How do I organize Funky makeup bags?

How do I organize Funky makeup bags?

Authored By Abdullah Qureshi

Easy ways to organize your funky makeup bags

Organizing funky makeup bags is not as hectic as it sounds. You can follow a lot of incredible instructions that can make the process easier and interesting.

We believe that keeping our makeup or cosmetics bags organized does not only make it look nice and wonderful, but it would also help you find things easily without involving in any kind of trouble. You can follow simple steps and ideas to organizing your makeup bag and keep it tidy and clean. However; a person also must know what to bring and what not to in case of keeping things clean. If you keep too much stuff in your tiny makeup bag, it wouldn’t only look cluttered and disorganized, but can also damage things present inside. That’s the reason, Lailoo presents some incredible tips to keep the funky makeup bags organized and clean for a more beautiful look.

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Let's follow these instructions for a better-enhanced look:

Clear out your funky makeup bags:

First of all, it’s important to empty your makeup bags. Spread a soft cloth or a towel into the counter so that the stuff doesn’t get dirty. Open up the makeup bag, then simply dump all the items present inside the bag.

Make sure, 

  • If your bag is dirty from inside, it’s better to wipe it down with your disinfecting wipes.
  • If you cannot get that bag easily clean, you can also get a small makeup bag made from plastic or nylon.

Remove the trash or broken makeup stuff from funky makeup bags:

In the second step, you need to remove the extra things or trash such as some used makeup sponges, used tissues or sweets wrappers. If you have some broken items present inside or expired things that are taking even a tiny space, get rid of those things as well. 

You can write down the brand name and everything you are tossing so that later you can easily replace them with the same products.

Clean all the makeup cases and brushes:

Get rid of some disinfectant tissues or wipes, you can use them to wipe off the grime or dirt grime from the makeup cases. After that clean the brushes with the help of a brush cleaner or any mild soap or water. Also, take some moment to sharp the eye & lip pencils.


  • If you are not having any disinfectant wipes, then it’s recommended to choose any paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol.
  • Set all the brushes out on your clean cloth or towel to dry.

Prune out all the things you are not using:

The products you have, the harder it would be to stay organized. If you carry your funky makeup bags to work or school, then you don’t need to put everything inside it. Instead of keeping three foundations, four eyeshadow palettes, and a pack of lipsticks, it’s better to limit yourself to 1 each. If you have too many things such as mascara, eye-liner, tweezers, lotion, cream, concealer, and others, then it's better to buy makeup bag with compartments that can help you organize each item in its specified place. 

Put everything back into your makeup bag:

If you are using a makeup bag with compartments, then it’s better to make the best out of the compartments. Use skinny slots to arrange eyebrow or lip pencils and wider slots for lip gloss and lipsticks. Put all the palettes into the pouch and everything else to make the body of your makeup bag.  


Use combination palettes to avoid extra clutter:

Rather than utilizing a whole separate palette for blush, the second one for contour, and the third palette for highlighter, you can find three in one palette instead which can help you organize things easily. For instance, choose the palette which contains contour, highlighter, and blush. 


  • Some single items can have other different uses too. For instance, lipsticks can also be used as a blush
  • If your blush or eye shadow already has a small mirror, then it's better to now have a separate compact mirror that can take additional space.

Choose a small makeup bag:

If you think that you keep stuffing your makeup with a lot of additional items that consume a great amount of space, then it’s better to swap out for some smaller bag. This may force you to pack only what you need daily.

  • For instance, your large cosmetic bags bag would have room for 6 lipsticks, but a smaller one may have room for only 2.
  • It’s better to keep different bags for different seasons and events.

Reorganize your bag at the start of every session:

It might be possible that you are not using the same lip color, eyeshadow, or foundation in every season, or like the one you are using in winter. There are different items for both winter and summer season. Since you don’t keep everything in the makeup bag, so you may need to rotate the products as the seasons' change. For instance,

  • When springs change into summer, you need to switch the foundation out for some dark color. And then swap the blush out for bronzer.
  • When you enter the fall or winter season, it’s better to switch out the pastel and choose pink for deep shades.
  • Check your makeup for an expiration date, if the date has gone, it's recommended to replace it immediately.


Clean your bad once in a month:

Thorough cleaning of your bag every month can save you from a lot of troubles. To clean it thoroughly, you need to take everything out from the bag and wipe the inside area perfectly clean. Next, wipe the makeup clean and organize it as well. It’s also a good idea to sharp the eye or lip pencils and keep the brushes clean. Makeup sponges should also be cleaned weekly or replace them before they absorb too much dirt.

If you want to keep entire makeup collection super organized then its best to follow the above-mentioned tips and see how your funky makeup bags could help you save a lot of space. If you are in need to replace the makeup bag, then it's also a good idea to buy the new one from the incredible platform like Lailoo, where you can get everything in cost-effective rates according to the latest trends.


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