Best Brands in Pakistan | Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Best Brands in Pakistan | Top 10 Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Authored By Umer Abas

Best Brands in Pakistan | International Clothing Brands in Pakistan


Best brands in Pakistan are famous for their one-of-a-kind designs and traditional patterns, which captivate the nation every season. Pakistani style is distinct since each new collection is rich in culture, color, and heritage. If you want to buy Pakistani branded clothes online, you can visit Lailoo. We offer top Pakistani branded clothes and other stylish accessories for women. Here are some of the Top ladies clothing brands in Pakistan that you should check out.

Best Brands in Pakistan - Al Karam:

Al Karam, which was established in 2011, is unique among Pakistan's fastest-growing retail brands. Their collections include ready-to-wear, unstitched ladies' clothing, and haute couture, all of which are inspired by Pakistani culture, tradition, and traditional patterns. Alkaram outfits feature bright, subdued tones and traditional ethnic patterns with contemporary twists.

Best Brands in Pakistan

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhary:

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhary is a high-end retail brand specializing in lush and luxurious designs on high-end fabrics. Pistachio, pink, red, orange, and magenta are the traditional colors of Pakistan, and Anaya outfits are luxurious versions of old-school bridal style.

Best Brands in Pakistan - Baroque:

Baroque is a top luxury retail brand in Pakistan that lives up to its name. In Pakistan, you will find pure lawn outfits, silk skirts, and more complicated embroidery and beading that look like they came straight from a traditional luxury ballroom. The color scheme of Baroque clothes is ideal for princess style; pastel peach, green, and brown.


Charizma is a relatively new face of retail style, having been founded in 2012, but it has quickly established itself in the industry. Charizma clothes, with their gorgeous chiffon and complicated beading, are perfect for anyone looking for delicate and new evening Pakistani formal party wear outfits that will turn heads the moment they walk into the venue.

Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed, a leading textile company in Pakistan, was established in 1952 and sold affordable clothing without sacrificing quality. Gul Ahmed outfits collections involve classic daily wear with their distinctive touch of class and traditionalism. Gul Ahmed has been the face of Pakistani style for decades.

Maria B:

The Lahore-based label, established in 1999, sells clothing for classic, bold, and stylish women. When Maria B revealed the use of Swarovski crystals in their silk collections in 2018, she became the face of luxury Pakistani style. Maria B outfits are the most common in Pakistan when it derives to summer wear, winter wear, and casual wear.


When it derives from luxurious evening wear made of silk, organza, and cambric in lush light colors, Pakistanis immediately think of Sapphire. Sapphire outfits are renowned for their high-end style, thanks to elusive beadings and embellishments on the best fabrics.

So Kamal:

Since 1955, So Kamal has sold luxury lawn outfits, chiffon, cambric, and linen clothes in Pakistan. For ladies of all ages and style senses, the Lahore-based brand offers modern patterns at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality.


Bareeze, one of the Pakistani most famous clothing brands, specializes in unstitched fabrics and outfits for ladies. The brand has extended its range by creating a separate line for men called Bareeze Man. The company has outlets in international cities such as Dubai, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Canada, among Norway, Manchester, and others, with hundreds of stores in 33 different cities across Pakistan.

When it derives from casual and formal party wear outfits, you can choose from a variety of best quality fabrics to get your outfit stitched in the size and style of your choice. Bareeze also has a shawl collection and a bottoms collection that will complement and fit well with your Bareeze outfits.


Firdous has been an everyday name in our country for decades and is known for producing high-quality but reasonable Pakistani ladies' clothing that ladies adore. The brand offers Kurtis, 2-piece outfits, and 3-piece ensembles in one of the most diverse fabric selections available. Firdous collections are created for the numerous seasons in Pakistan, offering you a range of fabrics to wear all year. Firdous outfits come in a range of styles, including casual, formal, festive, and casual. The clothes are difficult to avoid due to their beautiful patterns, appealing embroideries, and fantastic color range.


Since its inception in 2011, Limelight has grown to over 68 store locations in Pakistan, offering high-quality, low-cost apparel. The brand, which is known for its variety, offers various items for ladies, including eastern wear, western wear, Pakistani winter attires, shoes, bags, accessories, stoles, scarves, and much more. Limelight also has attires for men and children in addition to the ladies' line. You can shop unstitched clothes as well as ready-to-wear Limelight clothes from the brand, which is known for its astonishing sales and discounts. The selection of fabrics, color variation, embroideries, patterns, and embellishments are wonderful, focusing on casual and formal wear.

Junaid Jamshed:

Junaid Jamshed, one of Pakistan's most well-known national figures, created the J. brand. The brand has gotten a lot of recognition and love since its inception in 2001. The brand currently has 99+ stores across Pakistan and 22 foreign stores in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and New Zealand, among others. The brand offers traditional clothing for ladies, men, children and signature perfumes and grooming items. You can buy unstitched fabrics as well as ready-to-wear clothes from this store, which has a large selection of outfits.


The best thing about the Pakistani style is that it constantly evolves while remaining true to its origins in ethnic patterns and cultural crafts. These Top and Best Brands in Pakistan excel at combining modern and traditional wear in their designs, which is why you should add them to your must-shop list for 2021. If you want to buy top of these branded dresses and other accessories, you can visit Lailoo. We offer top branded men's, women and kids' dresses online.




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