Dinner Set for Sale in Karachi | Melamine Dinner Set Price in Karachi

Dinner Set for Sale in Karachi | Melamine Dinner Set Price in Karachi

Authored By Umer Abas

Dinner Set for Sale in Karachi | dinner set Latest Designs in Pakistan


Dinner and lunch gatherings at home can be stressful experiences, particularly if you have many guests. Lailoo is here to save the day once more, offering you the best selection of dinner set for sale in Karachi at the most competitive and best prices. Therefore you won't have to curl up in a ball and hide under your bed the next time you know your friends are coming over. Instead, use this as an opportunity to confidently and possibly show the best version of your family.

Occasionally, plates are short; occasionally, the cups do not fit the kettle; and, without a doubt, the worst of all, various kinds of plates on the same table. Such is the scene definition of complete chaos, but don't be concerned about the price.

Dinner set for sale in Karachi


All of that delectable biriyani, karahi, pasta, sweets, and pizza can only be complete justice if you find the right plate and dish to go with them. It has now been established that food presentation is just as critical as its taste. Thus, after spending hours completing your recipe, spend a few minutes on to find the best dinner set in Pakistan that will enhance the flavor of your food and impress your guests. For your convenience, our experts personally handpick every item associated with the dinner kit, ensuring that our valued consumers do not miss out on something. Moreover, at our online store, we compile various dinner sets ranging in price from low to high, without sacrificing consistency, to assist you in making more informed decisions.

The best dinner set series features a wide range of high-quality dinner sets that you won't find anywhere else. We offer a wide range of styles and price points. Simple ceramic dinner sets for everyday use and silver and gold-lined elite dinner sets for elegant and unforgettable dinner gatherings are also available. These dinner sets are the ideal solution to all of your utensil woes: they have everything from teacups to full-course serving dishes all in one package. The fascinating aspect will always be the uniformity of design and color amongst all of the utensils, emphasizing your composed and structured existence.

Dinner Set for Sale in Karachi: Price List for Melamine Dinner Sets

  1. Milton Square Metallic Melamine Dinner Set Rs. 8,030
  2. 80-piece Melamine Dinner Kit (8 person servings) 9,999 rupees
  3. Milton Moment Melamine Dinner Set 64-PCS 9,345 rupees
  4. AL-KARAM (Arabic: Rs. 6,400 Melamine Dinner Set 72 Pcs 8 Person Serving
  5. Melamine Dinner Set - Bridal Classic- 72 Pieces Melamine Dinner Set Bridal Classic- 72 8,999 rupees
  6. Rs. 7,300 Sky Melamine 68-Piece Dinner Collection
  7. Rs. 7,300 Sky Melamine 68 Piece Dinner Set Flower
  8. Premio Design 8 Person Serving Melamine 72 pcs dinner set price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,999
  9. Melamine Dinner Set for 8 People, 72 Pieces, and High-Quality Rs. 6,000
  10. Mikasa Prime Melamine Dinner Set Rs. 9,555

Dinner Set for Sale in Karachi: The kinds of dinnerware materials

Your supplies may be the centerpiece of your table, whether you name it pots, bowls or vaults. It's a good idea to think about what sort of material you prefer until you start thinking about patterns and colours. The most popular dinner set materials are bone china, earthenware, porcelain, melamine, and stoneware.

These kinds of dinnerware each have their own set of advantages that can help you decide:

Bone China:

Due to its chip resistance, bone china is a robust, lightweight, and stylish choice for both everyday and special event dinnerware. It's the best durable china collection, but it's usually microwave and dish set clear, unlike good china.


Earthenware exudes a sense of worth, sturdiness, and unpretentiousness. Since it is one of the oldest industrial products, it lends heft to your dinnerware. It's best to avoid sudden temperature changes, such as from the oven or high microwave settings, to keep this dinnerware looking its best.


Porcelain is a flexible material with a non-porous surface and a high firing temperature that gives it exceptional longevity. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe porcelain are popular. However, some porcelain dinnerware pieces have metallic accents, which means they can't be microwaved.


Melamine dinner set price in Karachi starts from Rs. 9,555. Melamine sets will be an entertainer's fantasy since they are non-breakable and more difficult to crack or chip. Therefore, melamine dinnerware is ideal for use outside. On the other hand, Melamine dinnerware is not appropriate for use in the oven or microwave, but it is usually dishwasher-safe.


Marble dinner set price in Karachi is Rs. 24,850. Marble sets are finished with a special glaze that gives the material a smooth appearance and an impermeable finish, making them suitable for daily use and family use. Stoneware dinner sets are sturdier than earthenware, but they must also be cared for and held at consistent temperatures. If you want Stoneware, avoid exposing it to extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Keep in mind that pieces of hand-painted designs can need to be washed by hand.


Selecting a Dinner set for sale in Karachi with a pleasant border or rim detail will add color to the table while also highlighting the meal. Why not make a statement with your favorite colors and patterns on the more casual dinner plates? Take a chance. Instead of following the latest trends, opt for classic or traditional pieces. Solid or banded white pieces are timeless and durable choices if you're looking for anything to last a long time. Lailoo provides an elegant foundation for adding more colorful accent parts to your table and enhancing the overall appearance of the meal.


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