Latest J. Perfumes for Women | Sapphire by J. Perfume

Latest J. Perfumes for Women | Sapphire by J. Perfume

Authored By Umer Abas

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Everyone needs to make an elegant statement; everyone needs to appear decent. However, to consent to a stain, you have to smell nice. Perfume is such a necessary part of your everyday routine. It creates a touch so decent, different and lovely.

In Pakistan, numerous brands like J. Perfumes are available there offering perfumes both for men and women.

Once we think about fragrances, the initial item that derives our attention is; will it precede all-time long? Is it worth the cash? However, surely you will be dissatisfied when you use them. They don’t last one hour. You are not a single one. We all existed there.

But don’t need to worry, Junaid Jamshed has to offer you various fragrances with unique designs and perfumes that last all time long. Here at Lailoo, we are offering original J. perfumes for women and men.

J. Perfumes

How to choose the perfect perfume?

GRACE - J. Perfumes:

When you are looking for that flowery, sweet aromatic smell, this is finest for you. It integrates the finest of blackcurrant, nautical note, and Khaki memo. Nature Iris and to create it progressively tarnished it combines Freesia, Jasmine.
Base: Yellowish-brown, Smell, and Vitier. Grace will create your fragrance agile.
Its marketplace rate is Rs. 2,350.00


To every single of my ladies who like vegetal and sweet fragrances, Wasim Akram perfume is just the finest for you. Wasim Akram 502 for her is named after a fairytale and believe me it drives you to that unbelievable feeling.  It has berry and best-loved strawberry, mandarin, green grasses, and dark present. It makes it florally along with all the finest flower fragrances, for example, rose, jasmine, Lilly, orchid, and marigold.
Its marketplace rate is Rs. 2,577.00.

URSOOA - J. Perfumes:

Ursooa derives in a very royal flask and has that wonderful fragrance. Uroosa flowery and fruitlet perfume will cast an incantation on you. The mystic materials contain bergamot, tangerine nectarine, orange and dark present with magnolia, lily pf, jasmine, and gardenia with freesia.
 Its market rate is Rs.1517.00.


This is the best mixture of all the excessive ingredients. It takes you on that mystic journey with its gorgeous perfume. This perfume’s unique type contains a base of the orangey, scent, and smell with different litchi and amoretti germs.
The price of this perfume is Rs 467.00


Treasure is the best powerful perfume by Junaid Jamshed unique of its finest making. It is made only for the women as they like to mark with their appearances. And one of the method is the fragrance. This pretty perfume includes rose heart and floret petals with white fragrance. This perfume comes in a beautiful shady jug.
Its marketplace rate is Rs. 1,948.00


This is the fruity, honeyed floral smell, especially for ladies. It contains pear, bureaucrat carroty and honeysuckle, and honey. These materials offer that honeyed fruit blend to this sweet perfume. Also, it has a base of honey, wooded, and insipid base.

Its marketplace rate is Rs.448.00.


This is for all stylish women. A beautiful and girlish perfume that will bless your nostrils with its lovely fragrance. It contains bureaucrat orange and the mixture of rose and lily with wooded notes, with a red rose and wooded citrus. Not just that, easy fiery fair to enhance that bit of vitality.

It originates in a lovely transparent flask and has printed in a beautiful hue with a coffee cap.
Its marketplace price is Rs.1,550.00.


Tabeen comes with a glossy bottle with a violet scent on it. The colour makes it unique. The bottle has a flowery pattern on it that makes it even more attractive.
Talking about the inside of this beautiful bottle, it contains purple leaf, ylang-ylang tuberose, and red flower. It comprises of sandalwood, votive, orangey, and vanilla, fragrance, and heart of honey, desirable, narcissus, and rose. The key element of this addictive scent is the white flowery tuberose with wood and sweetness. If you want to buy this lovely perfume by J. you can visit our online store.

Its marketplace rate is Rs. 1885.00.


This is a scent that can be smelled from much away. Breeze is a single hell of a striking by J. Exquisite but high quality. The best combination of tangerine, winter flop, rose, smell Tonka, Amoretti stone ylang-ylang, and shish.

It has a very fragrant flowery scent and above the shish, winter flop, and bureaucrat. The heart of Turkish flowers, yang, and orange flowers on the foundation of cedarwood, amoretti seeds, and Tonka beans. This derives in a stunning crystal-clear bottle, wherever you can see the peach scent they are looking.

Its marketplace rate is Rs. 2900.00.


As the name suggests this beautiful scent of flowers will take you to the garden full of blooming flowers. This iconic and chic scent is designed to make your heart full of your roses. This pretty scent adds a rich jasmine base with colourful contrasts with white musk, jasmine, and rose.

Its marketplace rate is also Rs. 2900.00.


Everybody wants to set a style statement, and everybody wants to smell good. The fragrance has a strong impact on everyone. Fragrances are an essential piece of your daily routine. It will make you feel great, new, and lovable for yourself and other people around you.
Here at Lailoo, you can purchase J. Perfumes for women. These women perfumes are beautiful and lovely. If you want to buy these J. Perfumes, you can visit our online store. We offer all men and women perfumes and other accessories at your doorstep.


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