Buy Olpers Milk | Shop Olpers Products Online in Pakistan at Lailoo

Buy Olpers Milk | Shop Olpers Products Online in Pakistan at Lailoo

Authored By Umer Abas

Olpers Milk Online | Buy Grocery Items Online Shopping in Pakistan


Olpers Milk is every Pakistani household favorite. Olper’s was founded in 2007 as the leading brand of FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited (formerly known as Engro Foods Ltd) and has grown up to develop a top player in the UHT milk group in Pakistan. This remarkable achievement is rooted in the guarantee of offering excellent quality nutrition and clean goodness to families’ crossways Pakistan. 
Olper’s has been the developer in the invention for the UHT group with numerous pack presentations and sizes taking convenience to customers. Whether for drinking, creating tea, or sweets, Olper’s is the perfect all-purpose milk that captures the attention of many peoples in Pakistan. If you want to buy Olpers milk and other groceries you can visit at lailoo. We offer all grocery items of good quality at your doorstep.
The attention on this expedition has been on gathering fresh and clean milk from farmhouses through Pakistan regularly and guaranteeing that every carton of milk conforms to the top standards of protection and cleanliness. Olpers Milk is free of preservers, UHT pickled, and drives through hard scrutiny of 27 different kinds of quality examinations before reaching customers. Nowadays Olper’s stands as a choice for mothers that are looking for pure and delightful nourishment for the fitness and happiness of their families. 

Olpers Milk

Olpers Milk Campaign:

In 2020 Olpers continue its main thematic campaign on Olper’s underneath the ‘Celebrate Joyful Mornings’ theme tune, aimed at establishing the brand’s parity and driving adaptation from loose milk. The communication continues to influence our tradition about the morning event through dialing up signs of “Cleanliness” and “Nutrition” which are the customer favorites in the type. 
The campaign featured a new perception on milk obtained by showcasing in what way the well-cared buffaloes and cows offer more nourishing, delightful, and soft milk, allowing joyful mornings for families throughout Pakistan. As an outcome of this campaign Olper’s has expressively developed its brand saliency and image as well it scores as a leading household brand in the marketplace in the UHT Milk type.

Is Olpers milk healthy?

Now in Pakistan, the powders are another biggest kind in the packaged dairy manufacturing subsequently liquid UHT. In late 2019, Olper’s arrived with the promotion of Olper’s full cream milk powder and has recognized itself as the main player in this kind. Olper’s full cream milk powder is created from natural milk and is great in Protein and extra enhanced with Calcium, Vitamins B2, and C. Therefore the Olpers milk is healthy. These nutrients help kids reach the correct height and correct weight for their age when expended as a portion of balanced food and an active lifestyle.

Is Olpers milk pure?

The nation’s leading technical and scientific research association – Pakistan Council of Technical and Industrialized Research (PCSIR) acknowledged Olper’s and Olper’s Engro Diets Limited’s ultra-heat conduct milk brands, 100% pure and harmless, founded over the examinations on 17 packaged milk brands in streak with the commands of the Supreme Court latest proceedings.
Olper’s tasters had to endure extensive tests within numerous physical, natural, and biological parameters that are suitable globally. The brand has continuously been acknowledged as ‘suitable for human consumption’ in all exams conducted over the past 2 years.
Moreover, Olper’s has similarly been avowed pure and harmless for consumption by other well-known laboratories – euro good, ISO-17024, and Intertek. Regardless of these examinations, EFL’s items are practiced with FSSC 22000 in adding to ISO 8000, ISO 13000, ISO 17000, and ISO 21000 certifications – given based on a third gathering audit of the industrial locations in detail.
To guarantee the best quality standards for the fresh milk life collected, EFL’s quality guarantee department achieves 26 stringent physicochemical examinations before the UHT procedure – going from finding to packaging.

What is Olpers?

It is the commercial that instigated a stirring in Pakistan’s advertising world. Olpers, a brand of milk held by Engro Foods lately launched a TV commercial that displayed a package of an unnamed challenge, though the packaging is particularly that of the yellow packs of Nestlé’s Nido Fortigrow.

Nutrition Facts:

It holds proteins for a better life.
It holds sugars that benefit the immune system.
It holds calcium for creating bones stronger.
It holds vitamin B2 and C for improving the figure.
It holds safe layers in packaging well-known as 'TETRA PACK' for the trust that the milk stays fresh and free from pollution.
It holds glucose for increasing stages for children to improve their capability of thinking and help them stay energetic.

A Healthy Milk for You:

Today, more than 35% of home hold members presently use Olper's milk for daily life. Marketplace research was approved, and it was created out that Olper’s is one the best of the milk in Pakistan that is favorite and used by family members. Fine Olper's is newly producing the similar finest quality of milk at a greatly cheap price of just 32 Rupees for those who cannot afford an extraordinary price.
The small packet of Olper’s is similarly available in Pakistan therefore that it can be accepted by low income paid persons to great income paid persons. The goal of Olper's in Pakistan is to grasp its item to as many people as possible. Likewise, the marketplace for milk in Pakistan is very inexpensive, as there are so numerous other famous finest quality of milk accessible such as Nurpur milk, Day Fresh, Good Milk, Nestle milk, and Haleeb pack.

Advantages of Olpers Milk:

It has protective layers in its packaging well-known as “TETRA PACK” to keep the milk clean and free from pollution. 
Tastes very yummy
Makes thick tea or coffee
Its quality is guaranteed at each step before delivery. 
Could be saved for weeks if the packaging is not opened

Disadvantages of Olpers Milk:

It holds chemicals to preserve the milk, which is not helpful for fitness and is making persons unhealthy.
It cannot be saved for more than 2 days once opened and has to be used within 2 days.
Some persons are prone to catch reactions from the milk


With the several finest quality of milk being manufactured in Pakistan, the competition for milk is very hard, and it is not easy for Olper's to continue on the highest. Olper's has to retain on bringing better processes and completive benefits to save their competitors out. Similarly, this milk in Pakistan is solitary to be used by persons who can buy it. If you want to buy Olpers milk and Olper’s other food items online you can visit at lailoo. We offer all grocery items at your doorstep.




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