KN95 masks- Tested and Approved by NIOSH

KN95 masks- Tested and Approved by NIOSH

Authored By Jawaad Arif

KN95- The best Face Mask protection for Corona

KN95 face masks and respirators are one of the best personal protective equipment that helps people to protect themselves from dangerous airborne particles. It also protects against harmful liquids that contaminate facial areas. Popular healthcare institutes including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have now regulated the use of N95 respirators for absolute protection against COVID-19.

Therefore, to get such ultimate levels of protection has now become an important need for everyone during the corona crisis. To fight the situation better, is also contributing towards protecting the health of every person around the world by providing these FFP2 certified N95 face masks.


What does KN95 mean?

These efficient face masks are approved by China and responsible to capture more than 95% of airborne particles. The mask is manufactured by 3M, which is more capable of capturing even the smallest particle present in the air.  Due to the prevailing conditions, these masks are also getting popular in Pakistan. These masks are available at quite affordable rates, the prices vary in many countries, like KN95 mask price in Pakistan is only 999/. Rs at, and available in £9.95 in the UK.


Important features of these masks highlighted by the FDA:

  • The mask is designed for hot and humid weather
  • The mask is CE and FDA approved
  • Spectacle friendly
  • Highly protection offers 95% filtering efficiency
  • Equally protective for pollen allergies
  • A person can use it with eye protection gear
  • Available with 5-layer filtration
  • Exhalation valve capable of stress-free breathing
  • Chinese respirator mask certified by NIOSH
  • It has galvanized iron shape that protects the nose from extra burden

Comparison with surgical masks

There is a great difference between a standard surgical mask and a highly-protective mask.

Surgical masks:

A surgical mask is available with a loose-fitting and equipped with a disposable device that can simply build a great physical barrier between your nose and the mouth. And help you protect from potential contaminants present in the environment. These are usually regulated under the order 1 CFR 878.4040. Most importantly, these masks cannot be shared with others and can also be labeled as isolation or medical masks. These masks are also available with or sometimes without a proper face shield. However, these are less protective than N95 masks. Surgical masks are also available at quite cheap rates as compared to protective masks.


These are respiratory protective equipment that is specifically designed to get a close facial fit as well as available with extraordinary filtration features that protect against airborne particles.

When these masks were subjected to careful testing by China and other countries, it has revealed that these masks work best as respirator blocks and filter 95% of dangerous particles present in the air. Their filtration capabilities exceed the random and usual face masks available at the cheapest rates. However, this efficiently fitted face mask cannot eliminate the risks of death by a coronavirus, these are only the best and valuable protectants against the current situation. 

Is the mask washable?

Yes, these masks are washable, as according to experts, these masks should not be reused without proper disinfectant. You can wash the mask with good bar soap and water. Yet, experts believe, washing face masks reduce the effectiveness of airborne filtration. However, many people also believe that using alcohol disinfection is the best way to wash the masks. Unfortunately, the test results say dipping in alcohol reduces particle capture by more than 35%.

What’s the same between two mask types?

Many people are concerned about the right percentage of dangerous particles captured by these masks. So when you compare and analyze what's the same between these two masks, then you will come to know that almost everything is the same in features and specifications including price. Both of these masks are capable of capturing 95% of harmful particles and provide maximum protection than a standard mask. And when you analyze kn95 mask price vs n95, you will see the similarity in rates with a little fluctuation.

Role of protective masks in healthcare industries:

These highly reliable masks were not frequently available for common people. But due to the current spread of coronavirus, these masks are manufactured in great quantity and easily available for the general public.

However, these masks are specific for healthcare industries and construction area units where workers are exposed to dust and other dangerous particles. These masks are regulated and certified by the renowned National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The institution is also a basic part of the CDC, commonly known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These masks are commonly intended for people working in healthcare sectors. Particularly, these are best for one-time use, disposable respiratory equipment, and frequently used by health care professionals during dangerous procedures performed on patients so they can protect themselves from microorganisms and other dangerous fluids.

According to medical experts…

  • These face masks are basically designed to offer enhanced protection against diseases and infections.
  • The face mask is also labeled as the best filtering surgical equipment good for smoke and plumes. Besides, it also filters special types of viruses and bacteria and reduces the number of particles entering your mouth and nose. So they are highly considered for coronavirus. It also affects allergies and pollen
  • The mask also contains a lot of amazing coating technologies that are not related to filtration, for example, reduction and killing of microorganisms.

Where to buy these safety masks in Pakistan?

As we all know that kn95 masks are not as easily available as other mask types. There are just a few places and websites that offer these highly-protective masks for general use. Among all the reliable online platforms, is one of the leading shopping sites in Pakistan that offers these masks at highly affordable prices. You can even get them in bulk with concession.  So if you need some detailed help, you can also visit the official site and place your order today.


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