Beautiful Barbie house price in Pakistan

Beautiful Barbie house price in Pakistan

Authored By Jawaad Arif

Latest Barbie house price in Pakistan 


Barbie houses are essential toys for every girl. These houses and playsets inspire kids to play by using their imagination. Barbie houses are the tiny world for girls and it attracts the children most. Durable and strong Dollhouses and Playsets for kids are available at many online stores in Pakistan. The online stores imported Dollhouses and playsets are prepared with all dollhouse accessories, furniture, and dolls. 

Barbie house price in Pakistan varies according to their sizes and types. You can find online stores in Pakistan by browsing the best dollhouses for girls in Pakistan. The most famous dollhouses are Barbie houses, woody dollhouses, large and small dollhouses in Pakistan.

Every girl wants a collection of Barbie dolls. There are different types of playsets for girls such as Barbie houses, kitchen sets, doctor playset, and dream houses. Barbie houses and accessories are for the children of 3 to 14 years old. There are many designs available in markets with different sizes with Barbie house prices in Pakistan. Here at Lailoo, I am going to describe everything about the younger girl’s playsets and Barbie houses.


Best toys for the Girls-Barbie house price in Pakistan:

For girls dolls are their favorite toy for a long time. When selecting a gift for the little girl the first thing that comes in mind is a Barbie doll and its accessories. Also, Barbie kitchen sets are a great choice for Barbie lovers. 

Toys are a cause of enjoyment for kids and come in several varieties for children of all age groups. Some toys are equally for boys and girls while there is a large collection of toys only for girls. Dolls are possibly the most popular toy for little girls. Famous dolls for girls comprise Barbie, Adora dolls, Madame Alexander Preferred Friends doll, tiny baby dolls, and much more. Girls can pass hours playing many games with them. Fake makeup sets, kitchen sets, and Barbie houses are other common toys for girls that are in supreme households with little girls.

Barbie House Sets Online in Pakistan:

You can select from the Range of Barbie house Sets Online in Pakistan in Reasonable Price. Pick the one that your little girl will like the most. Check Barbie house Price in Pakistan and grab it with online others. 

Why Barbie house is the best gift for your princess:

Barbie's house looks like a mini house. It is great for the little girls as they imagine the doll is sleeping on the bed, mock cooking, pretending to bake, Cooking Dishes, and Serving to the Barbie friends and guests. It teaches the roles and makes them responsible for house cleaning, good cooking, and Serving with manners. This improves girls’ skills in managing home and presenting food. Along with the Barbie house set, you can also have the other dream House, kitchen set, dress up set, and furniture sets for creating a whole ambiance of the house and see how your little girl manages and has fun.

Types of Barbie houses:

Following are some different kinds and designs of Barbie houses:

Story house-Barbie house price in Pakistan

This type of Barbie house has two floors. The first floor includes the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom room, while the top floor has the playing area. This type of house is completed with different accessories such as in the kitchen with sink, oven and in the bathroom, some other accessories are added as well. Some of the houses also have a dining or living room. This type of house is designed for the maximum for Barbie dolls.

Barbie rainbow cove castle:

This type of Barbie castle dollhouses for playing is based on the kingdom of rainbows and they have very sparkling designs. These houses also have two floors and a top balcony for the Barbie doll to stand on. These houses have a great bedroom on the second floor and a dresser plus a mirror. The rainbow color of the house will surely captivate kids. These houses also have double doors and a ton of details that are fit for your Barbie dolls. Houses also have chairs and tea party items for more attractiveness.

Story dream townhouse:

As a townhouse for Barbie dolls this type of house has 3 floors to be used, which includes the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even its elevator. So the girls can use the elevator for their doll to navigate between floors.

The first floor has the dining room and kitchen while the second floor has the bathroom and the living room, complete with a fireplace. The third floor has the bedroom as well as a balcony that your doll can stand there.

Barbie glam getaway house:

Another glamorous design of the house is the Barbie glam getaway design. Because this type of house has a lot of accessories and furniture, such as chairs and a makeover counter. It has a modern designed bed and some nice decorations for your Barbie to enjoy with them. The bathroom is also designed in a unique way that will attract your little girl.

This type of house normally comes in small sizes but is compact to bring along with your child. These houses usually have a handle on the top so you can put it up wherever and whenever your child wants to play with their Barbie dolls. The design is very simple and unique, you can easily clean it at any time.

Final thoughts:

The best way to help your princess enjoy is to give her a Barbie house. Barbie house will be the greatest gift for your princess if she has many dolls and she loves to play with them. Many online stores are providing these beautiful houses at reasonable prices. Here at Lailoo I have described each and everything about Barbie dollhouses so now it is easy for you to buy the best for your little princess. The Barbie house Price in Pakistan is varied according to the size and design of the house. It depends on you to buy the best one from them.


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