How to make a flower hair clip at home

How to make a flower hair clip at home

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

Flower hair clip has now become a perfect accessory for hairstyles. It is very simple, cheap, and fun to use. You can buy trendy and beautiful hair clips from online stores, but the handmade flower clips are designed according to your need and style. Here at lailoo, I will show you 2 ways of making a flower hair clip. If you don’t find your desired clip from everywhere, then this article will surely be helpful for you. So don’t worry girls and read the article.

Flower Hair Clip

How to Make a Flower Hair Clip?

1. Gather your flowers:

The first step is to collect your flowers. For this method, you can use both real and fake flowers, the choice is yours what you want. When you are finding flowers for your clip try to collect flowers with a flat base or back. Because of the flowers with flat backs, it is easier for using glue onto the clip.

Pick any real, or fake flowers but do not combine these flowers on the one hair clip.

If you are going for real and fresh flowers, try to pick something strong, such as chrysanthemum, mum, or daisies. You may want to pass on the faint flowers, such as pansies and bluebells.

2. Cleaning your flowers:

After choosing flowers make sure that they are clean and dust-free. And if you choose fresh flowers, make sure they are free of insects. Also, make sure the back of the flowers is flat or not?

3. Preparation of A real and fake flowers:

·         If it is a fresh flower to cut the flower from stem, then trim a single flower, as close to the base as it is possible, such as daisies. However, this step will help you to glue it onto the clip easily.

·         If flowers are fake, pull them from the stem. The trim down the plastic nub at the back of the flower with a sharp scissor. It will help you to use glue onto the back and on the clip also.

·         If you have decided to choose tiny flowers such as baby’s breath, try to keep them in small bunches, and also don’t trim them from the back.

4. Gluing some ribbon, or leaves onto the clip.

This will surely help you to hide the metal part. It can also make your hair clip look more natural. Here I am going to give you some ideas to get started:

·         Emphasize two or three leaves on a point with outwards points, such as rays in the sun for glue on it.

·         Glue a few leaves at the midpoint of the clip with points scattered to each other as a scale.

·         Glue a ribbon from the top over the clip to hide the metal.

·         Glue numerous long strips of ribbon to one of the ends of the clip.

5. Gluing in circles the back of the flower:

This is not an essential part, but it will help you to give your flower some constancy. The touched circle should be as huge enough as it covers the base of the flower but should be small enough so that you can't see the glue on the back when you look down at the flower. Try to use the glue with a felt color that matches your flower color.

6. Start gluing the flowers onto the clip:

Apply the glue on the clip first, then put the flower into the glue. You can place them in many designs you want, but here are some tips for you to get started:

·         Work in odd numbers. This will help you with your piece look more natural and stylish.

·         Work from big to small. Place the largest flower first at the end of the clip then use smaller flowers accordingly.

·         If you have flowers with the same sizes use those on the barrette clip. If you have small flowers such as mini roses, you can place them in the center of the clip for making small flower hair clips.

·         Put a larger flower in the center and use filler, such as green petals or leaves, around it.

·         Another tip is to use the larger flower in the center of the clip, and then place the smaller one left and right of it.

Pro tip: If you are using a fresh flower, use a safety pin to attach the flower with the clip. Slide the safety pin over both of the parts.

7. Gluing some tiny pearls or beads to the center of your flower.

This is not an essential part, but it will give your flower hair clip more sparkled. Try to choose a little stone instead of a large one. The shine of the stone will give your hair clips a complete look.

Tie-dyed fabric flower hair clip:

1.  Put your Tie-dyed cloth on your work area and see which side to choose for making flowers. Have your scissors and other supplies available?

2.  Cut tie-dyed cloth into squares that are at least 2" or on both sides. Don’t worry if they do not match exactly with each other, but make sure they are not too small. Because, in the next step, you will give them the shape of flower petals.

3.  Trim your squares to give them a look of flower petals. It’s fine if you don't give them a perfectly similar shape. But make some larger and smaller petals.

4.  Next, choose the petals that have the best dye patterns and colors for your flower. Using your sewing needle, attach your large petals to a circular base piece. Work in a circle, and lightly place some petals around the base. Start with 6 or 7 pieces arranged evenly on the bottom layer.

5.  Continue sewing the smaller petals in the round shape layers on top until you have a complete flower.

6.  Now in the center of your flower, sew a jewel or a stone. Make sure it covers all the stitches in the center.

7.  Trim the extra piece of the base on the back of your flower, avoid cutting the thread or any petal.

8.  Add a small quantity of glue into this little flower you've created, then put it on the hair clip.

Final thoughts:

The Flower hair clip is becoming an essential part of girls, hairstyling. Baby girls, and even women using different hair clips for making different hairstyles. There are many markets in Pakistan for buying a hair clip but sometimes it is difficult for girls to find the one that matches their dress color, or they want for their hairstyles. So, here at lailoo, I have described the 2 ways of making a hair clip in your home.


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