Latest Junaid Jamshed perfumes collection for males and females

Latest Junaid Jamshed perfumes collection for males and females

Authored By Jawaad Arif

A wide variety of Junaid Jamshed perfumes with prices in Pakistan 


We all know how vital first impressions are. And the key to showing a remarkable impression is to start smelling good. Imagine going to your first interview and giving off a bad smell. Now that would be too awkward for you to enter.

Selection of Junaid Jamshed perfumes is the right solution to save you from the problem of dealing with such embarrassing and puzzling situations. J. fragrances are as sweet as heaven, so indulge in the attraction of the paradisiacal perfume and smell enormous. Now at lailoo, you can find everything about the J. perfumes by reading this article.



The pieces were launched in 2011. Anyone can wear them for their fun and exciting scent. J perfumes and colognes complemented the J.'s clothing and almost every suit you wear. There are about 81% of the perfume created by the J. The makers know pleasant fragrances are important and they seem to do a good job.

Delightful aromas

With the aroma of J., it is a guarantee that all odors, besides fruit, flower, Fougere, spice, or wood are made perfect. Every fragrance is unique and endearing. Create a statement with a fragrance that fits your personality because proving a lasting impression is what everyone desires.

A wide variety Junaid Jamshed perfumes

The Junaid Jamshed perfumes contain a complete series of fragrances, gifts set, and body sprays for men and women and attars for males only. Junaid Jamshed is a well-known brand of Pakistani society that needs no overview as it is loved by all

J.Perfumes for Women

  • The Janan Pour Femme is ideal for ladies as it has a scent of rose, jasmine, mandarin, musk, bergamot, and blackcurrant.
  • Flora by J. has a combination of the sweet aroma of jasmine and white musk. Ideal for smart and stylish women.
  • The spell: It will put a spell on everyone around you. It has a greenish-orange scent that makes you feel like a spring morning.
  • The essence is a gift set by Junaid Jamshed. The set contains sandalwood, citrusy perfumes, body shower gel, and a perfume atomizer. This would be the perfect gift for women.
  • The price of perfume in Pakistan is well worth it. They can be purchased at discounted prices from the Junaid Jamshed perfumes sale.
  • Good smells are part of the dress. It matters that you smell just as sweet and attractive as you look. For centuries, people have used various aromatic scents to smell good.
  • With scientific progress, the latest trends have emerged and so many different perfumes have been introduced by various brands so the competition is getting tougher. Pleasant and luxurious perfumes have become a fashion statement worldwide and people are now known for their signature scents.
  • Some also enjoy collecting fragrances and love to have a large collection of nice fragrances. J. is a well-known fashion brand in Pakistan initially known for its seasonal wear for men and women but has expanded its business and launched a perfume line.
  • All of its fragrances are fresh and unique. Each fragrance is exclusive and wonderful. So far, their new work has gotten really good reviews from users and the price range for their perfumes is also very reasonable.
  • Also, j. Offering exclusive sales at the end of the season for all their perfumes, you can wait and avail from this sale to buy your favorite perfume. J. stores can easily be seen anywhere in Pakistan. The following are the best selling perfumes from j. collection. 

Xpose from Junaid Jamshed perfumes:

Xpose by j. it is a robust and influential scent. Designed in conjunction with TV host Iqrar ul Hassan, these perfumes are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. This strong yet impressive perfume is unisex; that's why both men and women can use it.

Made for brave and powerful people. This fragrance has strong ingredients like citrus, red-orange, mandarin, followed by aromatic earthy notes and hints of lavender, saffron, and sage. Strong perfumes will raise your confidence and raise your charisma.

It is long-lasting and retains you smelling delightful all day. The packaging and the bottle of perfume are designed to look like a camera lens that adds uniqueness to the perfume. Ideal for presenting as a gift to your parents, friends, and loved ones. You can purchase them online or visit any j. store to shop for this marvelous perfume.

Janan Pour Femme by J.

The Janan pour is a powerful aroma that is specially made for women. It has a very pleasant yet powerful fragrance, perfect for summertime.

Janan is a unique perfume to boost your confidence. First, the citrusy notes hit, mandarin, orange, wintergreen, and water will light up your senses followed by the aromas of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, and black currant and finally the aroma of musk, sandalwood, and rose moss.

This light yet appealing scent is ideal for every woman. A good bottle and packaging enhance the perfume attractiveness. The bottle is so fun that it is perfect to decorate on your dressing table. This perfume is the latest perfume introduced by J.

Legacy by Junaid Jamshed

Legacy is a unisex fragrance. Ideal for both males and females. Legacy is an exclusive yet elegant fragrance. Perfect for every event and weather. The aroma of the bushes and flowers will suit men and women equally.

This elegant fragrance is made to stand you out in the crowd and add more to your personality. The aroma of flowers first plugs in your nostrils. Light roses, saffron, jasmine, then the aroma of the fruit comes in with the aroma of strawberry, and lastly, the aroma of milk, honey, iris, white musk, and civet lays the foundation. It will be your favorite once you start using it.

Final thoughts:

Junaid Jamshed is one of the first fashion houses in Pakistan to launch a line of fragrances. The line includes a wide range of women and men Junaid Jamshed perfumes with enough options for everyone to be able to find something they like including body sprays, attars, and colognes/perfumes. Here at lailoo, I have described everything about J. perfumes you need to know before buying.


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