Clothing Brands in Pakistan | Clothing Brands in Pakistan for Women

Clothing Brands in Pakistan | Clothing Brands in Pakistan for Women

Authored By Umer Abas

Clothing Brands in Pakistan | Top Ready to Wear Brands in Pakistan


Clothing is something that ladies don't trust when it comes to online shopping. This is mainly due to the lack of quality replicas and fraud in many scam clothing brands. But I have the top authentic ladies' clothing brands in Pakistan, who have a reputation as 100 percent authentic and offer stunning, reasonable quality products. If you want to buy these top branded dresses for men, women, and kids, you can also visit Lailoo. We offer branded dresses, the latest collection for both men and women.

Clothing Brands in Pakistan

These top Pakistani designers and brands are only online and are not available in shops. You will not be disappointed if you seek the best online website to order western and east wear in the country.

Clothing Brands in Pakistan - Baroque:

Baroque is among one of the online clothing brands in Pakistan. It provides western wear for ladies, from semi-formal, formal, and married. According to reviews and personal occasions, baroque offered a unique design, state-of-the-art cloth, top quality clothing, stitched and unstitched clothing, and quick delivery and guaranteed exchange policies.

Clothing Brands in Pakistan - Jazmin:

Jazmin is one of the international clothing brands in Pakistan. They provide a range of semi-formal and formal garments for western ladies. The clothes, energetic colors, and style designs offer excellent quality.

Pret Diaries:

Casual East ladies' outfit deals in Pret Diaries. They provide ladies with cool casual wear. Pret Diaries in Pakistan have numerous fashionable casual ladies attires online. They provide fast delivery, warranty return policies, and high-quality clothing.


Generation provides a collection of seams and is one of the leading Pakistani brands for young persons. Generation is continuously supplied with a worshipped wardrobe that includes design, traditions, and shades. Their variety begins with PKR 350

So Kamal:

So Kamal has superb flowery patterns and a lovely combination of colors that makes them a preferred choice in married and young girls. Their collection of pret and unstitched attire begins at 3500 PKR and is amongst Pakistani best attire brands.

Flora Pakistan:

Flora is a top Pakistani dress brand which deals with high-quality and unique designs of eastern wear. They have various ladies' tees, jumpsuits, sweaters, fashionable shoes, and numerous more. It is the finest genuine online brand in Pakistan to order western dresses.


Iznik is a Pakistani online attire brand that provides ladies with casual wear and marriage wear. Iznik is finely designed, stitched, and non-stitched in attire, fascinating colors, and good quality clothing.


A new brand has taken up its unique approach to satisfying customers in this age of Pakistan-focused dressing and culture. Thredz took a different picture in Karachi, which captured the attention of women. In addition, in other cities, it also became popular. Now it sells the latest and new designs for women dresses.


The outfitters started Ethnic in 2014 and changed Pakistan's perspectives for ladies wear. This provided ladies with an opportunity to dress modestly and embrace their ethos. Ethnic has advanced to approximately 12 stores since 2014. Their reason is to ensure that consumers have their cash appreciation.


Lulusar is another big brand for online ordering on eastern, oriental, and trendy wear in Pakistan. The newest designs and cuts are available with fashionable patterns and energetic colors. Lulusar also has stylish and fashionable accessories to select from. Their time of delivery is between 5 and 7 working days, and they provide cash on delivery for their consumers' luxury and satisfaction.


For ladies of all age groups, Sapphire is a go-to brand. Its soft and quality cloth, its exclusive styles, large patterns, and color combinations create it the best selection for all. It comprises a variety of semi-formal to formal wear. Shortly after it was launched, Sapphire became popular. Their unsewn collection is most popular, while the pret has stylish and fashionable styles. Sapphire similarly provides shoes, bags, equipment, clothing, etc. Commonly its range begins at PKR 2000.

Do Your Own Thing:

DYOT is a well-moderated Pakistani online attire brand. They have a varied range of clothing for ladies, including west, east, and extraordinary wear. Comfortable and energetic, fabric quality, pattern quality, style, and cutting are all designed for current times. Pakistani online brand finest and trustworthy to order.


Peach is a top Pakistani apparel brand that provides gym wear, underwear, and PJs for ladies. They help ladies to complete their deserved strength. You have good females wear sweatshirts and sweat, outfits and undergarments. They're good for ladies. Pick up the best gym and sportswear here online.


Horizon is an elegant and trendy west and east-facing online attire brand for ladies. They have unique and exceptional concepts to purchase at the lowest price. Their cloth quality and fast delivery make their consumers renowned. Shop Pakistani garments online here for the most extraordinary and reasonable prices.


Immigrants have a very exclusive idea and perception behind the Pakistani apparel brand. They tend to style clothes that illustrate those who are the 'muhajir' immigrants. Apart from their high-tech, comfy and high-quality attire, part of their profit is particularly directed to helping Pakistan build a better place and exterminate poverty! An excellent online attire brand from Pakistan with a great motto.


Warda is another attire brand in Pakistan that has an advantage over others. The collection is reasonable and gives ladies more confidence, including orange, red, yellow, purple, magnet, green, rose, peach, blacks and pink, the different vibrant colors introduced by Warda.


What is best about Pakistan is its origin in ethnic patterns and cultural craft constantly evolving while still remaining true to its origin. The above-mentioned clothing brands in Pakistan for women are available on our website.  These Clothing Brands in Pakistan combine modern and traditional wear in their designs, so you should add them to your 2021 must-shop list. You can visit Lailoo if you want to buy these branded costumes and other accessories.




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