pakistan. Last year lailoo Pakistan Lahore offered up to 50 % on clothing items. 

The reason? It generates potential customers and also people get to know about our reliable services. 

The first companies to take advantage of the Blessed Friday pull in our country were large multinationals. Later they were followed by other large companies, both international and national. 

Lailoo Pakistan Islamabad soon realized the great advantages of taking advantage of that day to increase sales. 

Do you know them? We will tell you. 

Advantages of taking advantage of Blessed Friday in your company 

# 1- Wedding Season 

Wedding season is just around the corner and there are already many people who have been looking for a long time at the gifts that they want to give to their loved ones. 

It is the time of year par excellence as far as sales are concerned. The income that these days are supposed to companies is decisive for the growth of a business. 

Can you imagine that all those sales will multiply in a single day? That is why at the lailoo purchase and sell segment we encourage you to post classified ads as much as possible. 

Consumer discounts are like candy at the door of a school. 

The most important thing about that day, and what differentiates it from other sales periods, is that there are people who buy to flex but there are also others who are "obliged", so to speak, to give gifts for the Christmas season. 

What better opportunity than to lower the prices of your products or services? 

The result pays off, at the lailoo purchase and sell segment we can assure you. 

# 2- Take advantage of Blessed Friday to retain customers 

Blessed Friday is a good opportunity not only to attract more people but also to gain customer loyalty. 

If you offer, for example, 1 year of free shipping for the purchase of one of your products during that day, you can increase sales not only that day but the rest of the year. 

Think promotion strategies and discounts to retain loyalty, surely you will get customers for life because of Blessed Friday. 

Do not miss it! 

# 3- Goodbye to stock or products from last season 

On the other hand, Blessed Friday is a good opportunity to discount items from past seasons that were not sold at the time. 

That way you kill two birds with one stone: you increase sales and you get rid of stock that is hindering you. 

#4- If your competition takes advantage of blessed Friday, why not you? 

At this point, it is necessary to clarify. Not all the actions that the competition can take can benefit your company your business should stand out from the rest by offering different things as much as possible. 

People look for originality, creativity, distinction ... but in the case of Blessed Friday everyone looks for the lowest prices or the most worthwhile promotions. 

We advise you to analyze the competition the days before and see their Blessed Friday advertising. Look at which products or services they offer discounts on and the way they advertise them. That way you can have an overview of what your Blessed Friday campaign can be like and get ideas to do it more prominently or differently. 

What if it's too late to take advantage of Blessed Friday? 

If you are late for Blessed Friday, you still have time to take another opportunity to increase your sales. Cyber-Monday is a day of discounts similar to Blessed Friday but focused on online sales over the Internet. 

If you have an online store and you are late for Blessed Friday, Cyber-Monday is a good opportunity to increase purchases on your website. 

Although it is less known, many companies take advantage of that day on the Internet to achieve the same effects as on Blessed Friday. 

Have we convinced you to integrate Blessed Friday into your company? Do you know other reasons why it is beneficial to take advantage of Blessed Friday? 



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